Ways to Maximize Bathroom Space

Ways to Maximize Bathroom SpaceSmall bathrooms can be the bane of everyone’s existence. Trying to find a good home for all of the things that belong in this room can be a challenge that gets put off time and time again until it finally becomes too much. Amazingly enough, organizing a small bathroom is completely doable and having everything in its place can be incredibly liberating. Having a lot of extra stuff strewn across every available space can cause an underlying sense of stress which can add a strain to every activity. Visual distractions can make getting ready in the morning into a chore rather than a great time to start the day with peace.

To begin, it’s a good idea to go through one small section at a time. Combine any objects that are duplicates (if possible) - this includes medications. It’s pretty common for people to buy, say, a bottle of acetaminophen, and then misplace it only to buy another. A short time later, the original bottle is bound to show up; this leads to overflowing medicine cabinets. While consolidating containers, make sure to check the expiration dates on all medicines- both prescription and over the counter. Take old medications to a pharmacy so that they can be disposed of properly.

Many people love a certain brand of shampoo or soap, so when a sale hits the shelves they stock up for the next time they run out of product. Having back-up shampoo, conditioner, and body wash can be a great idea, but the extras don’t need to take up space in a small bathroom. A good place to keep surplus toiletries would be a linen closet if there is a shelf available. Until there is a set place for these things to rest, put these aside. Who knows? After going through the whole bathroom and consolidating other aspects, there may very well be the perfect spot that wasn’t available previously.

Are there things that have been sitting in the same spot gathering dust? It may be time to kiss unused products goodbye. Although that hairspray bottle may have a few sprays left, if it’s not being used then it is taking up valuable space that is precious and rare in a little bathroom. Likewise, there is probably a fair amount of trash lurking in various places and collecting to add to the visual confusion. Make sure to trash or recycle any empty bottles in the tub or shower, refill or replace empty soap dispensers, and dispose of any household cleaners that are not being used properly.

Once everything is out in the open or has been discarded, it’s possible to get a better idea of what items can be stored together for ease of use and what items may require a new space in the bathroom. Not only does it feel better to prune the old items wasting space, it can also open up a more clear visual regarding the types of products to buy in the future. Take inventory of any spare products so that they can be used when necessary.

This next step is where the fun really begins- organizing! To cut the appearance of clutter in the shower, buying shower shelves can help. Shower shelves simplify the spaces around the rim of the tub and are often easier to clean. For folks who have many curling irons, straighteners, and other sorts of awkwardly shaped appliances, the walls or the insides of cupboard doors are often available for adhesive hooks or magazine holders adhered to an open stretch of wall can be just the ticket to keeping the organized. Whatever the solution, it’s important to use it regularly to keep shared space available.

When putting away things like combs, brushes, and other accessories, it can be helpful to use in-drawer organizers. That way, each object has its own specific place, and each place can be adjusted or removed as the needs of the user change. Placing frequently used disposable items in clear containers can help to ensure that they are always well stocked. No one likes to reach for a cotton swab only to find that the last one was used the night previously. Plus, finding clear containers can be fun- allow them to be decorative and they can enhance the design of the bathroom.

Using the same logic, toilet paper and towels are commodities that must be visible from the porcelain throne. This makes it easier for guests and residents of the home alike to be able to change the roll without having to search or make a mess. No matter the method, toilet paper ought to always be in reach of the toilet and towels should be close to the shower. In a small restroom, there are creative ways to allow for both of these things to be in the prime location. Placing toilet paper on a toilet paper stand or in a basket can allow the extra paper to take up less space and maintain accessibility. As for towels, if the space above the toilet or across from the toilet is available, installing one or two wire shelve can be a great way to display towels without sacrificing cabinet space. Another idea would be to roll towels and let them store in a wine rack that has been hung on the wall.

As with most projects, there are so many ideas floating around regarding design and ways to make the most of small spaces. Even the slightest change can positively affect the atmosphere of a room, so get started and the bathroom will be well on its way to high functionality and pristine organization.




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