Idaho Wildlife from Your Window

Idaho Wildlife from Your WindowAs you tour Idaho’s beautiful landscapes you will probably catch sight of a variety of wildlife. Idaho’s rugged country borders many of the farms for sale in Idaho, and it even plays a role in the city life. It is not entirely uncommon to catch sight of a timid deer as it meanders through the city parks looking for a tuft or two of grass. But deer are not the only creatures you will encounter as you tour Idaho for your next investment or adventure. This is especially true if you are looking specifically at farms for sale in Idaho. Here are a few examples of the wildlife you will see from your window as you explore Idaho.

Idaho’s most common hooved four footed residents are easily cows, but do not let the abundance of mooing, half-ton ungulates fool you. Idaho’s range lands experience traffic ranging from antelope to moose. Here are just a few of the wild creatures you might see.

Idaho Wildlife from Your WindowPronghorn Antelope

When Lewis and Clark passed through Idaho’s lands, they noted the “extremely shy and watchful” antelope. These deer-like creatures have a reddish-tan coat and curving black horns. You will see these on the open ranges of the Snake River Plain. As an investor in farms for sale in Idaho you will probably see many of these, but they can be seen throughout much of the state.


Idaho is home to two species of deer; mule and whitetail. Mule deer occupy the mountains of southern Idaho. These deer are distinguished from their white tailed cousins by the forked growth of their antlers, the black tip on their tail, and their large ears. Mule deer are seen frequently during the winter months as they descend from the mountains in search of food. The whitetail deer in Idaho live primarily in the forested northern regions of the state above Riggins.  If you've ever seen an alarmed whitetail's big white tail, you won't mix up these two cousins. 

Idaho Wildlife from Your WindowElk

Elk are found in the Rocky Mountain belt that runs along the central-eastern half of the state. These are significantly larger than deer or antelope, and have an impressive set of antlers. They are not as common as deer and antelope, but do make an occasional majestic appearance along the mountain highways.


Moose are even larger and less common than elk. These massive, aggressive creatures have antlers that resemble hands with splayed fingers. A funny fact: they love swimming in lakes and snatching green plants from the bottom.  If you catch sight of one of these, keep your distance and admire from afar.

Idaho is also home to several predatory creatures. The ones you will probably see are small and relatively harmless. These include raccoons, badgers, coyotes, foxes, and skunks. The others, such as bears, wolves, cougars, and bobcats, are less common, and you probably will not see them unless you are actively searching for them.


These small cousins of the wolf travel around the open plains in packs. If you invest in a farm for sale in Idaho in a rural community, you will likely be able to hear their poignant howls from the foothills at night. These unique creatures are primarily scavengers, but be sure to lock up your chickens overnight.

Idaho Wildlife from Your WindowFoxes

Red foxes can be found across most of Idaho’s lands. These small animals are hardly larger than your average beagle and are very timid. You will likely see one of these on a camping trip in high mountain valleys.

Avian life flourishes in Idaho’s big blue skies. You will see a range of bird species in any home you choose in Idaho. Robins and finches make their living in the cities. Magpies and crows also scavenge along the edges of civilization. Hawks, eagles, vultures, owls and other raptor species patrol the skies day and night in the forests and open plains. In fact, raptor species are so common and celebrated in Idaho that the Idaho quarter boasts a Peregrine Falcon.

As you search for farms for sale in Idaho, keep in mind all of the wildlife that you will have the opportunity to observe nature's abundance. Although some of them can be a real nuisance for farmers and ranchers, with proper management you can enjoy the company of Idaho’s wildlife. Feel free to search our listings of farms for sale in Idaho and explore your options. Talk to one of our agents when you find a property you like and we will get you a front row seat to Idaho’s wildlife.

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