Foreclosures Boise Idaho

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Foreclosures Boise Idaho

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If you are interested in buying one of the foreclosures Boise Idaho has to offer, you’re in luck! Depending on the season, year, and economy, the amount of foreclosures in Boise will vary. However, in June 2014, Boise’s foreclosure rate was one in every 1,992. Comparatively, the United States average is one in every 1,228 homes. Though there are not as many foreclosure listings in Boise compared to other locations, there are dozens of excellent foreclosed homes within Boise’s housing market. Boise homes typically range in price from below $100,000 to over $400,000. In order to find out Boise’s current statistics in real estate including the amount of listings, as well as the highest, lowest, and average prices of these listings, then visit Boise’s community page.

Buying a foreclosed home doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right information, you can get a home quickly and efficiently. It is highly recommended that any potential buyer first get a pre-approval letter, especially when looking to purchase a foreclosure property. Banks selling the home will be more likely to sell to a validified buyer. With the proper paperwork in place, look into the homes on the MLS that have been foreclosed.


Because Idaho is a non-judicial state concerning foreclosures, the lender (the bank) is not required to go through the courts to foreclose on a home. The homeowner may take it to court, however, if they feel like the foreclosure is illegal or unjustified. When a home is up for foreclosure, it is because a homeowner has not made a necessary payment on their mortgage. Homeowners are given a notice that they should pay a determined fee up to a certain date, or their home will be put up for foreclosure.

If a homeowner does not or cannot pay the fee, they risk losing their home without any compensation. In between the time that a homeowner is notified that a payment is due and the time that the home is claimed, a home is referred to as in a state of pre-foreclosure.

Foreclosures Boise Idaho

Short Sale

Short sales refer to properties that are being sold by the owner for a price that does not cover the amount still owed on the home. Short sales require the mortgage company or bank to agree to accept less than what is owed to them. Short sales are not necessarily pre-foreclosure properties, but oftentimes are.

Because short sales require a greater amount of paperwork and cooperation between buyers, sellers, and lenders, short sales run a larger risk of falling through. However, buyers who have responsible agents on their side are more likely to successfully purchase a short sale. Contact one of our trained real estate agents.  


If a pre-foreclosure home is not paid for or sold by a predetermined date, the home is claimed by the bank and the homeowners are evicted. The home is then set for auction. This means outbidding potential buyers instead of negotiating with homeowners. Once a buyer has won the bid war, they are given the home as is -- auctions do not require the prior homeowner or bank to fix any problems of the home.


If a home is not sold when it goes to auction, the home is sometimes listed on the MLS for a potential sale. From then on, any negotiations of potential buyers must go through the bank. Foreclosure properties are likely to be more affordable than similar, non foreclosed homes, as banks try to sell these homes as quickly as possible. Many people dislike interacting solely with the bank corporation rather than an individual homeowner, but it can be a much more affordable way to purchase a home.

The City of Trees

Regardless of the type of home sale that best suits you, however, Boise is the place to live. No matter what your interests are, there is something for you in Idaho’s capital city.

Shoppers often visit the Boise Towne Square Mall, the largest mall in the state of Idaho. This complex combines popular department stores, locally owned shops, and quaint boutiques, providing shopping options that are both diverse and convenient. On the other hand, Downtown Boise has a large variety of businesses to explore, as does the The Village at Meridian. This Euro-style community shopping complex combines entertainment, goods, and outdoor spaces for a premier shopping experience.

If shopping is not your pursuit and you would consider it better for you to expand your knowledge of the arts, visit the local Boise Art Museum. This location displays art from different cultures as well as providing community outreach programs to educate the public on its exhibits. But artwork isn’t restricted to Boise’s galleries - the capital city’s own streets are lined with incredible statues, murals, and street art by local artisans.

Sports fans will also find a place in Boise. Boise State University’s Broncos is a popular college football team. When there is a home game, thousands of fans will fill up the BSU stadium, which is known for its eye-catching blue turf.

Perhaps the most popular pursuit in an Idaho city, however, is enjoying Idaho’s diverse climate and outdoors. Thanks to Idaho’s scenic mountains, whether it be the Owyhees, the Sawtooths, or the Rockies, one is never too far from picturesque views on local nature trails. Many people come to Idaho to enjoy the excellent fishing and hunting opportunities in Idaho’s wilderness, finding animals like elk, rainbow trout, and deer. Some would rather exploring the rugged terrain on ATV, horseback, bike, or foot. Or, if you are someone who just loves the water, you can whitewater raft, go boating, or swim in one of Idaho’s rivers, lakes, or reservoirs.

No matter who you are, what you like to do, or what type of sale you want, look into Boise for a home for you today!