What are Tiny Houses and why do people like them?

What are Tiny Houses and why do people like them?The housing industry has been taking a strange turn over the last half a decade and that turn is called the Tiny House. This hot new housing fad has crept into almost every community around the country causing everyone to ask not only what they are and why they even exist, but also if they should buy a tiny house too. Today we are going to take the bull by the horns and try to really dive into this subject and figure out what exactly is going on here.

What are tiny houses?

Tiny houses, in essence, are really, really small houses (hence the name tiny). Most of them look like large sheds, garages that have been detached from a house or just a house that has been hit by the shrink ray from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. The idea behind them is to buy small instead of large. They are built a lot like campers where they pack a ton of stuff into a small space while still making it as comfortable of a living space as possible. Most tiny houses will be anywhere from 100 to 500 square feet which is smaller than some apartments. To many people this is a mind-boggling change of pace from the usual desire for people to buy more and more house every year. However, at this point, most people just want to know why someone would want to live in a space that small and how it is done in the first place.

Why a tiny home?

After you get a grasp on what a tiny home is, it is best to talk about the whys. You see, there are many reasons why people have decided to downsize to the extreme and buy a tiny house, but most of them can be summed up into one of these 4 categories: price, environmental conservation, emotional health, or mobility.

How much does it cost for a tiny home vs a conventional home?

The biggest reason for people to make the jump to tiny houses from a conventional home is the cost. Homes can cost a pretty penny because they include land, a foundation, and a ton of square footage. However, the tiny home does not have any of that. While we can’t quote actual prices, it is easy to say that a tiny house could cost less than $50,000 which is less than half of the median house price here in Boise.

How much does it cost in taxes to own a tiny vs a conventional home?

Tax advantages are another reason for many people to make the switch between a conventional home and a tiny house. Your property tax will go up dramatically the moment you start work on building a home because you are making improvements to it. However, since most tiny houses are mobile due to the fact they are built on trailers, they do not count towards that improvement in most instances (remember, we are not tax lawyers so it is best to talk to a real tax attorney before considering the tiny house for tax reasons).

How does a tiny home compare to a conventional home when it comes to the environment?

When you compare a tiny house to a conventional home, you will find that it will have a smaller environmental impact in several ways. The first way is the process of construction. Since tiny houses are smaller they do not need as many materials nor do they need as much time to build meaning less production and use of industrial equipment. Then, when it comes to electricity usage, you will find that a tiny house uses a lot less electricity since there is less space to heat, cool, or light.

How can a tiny home help your mental and emotional health?

At this point in our analysis, we have to mention the recent trend that is minimalism. Tiny houses and minimalism go hand-in-hand because, when you have a tiny house, you can’t have as many things and you are required to only carry the essentials. A lot of people find that therapeutic. They seem happier when they don’t have as many possessions. Now, this isn’t for everyone but it has seemed to be helpful for some.

How does a tiny house give you back your freedom and mobility?

There are few things as great as being able to get up and leave whenever you like. You could travel the country side, visit places you’ve never seen, and see sights you’ve always wanted to see. However, even though this sounds great, what about traveling the countryside in your own home? No, not an RV but in your actual home. That is what you would get with a tiny house: a chance to see the world without leaving the comfort of your own home.

How can I get a tiny house?

There are two main ways you can obtain a tiny house: you can make it or you can buy it. There are many companies around the country, and even some here in Idaho, that sell some great tiny houses for pretty good prices. However, if you prefer to build one yourself, you can easily find some plans online to build yours from. Before you do that, though, you need to make sure you have all the professional help and legal guidance required first. Do not do anything that you are equipped, trained, or allowed to do when it comes to building anything at all.

If you want to learn more about tiny houses there are thousands of external resources like websites, tiny house building companies, documentaries, and how-to videos. More often than not most streaming services will have one or two documentaries about tiny houses as well. Homeownership is a beautiful thing. If you want to buy a home but aren’t sure if you can afford one, give us a call today and we can help you out. We here at the Hughes Group are ready and willing to help out anyone in need.

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