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Security for your new home

Posted by Hughes Group Blog Team on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 at 1:57pm.


Congratulations if you have just bought a new home or if you are in the process or considering purchasing a new home. Before moving in or right after is the ideal time to lay out the foundation to make the house safe and sound. Buying this home is a large accomplishment and although it may be easy to feel the excitement of buying, moving, decorating, and most cases painting, it is also important to keep all those who are living in the house safe.

Seventy percent of all robberies that happen in the United States happens to residential properties and occur every fifteen seconds. One of the top priorities of a new homeowner should be home safety; however, only you can decide the risk factors and your comfort of the safety of your new home. In light of this, here are a few suggestions that may help you with your new home security.

First, it is important that all doors are secure. An inspection of all doors should be done often to make sure strong frames are in place, hinges are set up in a protected way, the wood should not be hollowed. For older homes with mail slots on the doors, they should be inspected to ensure a hand or object cannot be fit through to be able to unlock the front door. It is important to not focus on having a pretty door as the focal point to your house over the safety of you home. If there is no deadbolt one should be installed immediately to help secure the door.

Second, ensure all the windows are properly locked. The latches that come with the windows can sometimes fail and other times due to wear and tear they can be flimsy. It may be worth it to replace the latches with locks or lever that are operated by keys to help with the overall safety of the windows. For the stronger hold, you may want to put into consideration laminated, tempered or other stronger glass. It is also important to secure the basement as well as the second story windows.

Third, it would be wise to purchase and install a security system. There are many options to go with, such as DIY installation, or the choice of a fully monitored smart system. In order to choose which system, you would be most comfortable with you will want to evaluate your needs and make your decisions from there. There a couple basics to think about when evaluating the needs such as alarm, motion sensors that go on the doors and windows and the carbon monoxide and smoke sensors.

Forth, making sure you know your neighbors. Knowing your neighbors can offer some security as they can help with the front line of defense when it comes to home invasion. Many of the neighbors will know the new area you moved into and are willing to help you out when you are away. However, if you do not make that effort to establish a good relationship, you will not have anyone to rely on. In most cases, if something is going on in the neighborhood that is worrisome, a good neighbor texts or calls you.

Fifth, role play a burglary. So far you have made friends as neighbors, you have checked and secured the door, windows, chosen and installed your security system for your new home. Now it would be beneficial to try out the features by pretending there is a burglary to see if there are any places that need a little more security.

Sixth, make sure you have local law enforcement information posted such as the local fire house, police, etc. You will also want to talk to the watch program in your local neighborhood to see if there are any other resources available. You can either call the local police to ask their opinion on further security of your home.

Seventh, ensuring the lawn and outside of the home is lite up well. Although, stats show that burglaries most commonly happen during the day while at work. There are occasions that they might happen at night. Making sure there are lights placed strategically throughout the front and back yards can only add protection to your home, especially if they are motion sensor lights.

Eighth, making sure there aren’t places a burglar may hide. A house’s outward appeal may come from bushes, shrubs, and trees; however, they can offer great hiding places for the burglars. It is vital to trim the bushes, shrubs and trees that are close to your house in which can be used has hiding places.

Ninth, several security providers offer signs for the yard when you install one of their systems. They also provide window decals which help keep the burglars away. It is recommended that if you have them you should put them in your yard and on your windows. If you decided to go another route and do not have a professionally installed security system you can look into the fake signages that are around. Even if they are fake in most cases the idea that there is a system can be the difference between a burglar attack and being passed over.

Finally, coming up with the plan. In case all else fails it is beneficial to come up with a plan in place. Sitting down with the others that may live in the home with you and working out a routine to secure the house will be that much more beneficial to all. When coming up with the strategy make sure to come up with the rules, locking doors and windows and how to arm the security system when leaving home. Also, come up with what to do when someone breaks in, who to call, what exit to take and so forth.

There you have it, suggestions you may want to consider on how to protect and keep your home safe along with everyone in it. It may take more measures than one may want but in the long run, it is for the best, if it is the decision you have made.

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