Why Working in Boise, Idaho is So Sweet

Why Working in Boise, Idaho is So SweetToday when I got off work, I whistled my way down the stairs. I skipped across the parking lot towards my car. I was already pumped and ready to go as I turned the key in the ignition, dressed to outperform the other Boise Idahoans who would inevitably be taking advantage of the vast network of open space, just as I. After a five minute drive, I arrived from my downtown Boise office to the Boise River and Greenbelt system, the world's most convenient, and enviable place to do any number of things, from floating, kayaking, fishing to jogging, biking and walking. Just yesterday I went on a half hour jog during my lunch break, a breathtaking escape along the pristine river, the office in eyesight most the way. Today though, I was geared up for a monstrous catch of largemouth bass or rainbow trout.  This is the life of not an extreme, but a somewhat typical Boisean, enjoying the plentiful outdoor opportunities around them.

Let me Count the Ways

Why Working in Boise, Idaho is So SweetOne of the reasons I fell in love with working in the city of Boise was the city-wide love affair with nature and recreation, and not to mention the Boise River, largely considered the treasure of southwest Idaho. The free flowing Boise River winds its way through the center of the city, a fair tribute to its undeniable importance to the people who call this place home. Arguably the most important and valuable asset to the Boise Valley, the river is Idaho's most vibrant and attractive resource for hundreds of thousands of people. Every day in the office I stand at my window and stare down at the natural beauty of the river and at the thousands of trees that hug both the river and the greenbelt, and I can't imagine a better place to live, work and play.

As I stand thigh deep in the quick, cool water, I let my line fly overhead. Hawks fly high above me as the clouds lazily drift by. The crisp sounds of nature quickly deafen the lingering sound of fax machines, voices and telephones. I look up and down the wide mouthed river and spot a few others partaking of the solace I'd been looking forward to the length of the day. I smile. Though a constant flux of people enjoy the same things I do at the river, there's always a thick buffer I can call my own, like an unspoken code. The best part, I think, is that both the office and home lie within a ten mile radius from where I stand.

Even as I pack up my gear and my catch, I'm already looking forward to the following day's plans, and because the Boise River is a high priority to both the city's officials and residents, I know the quality of the river will be preserved for years and years to come. I won't be going anywhere and neither will the river. This is why I call Boise, Idaho my home.

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