How to Use Dead Space

How to Use Dead SpaceA house is a pretty big thing with a lot of room to fill up however you want. Even in an apartment, depending on your lifestyle and the number of people living with you, it can actually be kind of hard to make use of every single corner or closet. For a lot of people, this is not a problem and not something they will ever notice, but if you have an entire room or similar space that is just not being used, it can be a bit of an eyesore or bother you with its presence. If this is something currently plaguing you, and you are not sure what you want to use that dead space for, I have a few creative or utilitarian ideas that might appeal to you. Of course, it is entirely up to you, and if none of these ideas manage to trigger something you want in your home, feel free to use them as a jumping off point, or as something to get the creative juices flowing so you can fit that space to your own personal needs and wants.

There are a bunch of different spots in your home that might be empty or in need of filling. Maybe you have a big closet next to your living room that you just do not have anything to store in. Maybe a whole bedroom is going unused because there just is not anyone who needs it to live in. Maybe you have an entire basement that is unfinished and devoid of any furniture or anything at all. Then there are all the nooks and crannies that occupy a few feet here and there. Some staircases will have a lot of space underneath them that is not really good for anything. All of these spots will offer you different opportunities for different uses. That closet for example probably cannot hold a person that might want to actively use whatever is in it (Though if the closet is big enough, you can do a surprising amount with that space).

First, let us talk utility. Sometimes the best use of your dead space is for storage. What is all of your rooms and closets are filled to the brim and you just cannot cram another box or bottle of cleaner into them to get it out of the way. Then you notice that space under the staircase we talked about earlier. It does not count as a room or a closet, but if you set it up right, the place that no one is ever going to be walking could make for a convenient spot for books or something else. It could be that you have a bunch of physical books you need to find a spot for, so why not put together a bookshelf to go under those stairs. It does not have to be books. In this day and age, not a whole lot of people have that many books. Any hobby you might have or any kind of item can be stored in dead space with the appropriate shelf, and it is not all that hard to put a sturdy shelf together quickly. It takes some wood working skill and the right tools, but if this is out of your reach, sometimes you can buy your way to the right size of shelf by hiring someone to come and do it for you or hiring someone to build it and then come and bring it to you. People are always willing to be paid to do something for you.

For this one, you will probably need a fair amount of space, but a lot of times you can turn dead space into an office. Even a small closet (Not even a walk-in) can hold a computer that you roll your chair up to and you can sit down for an hour or two and get some work done. A walk-in closet or entire room is the ideal here, but you would be surprised what you can get done with a couple of cubic meters of space. Now, for your actual paying job, you probably already have a big office set up, either in your home or at your place of employment, but it might be that you want a different office for a different kind of work activity. A lot of fun hobbies take up a fair amount of space and require a dedicated area to work in. If you have been thinking about picking up something new to fill your quiet hours, but have not had the space to make it work, maybe it is time to find that space somewhere unexpected. You can set up any kind of craft spot you can imagine with the right amount of space.

Of course, small amounts of dead space might be the ideal spot to show off your hobby or the objects you are most proud of. If you are an artist, an empty wall under a staircase can be the ideal place to put the piece you are most proud of. It is probably going to be a widely trafficked spot, with people going by all the time to get to the stairs or just passing through, and your favorite work can get a lot of attention. A lot of dead spots probably will not be great for plants you want to display, as they will probably be dead themselves fairly quickly without a whole lot of light, but pottery might work just fine.

The only real limit on what you can do with dead space is your imagination. Find out what your hobby is or what you want or need most and then fill up that space with something to compliment that. Whatever you need, depending on the size requirements, your home is your oyster. And you should definitely try out different things. Unless your needs require serious construction (Like a shelf or something) you can put in and take out as necessary.

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