Home Improvements for Under $1000? Here Are Some Big Ideas

Home Improvements for Under $1000? Here Are Some Big IdeasBig Impact, Little Money

Improving your home usually isn’t cheap. When was the last time that your home renovation was completed on time and on budget? Homes are already big purchases and big investments. Making home improvements and fixing up your house can be expensive as well, but it doesn’t have to be.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on your home improvements to see a good return. A great example is just taking care of simple maintenance. Replace those furnace filters or replace a failing appliance with an energy efficient one, and you’ll almost immediately start seeing savings on your home’s energy costs. Of course, getting a new filter for your furnace isn’t very exciting. Fortunately, there are some great ideas from MoneyonTime.com. You can make some big improvements on your house for under a thousand bucks, but it’ll make your home look like you spent much more.

See Your Home in New Light

Nothing can date a house quicker than an old chandelier, lamps from a decade (or more) ago, or wall sconces that make your house feel more like a drafty castle than a home. Without the proper lighting, or enough, your house can also feel like a castle because it will be dark and gloomy. You’ll most likely spend around $200 for a bigger fixture, although you can always search for floor sample sales and deals.

The best part about updating light fixtures is that it’s an easy fix. You most likely won’t need an electrician (although, if you are ever unsure of wiring, or what you’re doing, it would be safer to hire one), and if you’re swapping out table lamps, you definitely won’t need one. If you’re in love with your current fixtures, try changing the shades or painting them.

You can also get all new updated LED or CFL flight bulbs. They cost more up front, but the energy savings, plus how long they last, make it worth the price. Even better, these light bulbs can brighten your home up just as much as getting new fixtures.

Front Door Replacement.

The purpose of your front door is two-fold. It adds (or detracts) from your curb appeal. It’s the first thing guests see when they come visit your home, so you want your front door to make a statement. Your front door is also a security feature. It makes a decorative statement, and keeps your home safe and secure.

The best of the best for security is a new steel door. But, the cost of a steel door can break that $1000 budget you’ve set. The national average is around $1200, but it might cost less (or more) depending on where you live. If you want the best in security however, a steel door is a great way to go. Plus, it features a 101% return on investment. So it might be worthwhile.

But, if you want to spruce up your entryway, without blowing your budget on just the door, you’d be surprised how far a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware (like a doorbell and light fixture) can go in updating the curb appeal. Top it off with a nice door mat, and maybe a pot of flowers.

Working in the Kitchen.

When you only have $1000 to spend on home improvements, the last place you might look at improving is the kitchen. You’d be surprised how far $1000 can actually go in the kitchen. Of course, you’re not going to get granite counters or that incredible gas range you’ve been eyeing. But, you can change out the drawer and cabinet hardware. Getting new pulls can completely change the style of your kitchen, without changing the cabinets and drawers themselves.

If you really need to, you can get an energy efficient appliance for around $1000. If you need to replace an aging refrigerator, this is a good place to spend your money. You’ll also save a little money on your energy bills with an energy efficient appliance.

Sometimes, all it takes to spruce up your kitchen is a fresh coat of paint and fixing that leaky faucet. Cosmetic fixes can be done cheaply, but they can really go a long way. Your kitchen can look brand new after a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.

Updating the Bathroom

Once again, you might not think that you can do much in the bathroom with only $1000. You certainly won’t be doing anything major, but you can update the bathroom by replacing the shower curtain, some new light fixtures, and other accessories. A great place to spend money is the toilet. Older toilets are not water efficient at all, so buying a new toilet for around $200 can be a smart investment. Not only will the toilet look modern, it will save you a lot of money on your water bill as well.

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