Boise New Neighborhoods

When looking for Boise Idaho homes for sale, look in some of the new neighborhoods that North, West, and Northwest Boise has developed. These beautiful communities have both modern homes for sale as well as space for a custom-built property. There is excellent real estate for sale in Boise -- begin your search now!

North Boise

When people think of North Boise, they often think of the North End. This historical neighborhood is known for tree-lined streets and ornate Queen Anne houses, and remains one of the most popular areas in the city. However, there is more to North Boise than this.

North Boise backs up onto the Boise Foothills, which means home developments in this area of the city have a large amount of room to build. The Hackberry Ranch Subdivision, for example, is a currently undeveloped, 65 acre subdivision with twenty three single lots for sale. This beautiful area is set to have its natural vegetation preserved as much as possible, and will have over 45 acres of open outdoor area.

Eyrie Canyon, on the other hand, is more developed than Hackberry Ranch. This neighborhood has over forty lots, and though most of them have been developed by now, there are both empty homes for sale as well as customizable lots for purchase. Homes here are typically three-thousand square feet, and sit on less than half of an acre. This scenic area is an excellent place to find your dream home!

In fact, North Boise is a wonderful place to search for real estate overall. With access to the trails that run through the Boise Foothills, as well as close proximity to the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, outdoor enthusiasts are never at a lack of something to do. This area of Boise is also home to great sports complexes, shopping locations, and entertainment venues.

Boise New Neighborhoods

West Boise

West Boise is one of the most desirable areas to find a home in the Boise area, because it is only a few minutes away from Boise’s city center as well as Meridian and Eagle. West Boise is often considered the new North End,  due to the immaculate parks and shopping centers like the Boise Towne Square Mall. This is the largest mall in Idaho!

Pine Tree Village, which is found just to the north of the 184 overpass onto Interstate 84, is a currently developing community. This neighborhood is slated to have 217 lots, including a local park and pool. Because it is located in the center of the Treasure Valley near the Interstate, residents have easy access to activities and businesses all over the valley.

If you’re looking to find a brand new development, consider an upcoming Dunham Commons home. This housing development will include thirty townhouse units, as well as a common area in the center with a water feature. These homes will also be in close proximity to Interstate 84 as well as the Boise Towne Square Mall.

Residents of West Boise are not far from parks like Florence or Julius Kleiner, as well as the Eagle Island State Park south of Eagle. Homes in West Boise include many diverse housing options, of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Other neighborhoods in this area include Stonehouse Subdivision, Back Acre, Dover Heights, and Pyperay.


Northwest Boise bears many similarities to North Boise, such as its combination of newer and older homes, as well as the picturesque views of and access to the Boise Foothills. Northwest Boise, however, is closer to the cities of Eagle, and almost encompasses Garden City.

An neighborhood in the Northwest Boise Foothills, on Horseshoe Bend Road, is the Avimor Community. This is not only just down the street from the Shadow Valley Golf Course, but its private setting makes it ideal for those who want to enjoy Idaho’s undeveloped landscape. This subdivision is being built with 100% Energy Star home designs, and is slated to include a small business district as well.

A more centrally located, newer neighborhood in Northwest Boise would be Pebble Creek. This subdivision has a wide selection of both completed homes as well as empty lots for sale. These townhouses are only a few minutes away from the shores of the Boise River, as well as downtown Boise.

Some houses in this area are even on the Boise River, such as those in the Carlton Bay Subdivision and the Waterfront Subdivision. This means there is a wide variety of recreational activities for those living in this area, including visiting the Boise Greenbelt -- a continuous path that runs alongside nearly one fifth of the Boise River.

Visit Boise!

No matter what neighborhood you choose to live in, you have the convenience of all of the amenities and attractions in Boise. Whether you want to go shopping at the Boise Towne Square mall or go fishing at Ann Morrison in the Boise River, the City of Trees has something to offer you. Start your search today through the Boise Idaho homes for sale.

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