Restaurants in South Boise

Restaurants in South BoiseWILLOWCREEK GRILL, located at 2273 S. Vista Ave., creates its diverse menu by fusing flavors from cuisines from all over the world. The casual and laid back atmosphere of this unique restaurant offers everything from nachos to crab cakes to Asian style chicken lettuce wraps, and burgers. Entrées such as cedar fired salmon and beer battered fish and chips are moderately priced, and Willow Creek also offers an à la carte menu and sushi combos. Dine at Willow Creek Grill on a regular basis and you can feel as if you have traveled the culinary world.

Speaking of traveling the culinary world, be sure to stop in at BAR GERNIKA, located at 202 South Capitol in Boise. Located on the “Basque Block”, this restaurant serves authentic Basque foods, wines, and desserts. This small but cozy restaurant represents Boise’s significant Basque population well, especially with their traditional lamb dishes. With their offerings of beers on tap and a wonderful outdoor dining space, which allows diners to relax and watch the passersby, this is a favorite spot, with great food and a homey atmosphere.

Say the name BIG JUD’S, and old and young alike are likely to know exactly what you are talking about. Big Jud’s is famous for it signature burgers,and its location at 1289 S. Protest Rd.,near Boise State University, is a popular dining spot for university students and Boise natives who have visited big Jud’s for generations. A second location at 3030 E. Overland Dr., serves citizens located in the western part of the county. You will not leave hungry after dining on Big Jud’s big burgers, hand cut fries, and ice cream milkshakes. And if that is not enough to you fill you up, try the 1 pound burger challenge or the 2 pound burger challenge. Finish these huge meals, which consist of a burger fries and drinks, in the allotted time to have your picture added to the wall of fame, and get the opportunity to purchase a special T-shirt that you can wear around town to brag about your accomplishment.

FLYING PIE PIZZARIA-is open from 11 AM to 10 PM and was once highlighted on the TV show Man versus Food. The pizza is great and the atmosphere is fun. And many people watch Flying Pie's Facebook page to find out if their names are listed as the name of the day. “It's your day” offers people the chance to help make their own 10 inch specialty or custom pizza for free, if they have identifying prove that they have the same name as the name that is listed on the “Its your day” contest. With 18 specialty pizzas on their menu, even the pickiest eater should be able to find a pizza that to tempt their pallet. Flying Pie has two locations, one on Fairview and one on State Street, although the Fairview location is take out only.

BOISE FRY COMPANY strives to serve the best fries and burgers possible by using green, natural, and sustainable products, obtained locally, and when possible, using organic products. Using the freshest potatoes possible, Boise Fry company uses a strict regimen of frying in natural GMO free sunflower oil, to provide the tastiest fries ever. Fries are left unsalted so that the patron can choose from a variety of homemade seasonings and sauces. Whether you choose a bison burger or a beef burger you can be sure that the meet is grown regionally and has been grass fed. Boise Fry company also offers a vegan burger made with black beans and high-protein quinoa. The goal of the Boise Fry company is to show respect to not only for the earth and its resources, but to provide the healthiest way to eat the foods we love. So if you just can't give up your fries but want to know that they are fried in the healthiest oils possible, give Boise Fry company a try.

Cuban cuisine is not a taste familiar to a lot of people. If you are interested in trying it out, or if you already know that you are a fan of Cuban food, CASABLANCA CUBAN GRILL may have what you're looking for. Whether you choose to eat at their restaurant at 5506 West Overland Rd., or you stop at one of their two food truck locations, your option of pork chicken beef or seafood dishes, will serve you that unique Cuban flair. The food truck is located at State Street and 4th on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11 AM to two 2 PM. On Wednesday evenings from 5 PM to 8 PM, the Casablanca food truck will be at the food truck feast at Maple Grove and Amity. The food truck serves 10 inch long Panini’s, but the restaurant serves a variety of restaurant fare.

The TAVERN AT BOWN CROSSING it Is located off E. Park Center Blvd. At 3111 South Bown way in Boise. This romantic restaurant offers a Sunday brunch with five different kinds of benedicts, six different omelettes, two scrambles, as well as other breakfast favorites. Open from 11 AM 2:10 PM most days, lunch and dinner menus run the gambit from salads and burgers to filet mignon. Steaks are aged for tenderness, and burgers are made fresh from the ground chuck. Entrées are served with warm fresh bread and a choice of sides. Service is great and the chefs know how to cook steak to perfection.

Whatever your taste preferences, you are sure to find a great choice of restaurants to choose from in Southeast Boise. Whether you are checking out strip malls south of the freeway or you want to get a bite to eat before the movies, there are many great choices in this area of Ada County.

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