Why Move To Idaho?

Why Move To Idaho?Why should you consider moving to Idaho? Isn't it just a bunch of rocks and potatoes? Many people think the same way, but in most surveys, Idaho ranks very high. Idaho received the only A rating on the economic collapse blog and CNBC rated them number ten in best states to live. It has also been rated to be a relaxed and creative state. But why is this? Why has Idaho been voted to be one of the safest and most inexpensive states to live?

1) Safety

No doubt you want to be safe, you want to live in a place where you don't have to live in fear of what is going to happen to your home when you go to work or to a friends. Safety is a big concern for a lot of people. Luckily for you, Idaho is one of the safest states in the nation. It's rated as fifth safest state by xfinity.com.

Crime rates in Idaho, when compared to the national average, are nearly half of the rest of the country. It is a safe place. You can rest assured that if you move to Idaho, you will be in a safe place and not have to worry.

2) Cost Of Living

Another thing that is important to most people when they decide to move is affordability. Again, Idaho is one of the best. CNBC rated Idaho as the third cheapest place to live in the United States. Idaho is 20% lower than the national average. This is because a lot of the food that is sold in Idaho is locally grown. The population density is another factor. There aren't a ton of people in Idaho. This makes the land a lot cheaper than most states.

Idaho-insider.com said this about Idaho: "with the fact that the state doesn't collect property taxes, even if local governments do, it's easy to see why the home-ownership rate is almost 73%.

"With an average household income of $40,500 and an average commute time of just 20 minutes, it's clear that fuel prices aren't as big of a budgeting issue for residents as they are in a state like California. After moving to Idaho, you'll enjoy utilities prices lower than the national average as well."

3) Diversity

Some of you want to live in a city, some of you want to live in the great outdoors, and some of you want somewhere in between. Idaho is a place where you have all those options. Idaho has lush green mountain towns, and big busy cities. Idaho also has suburban properties and isolated cabin properties. It is so diverse that you can pick and choose the size of city you want to live in. Idaho gives you that possibility.

Why Move To Idaho?4) Recreation

Idaho is a great place for play, if you like outdoor recreation, there is plenty of it here in Idaho. Many people from across the globe to adventure in Idaho, no matter what your sport is.

One of the sports that Idaho is famous for is skiing. Whether you like Bogus Basin, Tamarack, Brundige or any of the other ski resorts, they are all close by. Idaho is known for having great slopes and is sure to be at the top of your list once you've experienced them.

Idaho also has great places for hiking and backpacking. You can explore the Owyhees, the Sawtooths, the Tetons and many more. The possibilities are endless. Another great thing about Idaho is that these hiking spots are just out your backdoor. It is very easy to find a house in Idaho that will give you easy access to an outdoor adventure. The same goes for mountain biking. There are trails that can literally start from your backyard.

If outdoor sports aren't your thing, Idaho still has something for you. There are gyms, sporting events, concerts and much more everywhere in Idaho. Boise alone has four minor league and college teams that are very entertaining to watch. There are also hobby shops and craft stores everywhere if you like to do that sort of thing. Idaho has everything.

5) Weather

Idaho has some beautiful weather. There are four seasons in Idaho and each one is beautiful no matter where you are in the state. The summer is a time of growth where all things are alive. The fall is a gorgeous time when the trees and animals begin their long hibernation. In the winter, everything is cleansed by the crystalline white blankets of snow. And spring is the time when everything comes back to life and is in it's full beauty. The weather in Idaho is a perfect balance of cold and hot.

These are only a few of Idaho's great qualities. There are many more reasons to move to Idaho, you should come and find out for yourself.






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