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Lakes near Boise

Posted by Hughes Group Blog Team on Friday, August 17th, 2018 at 2:20pm.

Imagine vacationing at a lake near your home city where you live, playing on the shore in the sand building the sand castle of your dreams. Floating on the dock, taking the air mattress or flotation device on the water or sitting in the beach chair soaking up the rays of the sun enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Build memories with those close to you by enjoying a day trip, vacation, and so forth by visiting the following lakes that are near Boise, Idaho.

Redfish Lake

Redfish Lake is located 3 hours away from Boise in Sawtooth national Forest near Stanley, Idaho. Redfish sits at 6,548 feet high in elevation. You will find that Redfish Lake is the most gorgeous lakes within Idaho’s borders as the mountain peaks frame the lake. You will find Redfish nestled in at the bottom of the Sawtooth mountains at the Recreation Area.

The intelligent sockeye salmon utilized the waters and therefore the community named the lake Redfish. Currently, you can still find a small amount of the sockeye salmon but if you decide to fish in the lake the fish must be returned.

The coastline at the lake is approximately 11 miles in length which is lined with a trail. You will find many canoeing, kayaking, camping or all three on any given day. Go for the weekend or just for the day, either way, you will enjoy a piece of beautiful Idaho.

Payette lake

Payette Lake is about two and a half hours away from Boise, Idaho located in McCall, Idaho. The elevation of Payette Lake is approximately 5,000 feet. The lake itself is 5,330 acres of glacial water that is clean. Over ten thousand years ago the Payette Lake was created by a glacier that was a thousand feet high and two and a half miles wide and eight miles long.

Boating is a favorite and hanging out on the many sandy beaches that have the most amazing mountain scenery. Many people come to the lake to play as well as enjoy the events that are held throughout the year. During the first year of June, you can enjoy the Payette Cup Regatta. Ponderosa State park protects half the lake and provides over a thousand acres of wilderness, camping sites, trails for hiking and undisturbed beauty on the open peninsulas that go out into the middle of the lake.

Legend has it that there is even a Loch Ness monster named Sharlie that has been part of the Payette lake since the 1920s when the first sighting happened. Although, many of the locals do not believe in Sharlie and feel she is an ancient Sturgeon or some other type of fish. Many others believe that the lake itself deserves to have its very own sea monster legend.

Lake Cascade

Cascade is another amazing scenery lake that is located about two and a half hours from Boise, Idaho in Cascade, Idaho. Many call the lake “The Mile-High Playground”, as is the playground of nature lovers, specifically anglers. For those fishermen, the lake is full of Coho salmon, kokanee salmon, smallmouth bass, and trout.

The twelve thousand two-hundred-hectare lake is residence to Lake Cascade State Park, that has over two thousand camping sites for everyone to enjoy. There is also bird watching, hiking, snowmobiling and much more. For those who do not like the camping outdoors, there is the comfortable Tamarack Resort that offers the gorgeous western shoreline to enjoy. You can find the resort open year-round along with the Lake and the State Park.

Lucky Peak lake

Lucky Peak is located forty-five minutes from Boise and consists of over 2,800 acres that stretches over three counties. The Boise River lines the reservoir that is located southeast of Boise. Located at the north end sits the Reservoir State Park and has a sandy beach with a ideal place to go swimming. Near the boating ramp on the opposite end of the State Park is another beach with picnic tables. The ideal location to view the lake is at the viewpoint that is right off the State Highway twenty-one. You can also access Arrowrock Viewpoint from the same road.

Stanley Lake

Located three hours from Boise is the gorgeous alpine lake also nestled into the bottom of the Sawtooth Mountains close to Redfish Lake. It is located about 6500 feet above sea level. Located around the lake is three different campgrounds that have both day use, trails for hiking and boat launch. In addition, to an area for swimming with picnic area. The lake provides space for boating and canoeing. It also offers fishing and lots of wildlife to view. It is a popular location for artists, photographers to capture the amazing views.

Henrys Lake

Five and a half hours away from Boise is the amazing mountainous lake that is located at approximately 6500 feet above sea levels. Henrys Lake Mountains houses the lake on the southwest side and is located in the Caribou Targhee National Forest. Just under 5800 acres, the small lake is the ideal picture due to its gorgeous surroundings and colors. There are a couple State parks that surround the shore of Henry's Lake and the Continental Divide Trail is on the north end of the shoreline.

The most common sport that is done at Henrys lake is fishing as it offers a great amount of Yellowstone cutthroat along with rainbow cutthroat hybrids. It is also popular for birdwatchers due to the fact that it is home to bald eagles, Canada geese, white pelicans, widgeon and many other types of birds.

Alice Lake

The largest lake within the Sawtooth Wilderness is Alice Lake. The lake is protected by the federal government since the lake is located in the Sawtooth mountains. The lake is located at approximately 8600 feet. The surroundings of the lake make for the exceptional place to take photographs no matter your skill level which makes up for the fact that there are no water activities going on at the lake. The other main purpose of the lake besides for photography is for hiking. The lake is accessible by foot through the trailhead at Pettit Lake or by the forest road 208 road.

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