Simple Tricks for Making Any Room Look Bigger

Simple Tricks for Making Any Room Look BiggerWhen you don’t have a lot of space, how you use that space becomes increasingly important. Whether you purposefully bought a small house, or you just have smaller rooms than you’d like, it is possible to make those small rooms or spaces look bigger than they really are. All it takes is a little creativity, some clever planning, and the proper use of the space and colors.

You can use everything from lighting to furniture to create the illusion that a small space is bigger than it actually is, and it really is not that difficult. There are some clever tricks and ideas that can help you transform any space you need, and make a smaller room look bigger, or even to make a big space look even bigger.

Tricking Your Eye

Below you will find several different tricks that you can use in any space to change how large it appears. You’ll find that it is actually a lot easier than you would originally have thought, and the space will work much better. Before long, you won’t even remember that your small rooms were even small to begin with.

Trick #1- Color and Contrast

Dark colors, unless done correctly, can shrink a space more than it really is. If a small room is dark, it will look even smaller. Even a large room that has a lot of dark colors will look smaller than it really is. White is probably one of the best colors you can use to make a room look bigger. White, and other light colors, like a cool blue, reflect light, and that increases the brightness of the room, giving the impression that the space is larger.

For the best effect, blend light and soft colors together, to create a light and airy room with enough contrast to keep the room interesting. One solid tip is to paint the trim and door frames a lighter color than the rest of your walls. This makes the wall appear like it’s even further back, which opens up the room that much more.

Trick #2- Bring in the Light

Color is all about brightening up a room by reflecting more light, and allowing the room to look larger. Because of this, light in itself is important. But not just any light. While clever use of artificial lighting can help make a small space look larger, you will want to maximize the amount of natural light.

Don’t block off your windows. Use sheer curtains, or pull back curtains during the day to let the light in. If you have a great outdoor view, this will both let light in, and bring nature into the room. Otherwise, get creative with hanging plants or potted plants around the window to spruce up the view.

Trick #3- Getting Rid of Clutter

If there is any one thing that can make a room look and feel smaller, it’s clutter. Too much furniture, or just plain stuff, in a room can shrink it dramatically. It looks full, and with too much in the room, it just looks small. This extends to pictures and art on your walls as well. Keep your walls relatively bare to make the most of your light colored paint and natural walls.

A great trick on cutting clutter is to simply make a single focal point in the room. Use one large wall painting or picture instead of many. In the dining room, a nice table will be your focal point. You want to keep decorations to a minimum to make the room look larger.

Trick #4- Smoke and Mirrors

Magic uses misdirects to draw your attention away from what the magician is doing. You can do the same thing in your space to draw attention away from the size of the room. Use mirrors to emphasize the focal point of the room. This will add the illusion of depth, as well as reflecting even more light into the space.

You can even use mirrored surfaces, like tabletops or cabinet doors to open up the space. The reflections will add depth and create a better flow by making the space feel more open. Mirrors near windows can reflect natural light further into the room, making the space even brighter, and by extension, feel more open.


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