The Spectacular Sawtooth National Recreation Area

The Spectacular Sawtooth National Recreation AreaThere's so much more to Idaho than meets the eye, which is why our great state is so underrated. From beautiful stretching wilderness areas to rugged mountain ranges, Idaho is packed with stunning views and spectacular recreation opportunities. One of our state's most exciting areas but perhaps the least celebrated, is the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The SNRA is located in beautiful central Idaho, and is largely responsible for much of Idaho's world famous recreation. Sawtooth's Beautiful landscape are centraly located and are a short drive from wherever you live in Boise's communities.

The entire Sawtooth National Recreation Area stretches to an approximate 778,000 acre area in central Idaho, and lies within the Boise, Challis, and Sawtooth National forests. Within the SNRA is Idaho's most famous mountain range, the Sawtooth Mountains, along with the Boulder, White Cloud, and Smoky Mountains. The mountain ranges and hundreds of lakes and rivers culminate to make one of the country's most visually stunning and magnificent National Recreation Areas in the U.S., and the number of things to do is outstanding. 

The Spectacular Sawtooth National Recreation AreaCamping

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is home to the state's ultimate camping grounds. The options are wide spread, and cater to anyone who's looking for a spot along the mighty Salmon River, a sprawling meadow, or near a beautiful lake. Whether you're the type who prefers camping along designated and developed areas or undeveloped areas, you'll find it all within the SNRA. What all campgrounds have in common is the breathable mountain air and cool summer temperatures, coupled with stunning views.


The scenic mountain country
 in the SNRA has over 700 miles of hiking trails, 40 peaks that rise over 10,000 feet along with 300 plus high mountain lakes that contribute to the magnificent views as you navigate the back country. The areas in the SNRA for day hiking are plentiful, and range from the popular Alturas and Pettit Lake Areas to the Salmon River Area. Backpacking and mountain biking are also common activities within the area, and with such an exciting and diverse geography, you're not likely to get bored. The trails extend from easy to difficult and from one day trips to several day trips. If you're looking for something challenging, try the beautiful 11 mile round trip to the large Sawtooth Lake near gorgeous Stanley Idaho. Turn it into a trip full of fishing and wildlife viewing for an unforgettable summer vacation.


There are more whitewater miles in Idaho than any other state, and you'll come across some of the most untamed and thrilling rides within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. It is no wonder that the Salmon River is known as the whitewater capital of the world! The headwaters of the great Salmon River is located here, as well as the Big Wood, Boise, and Payette Rivers. The Salmon is also known as the “River of No Return,” due to its swift and difficult upstream travel. What's more, the Salmon runs through the second deepest gorge on the continent and is commonly known as Idaho's best steelhead, rainbow, and cutthroat fishing area. Rafters along the Salmon also enjoy breathtaking scenery and challenging whitewater rapids.


The major watershedsfound within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area include the East Fork of the Salmon River, the North and Middle Forks of the Boise River and the South Fork of the Payette and Wood River. There are hundreds of miles of streams and lakes in the SNRA created by ancient alpine glaciers found in the Sawtooth and White Cloud mountains that offer an excellent menu of fishing, including cutthroat, rainbow, bull trout, brook, grayling, and white fish. With so many rivers and lakes and a huge population of fish, you'll likely get many different answers when it comes to which area is the most vibrant.

Rock Climbing

The Sawtooth Mountains are prime for big wall climbing and mountaineering, whether you're starting out or looking for the next big challenge. There is a treasure trove of climbs to be found here, and is largely limited by what's been discovered and documented. Find a variety of rock climbs, couloir climbs, and scrambles of varying classes, within a wide range of rock character.

So, if you're looking for things to do this summer in Idaho, don't miss out on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area during your search. You may find that you'll want to come back each season to experience the many different faces the area has to offer, whether the days are long or short – after all, the area is known as the “Forest For All Seasons.”

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