Hunting wolves in Idaho

Hunting wolves in IdahoThere are many different kinds of exotic animals to hunt. Some people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to travel to distant lands where they can hunt a particular kind of prey, but that is not the only way to have a truly unique hunt. There are plenty of unique animals for hunting in the United States, and one of the best hunts you can go on can be done in Idaho. If you have caught the hunting bug, you might be looking for something really special to spice up your hunting habits. They are a little difficult to get ahold of, but with the right tags, wolf hunting in Idaho is absolutely possible and here are some things you will probably want to know before you get started.

Wolf hunting is going to take you to some pretty remote places. Wolves do not like to hang around too close to humans (You definitely cannot blame them), and finding them takes some doing. So much done, that most of the time you manage to find a wolf, it will probably be after you have done some serious hunting of another animal, but we’ll get into that later. If you are on a dedicated wolf hunt, you are going to have to put in some extra effort. It is true that other hunts can land you way out in the middle of nowhere, but not quite the same way as a wolf hunt. It is important to make sure you are prepared for this kind of excursion, and that means more than just water, food, and good warm clothing. It is a very good idea to make sure there is someone out there who knows what exactly you plan on doing and where you will be doing in. You might only be able to give them a general idea, but that can help quite a lot. Tell someone where you are going, and how long you are going to be there. If anything happens and you find yourself in trouble without a way to get to safety, then you will at least have someone on the outside to let the authorities know to come and find you. It is not a foolproof plan, but it might be the only thing you can rely on when you are out in the wild.

For the actual wolf hunting, you are going to have to rely on a call. You might get lucky and just stumble across a wolf while you wander across the wilderness, though, that is incredibly unlikely. A call can work one of two ways. It can mimic the sound of an animal in distress. For a wolf, much like for a human, life is hard work, and hunting might be the hardest part. While you can choose to depart from a hunt and just pick up your next meal from the supermarket, an unsuccessful hunt for a wolf can spell death for itself and its pack. If it can pick up an easy meal from an animal that is hurt or caught, then that is a good day, and if you can mimic such a thing, the good day is yours. You can also throw in some physical motion to make the trap more enticing. You might be able to rig something up yourself, but you can definitely find something for sale. The other way a wolf call works is to take advantage of a wolf’s territorial nature. If a wolf hears another wolf calling out and encroaching on its territory, it is going to come and dispute what it thinks is an invasion. If you mimic this call, you might bring a wolf closer to you, but there is almost certainly going to be some kind of response from nearby wolves that will at least tell you if you are on the right track. One interesting bit of information. 

A wolf is a better hunter than you, hands down. The only advantage you have is a rifle, so if you get a shot to try and nab one, you are not going to have a whole lot of time to make it happen. Wolf hunting is all about being prepared. Like I said before, your best chances of coming upon a wolf is to find one when you are out looking for another animal. If you go all out just for wolves, you might go home empty-handed, but if you already have some venison or a moose in the bag, any failure to find wolves will not sting so bad. Basically, just keep the tags you need for wolf hunting handy at all times, and when the opportunity comes along, you will not be caught unaware.

The last thing to keep in mind is to keep still. Again, wolves are near perfect hunters, and they have incredible senses. If you blunder around the forest looking for a wolf, you might come across some unsuspecting animals you can bag, but what you really want is going to be totally aware of your presence and you will never locate an inch of white fur. You counteract this by moving against the wind, and when you do not have to move, you remain as motionless as possible. If you have an itch, just sit tight and wait for it to go away. Even the slightest motion can give you away. Finally, motion is important, but the wrong camouflage will sink you just as quickly as making unnecessary movements.

Wolves are a truly exciting animal to hunt, but you have to be prepared, for success as well as failure. You could go on a hundred wolf hunts and not come back with a single one with any success, even if you have experience and knowledge on your side. Just keep at it, and eventually, you will get the big one.

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