The Top Reasons to Live in Boise, Idaho

The Top Reasons to Live in Boise, IdahoIt may be hard to believe, but Boise, Idaho sits on a high desert plain. Nestled in the shadows of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, an unbelievably gorgeous backdrop to Idaho's capital city, these foothills are home to countless recreational opportunities. You won't get the chance to forget that Boise is the gateway to the glories of mother nature. A home in Boise means quick access to wintertime skiing & snowmobiling, countless climbs to the peaks & summits of nearby mountain ranges and every other outdoor activity you can think of. There's no doubt that Idaho is home to acre upon acre of unspoiled land and forests and the dream setting for any photographer, but the underrated city of Boise has more going on than most people realize.  It has something for literally everyone.

Rivers and Water Ways

The Boise River is undoubtedly our city's most cherished gem. There's a lot of love out here for our single greatest natural resource, and officials and people alike go to great lengths to keep it the pristine river that it is. There's little argument that Boise wouldn't be Boise without the river. The river runs directly through the heart of the city, flowing past the University, countless businesses, through three cities and provides residents with nature and recreation within Boise's borders.

City Life

Downtown Boise is not without cosmopolitan distinction. Downtown is alive with unique shops, galleries, eateries and clubs to entertain and impress. Find several high rises and small, thriving businesses with edgy and unique flair. The variety and cleanliness of downtown all contribute to Boise's vibrant attraction. Enjoy the the Classic Egyptian Theater and Central Grove Plaza.

Pic-Nics and Wild Life

Boise parks are amazing. They are scattered across the city in every direction and provide countless things to do and places to relax and maybe even bring your dog. Boise's most noteworthy park, Julia Davis, is a 89.4 acre park just off of downtown and is home to Zoo Boise, the Boise Art Museum, the Discovery Center, Idaho State Historical Museum and the Idaho Black History Museum. Julia Davis is the historical heart of the city, and also includes the Rose Gardens, reservable pavilions, a tennis court complex, playgrounds, ponds and a section of the Boise River Greenbelt.

Snow Bums Wanted

Do you love to ski? Boise is a fantastic city for those who love the wintertime. The city of Boise may not get a lot of snowfall, but the mountains around the valley sure do. About 30 to 40 minutes away is Bogus Basin Mountain Resort, an area favorite, where you can ski, snowboard, tube, cross-country ski, dine and more. Also enjoy night skiing and boarding, as well as lessons for all ages and experiences.

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