Boise’s Parks: Ribbon of Jewels

Across the city of Boise, there are parks open for everyone to enjoy. Some of these parks are part of what is known as the Ribbon of Jewels, areas that have been named after some of Boise’s patron women. Beautifully maintained with acres of open space and play areas, these parks make up a core pillar of the local community. Purchasing Boise Idaho real estate means you are also buying access to these excellent outdoor venues.

The Ribbon of Jewels itself is made up of the following parks: Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park, Esther Simplot Park, Marianne Williams Park, Bethine Church River Trail, and Dona Larsen Park. However, most people will be familiar with the proverbial pearls of the ribbon, the Ann Morrison Park, Alta Harris Park,  Ann Morrison, Julia Davis, and Kathryn Albertson parks.

Ann Morrison Park

Ann Morrison crowned by a central water fountain. Ann Morrison Park is visited by thousands of people each year, many of whom have floated down from Barber Park on a relaxed voyage of the Boise River. Ann Morrison also has facilities for many sports, such as the lacrosse fields, a disc golf course, softball fields, bocce ball courts, lighted softball diamonds,and tennis courts. For those lazy days spent lounging in the park, however, Ann Morrison’s picnic tables and pavilion are the perfect locations for an afternoon BBQ.

When Anna Day was 16, she moved from a small town in the Idaho mountains to the city of Boise. In 1914, she married her husband, Harry W. Morrison, the founder of the Morrison-Knudsen Company. Though she and her husband would travel often to visit foreign dignitaries, they were happy to return to their home in Idaho. Anna was well known, both in her local community and in her travels, for her friendliness and civic interest. When she died in October 1957, her husband planned on having a park dedicated in her name, so her influence on the community could live past her death. The park was developed and deeded to Boise, officially founded on June 7, 1959.

Bosie’s Parks: Ribbon of Jewels

Alta Harris Park

The Alta Harris Park will be the newest park added to the Ribbon of Jewels, and its twenty acres are currently under development. Located next to the ranch, off of Eckert Road and northeast of Barber Park, it will eventually feature baseball and soccer fields, picnic shelters, trails connecting to the Greenbelt, volleyball courts and trails to Ridge to Rivers system.

This park is dedicated to Alta Harris, who moved to Idaho from Oklahoma in 1939. Her and her husband lived in Idaho for over sixty years and together, they established a successful sawmill and ranch in the Boise area. After Alta died in 2012, her husband donated the land for a park in her name.

Julia Davis Park

Likely one of the most recognized Boise City parks, Julia Davis Park began in 1907. Since created over a hundred years ago, Julia Davis has grown to include 87 acres of greenergy, a rose garden, a band shell, a playground, shaded areas, and four of Boise’s prestigious museums, as well as Zoo. The Boise Art Museum, one of these four facilities, is a nationally accredited institution by the American Association of Museums -- one of only four percent of all museums in the nation.

In the summer of 1869, Julia McCrumb visited her relatives in the Boise Valley. There, she met Thomas Davis, whom she would marry two years later. After getting married, they lived together on thousands of acres of agricultural land. Her reputation of hospitality and kindness became well known in her community and surrounding areas. After Julia died, Thomas preserved her memory in Boise by donating forty acres of land to Boise, meant as a park for all Boise generations to come.

Kathryn Albertson Park

Originally a forty-acre horse pasture, Kathryn Albertson Park was expanded and developed into a veritable paradise of immaculate landscaping, paved paths, and stunning ponds. Meant as a habitat for local wildlife, Kathryn Albertson Park scenery can be enjoyed from its winding trails or reservable gazebos.

Kathryn McCurry, who was born in 1908, met her husband Joe Albertson while they both attended the College of Idaho in the late 1920s. Married in 1930, Joe and Kathryn built the grocery chain Albertsons Inc., which now has stores all across the United States. Furthermore, they created the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, an organization that has donated more than $240 million dollars to Idaho schools. In 1989 both Kathryn and Joe Albertson donated the park to Boise and the people who lived there.

The Ribbon of Jewels adds to the welcoming atmosphere of Boise. Those who look into Boise Idaho real estate can not only find a great house but an exceptional place for their home. Start searching today in Boise Idaho real estate.

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