The Boise Farmers Market: All About Growth

The Boise Farmers Market: All About GrowthIt is far too easy to run to the grocery store and buy food, or to visit your nearest fast food restaurant for something quick to eat. Of course, those aren’t always the best options. Just because you are buying something at the grocery store doesn’t mean that the food is the healthiest or the freshest. Buying fresh and healthy food can be a challenge sometimes. Where do you go to buy it? Can you support local farmers and other food growers? Fortunately, you can, and living in Boise provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so.

While the Capital City Public Market is a great place to shop, and you will be able to support both local farmers and local businesses, the Boise Farmers Market is all about the food. Local food, of course, and supporting and sustaining the local fresh food market. The Boise Farmers Market makes it easy to buy local fresh food, by bringing it right to you. Every Saturday, the market will open at 11th and Grove. Fresh food, from local farmers, right in the heart of Downtown Boise, Idaho. It doesn’t get any better, or any easier, than that.

A Growing Focus

Farmers markets are great places to explore the best of locally grown and raised food. Not only that, but they let you meet the local farmers and food producers face to face. You will actually get to meet the people that are growing the food that you are eating. That’s a really incredible experience, and it’s a big part of the Boise Farmers Market. However, this market goes one step further. The Boise Farmers Market places the focus not only on local food, but also on encouraging new farmers, creating new food ideas, and allowing the community to learn more about local food and sustainability.

· Focus on the food. There is an incredible assortment of foods available at the Boise Farmers Market, but that’s only half of the story. You get to meet the farmers, and the food is sold by the farmers. No intermediaries or grocery store chains here. Just fresh food sold by local farmers.

· Focus on value. When you visit the Boise Farmers Market, you will be able to see the value of locally grown and raised food. Experience different foods right at the market, explore specialty foods, and learn how valuable local foods are to the community.

· Focus on accountability. You have a unique opportunity at the market. Because the food is all grown or made locally, you know that you are supporting local business and food growers. The best part is that everything you may eat or buy here is grown or made by the vendor.

· Focus on information. The Boise Farmers Market isn’t just a great place to try out or buy locally grown or raised foods and products. It is a place where you can learn about how much local foods impact the community. Local foods are important for a healthy community, healthy economy, and even a healthy you.

· Focus on growth. There would not be local food without local farmers. The Boise Farmers Market works with established farmers to encourage and support new farmers, or anyone exploring the profession. Sustainability requires local farmers, and the market provides unique opportunities to encourage farmers to sell local and stay local.

· Focus on sustainability. Local food, farmers markets, and local farmers are all about being sustainable. In order to meet the needs of today, it is important to consider the needs of the future. The Boise Farmers Market strives to meet those demands and needs, by creating partnerships in the community and by how it operates.

A Growing Vision

Local food is always a big part of any farmers market, but food is not the only focus. The same is true for the Boise Farmers Market. It is a community marketplace, and as such, the Boise Farmers Market is a place to exchange new ideas just as much as it a place to exchange food. This market goes on year round, and there are even mobile markets throughout the week.

The Boise Farmers Market is here to help the community become as self-reliant as possible by making it easier for you to buy locally grown food. Support the community that supports you and visit the Boise Farmers Market. You will learn about who grows and raises the food that you eat, and you’ll also be able to buy the freshest foods possible.


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