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House With Nice Yard

The end of summer does not equal the end of lawn care.

Normally, homeowners think of lawn care during the spring and summer. But the cooler months of the year is not a hiatus from taking care of your lawn. The cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall the season ushers in is a welcome change for your lawn, and the ideal time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring season – but only if you want thick, lush green grass.

Continue Mowing Through Fall. It might seem like your grass stops growing in the fall, but in reality your lawn is quickly absorbing nutrients and moisture to prepare for the winter that lies ahead. Keep watering and mowing your grass as needed, then as the season tapers to an end, drop your mower's blade to its lowest…

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Idaho is one of the lucky places that experiences distinct four season weather with fairly temperate days and nights throughout the year. However, average winter temperatures do dip into the 30's and occasionally into the 20's overnight, so it's important to protect your Idaho home from the elements.

Keep your home in tip-top shape throughout the winter by beginning the job in autumn. One of the first things you should do is have your furnace inspected. It's important to ensure that your furnace is operational, energy efficient and of-course, safe. Have a HVAC professional come out and have a look. The repairman will clean the furnace, change the filter, check for leaks and unhealthy gases and ensure everything is operating as it should.


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Many dream of the ideal house, that kitchen they can cook in, the bedroom with that ideal book nook, etc. Many do not want to spend that fortune or are not able to on building that dream house. A solution to the dilemma might be to purchase a foreclosed house or a home that is similar to your dream home that is within your price range and remodel. At other times, someone finds a home and lives in it for a while. Then decides that it is to remodel. No matter the reason for your remodel, here are some steps that might help you get started.

A dream, the first step to build that dream room or dream house is to dream simply. Identify the needs that will help your dream come true and approximate the easiest solution possible. Most projects like this will…

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There are many DIY projects that can be done to the home for very little money; however, the feel and look of the home will be so much different. Here are some that you might enjoy.

Window treatment Replacement

When looking at those kitchen windows, have you noticed that they are deformation by the exposure of splashes and liquids from cooking that occur repeatedly? Something that will help this look after a while is by replacing the window that is stained covering by putting in a cheap but good quality fabric treatment. You will see love the new look and feel of your kitchen.

Message Center

Create a little message center on one of your walls, all you need is a simple piece of glass panel and wood to frame it. Once you have your…

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A house is a pretty big thing with a lot of room to fill up however you want. Even in an apartment, depending on your lifestyle and the number of people living with you, it can actually be kind of hard to make use of every single corner or closet. For a lot of people, this is not a problem and not something they will ever notice, but if you have an entire room or similar space that is just not being used, it can be a bit of an eyesore or bother you with its presence. If this is something currently plaguing you, and you are not sure what you want to use that dead space for, I have a few creative or utilitarian ideas that might appeal to you. Of course, it is entirely up to you, and if none of these ideas manage to trigger something you want in your…

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For those who love to cook, the kitchen is the hub of the home. Even those who aren’t skilled in the culinary arts can acknowledge that the kitchen is often the most popular gathering place. While some homes have spacious, fancy kitchens outfitted with every appliance imaginable, other houses don’t have as much space to offer a kitchen. Those who have small kitchens will agree that the main goal is to make the most of what little space they have. It can lead to high levels of frustration, but organizing and making small tweaks can have a big payoff.

When building or remodeling a home, allocating as much space as possible to the kitchen is a good idea. Even if a large kitchen isn’t a necessity, resale value will go up due to the extra space in a…

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Small bathrooms can be the bane of everyone’s existence. Trying to find a good home for all of the things that belong in this room can be a challenge that gets put off time and time again until it finally becomes too much. Amazingly enough, organizing a small bathroom is completely doable and having everything in its place can be incredibly liberating. Having a lot of extra stuff strewn across every available space can cause an underlying sense of stress which can add a strain to every activity. Visual distractions can make getting ready in the morning into a chore rather than a great time to start the day with peace.

To begin, it’s a good idea to go through one small section at a time. Combine any objects that are duplicates (if possible) -…

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So you’ve finally done it, you’ve finished your deck. Now your backyard has a designated space for rest, relaxation, or recreation. But now, what to do next? What kind of accessories and additions will take your deck to the next level? Well, look no further. Here are 10 cool deck ideas that will make your deck the talk of the town and your new favorite place to hang out.


Lighting is very important for an outdoor recreational area. You can achieve this in many ways, but there are few things as awesome as some torches. Now, when we say torches, these can be open flame torches or just electric lights in the shape of a torch. Whatever you are comfortable with is the best. Now, there are plenty of different torch styles, all of which have a…

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There are few things as beautiful as eastern architecture. The awesome traditional building styles of Asia are much different from what we are used to here, but they are still enamoring. One such style is Washitsu which will be our topic of discussion today as well as how you can change your home to have a more Washitsu feel.

Washitsu(和室) architecture is, simply put, traditional Japanese décor and design. When you translate it directly into English it literally means Japanese room. It is a way of decorating and design that is to be expected in a traditional Japanese home. It is a beautiful design and one that can be replicated here in our western housing market as well. While there are only a few companies that specialize in Washitsu…

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Is your bathroom drab? Why not remodel and bring in personal touches that will make your bathroom a pleasant place for you porcelain throne instead? There are so many intriguing ideas that can elevate your loo and turn it into a room of which to boast. For one of the most often visited rooms, the bathroom is frequently at the bottom of the list of decor, but there are so many cool ideas and tweaks that can help you to enjoy the time spent in your own restroom.

Showers may be tricky for tall folks. One helpful tip that doesn’t require a full remodel involves swinging by the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picking up a shower head with an extra, detachable shower head. It’s important that the attachment comes with a rod to rest on in order to make…

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