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 So you’ve just purchased your home and are psyched about the extra space it provides, have you thought about what you may want to transform your yard into? Winter may be approaching quickly, but that is no excuse not to get ideas for some fun new backyard projects this spring!

Obstacle course

American Ninja Warrior is a television show that has been sweeping the nation. Hundreds of people try out every year to run, jump, climb, swing, and show off all of their parkour skills in front of a national audience. Why bring this up here? Because it would make for the perfect backyard! Get off that couch and step into your newly renovated backyard obstacle course! Wooden pallets, rope swings, rock walls, old tires, why join a gym when you could work

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So you’ve done it, you’ve finally decided to decorate that extra room you’ve got. You’ve added some furniture, you’ve put in a rug, and now you need to figure out what to do with your walls. Your thoughts immediately turn to painting and you balk at the thought. ‘Too much time!’ you think. Then you think about wallpaper. Wallpaper does speed up the process and give you less of a chance of mistakenly coloring a part of your house that wasn’t supposed to be colored. Wallpaper can be a great way decorate your new home, however, there are a few problems with it. The first, namely, being that you have to commit to it. Once you go with wallpaper, there is no going back. At least without much struggle. So here are a few alternatives to wallpaper that

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What is a basement? Is it a place with rooms for guests? Is it a rec room for working out? How about a game room for watching football and playing Settlers of Catan? A basement can be many things. If you are wanting to optimize the space in your basement, why not remodel it into your favorite spot in the house? Many people have done just that, so take inspiration from some of the craziest basement remodels.

One Star Wars fan decided to turn their basement into a game room bar. A lighted pool table sits in the middle of the bar room, which is painted black from floor to ceiling. Tiles of dark grey are polished for maximum reflection while full body costumes of a stormtrooper and the Sith Lord himself- Darth Vader- stand menacingly nearby. Bar

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Tucked away in the scenic mountain route from Boise to McCall is the charming town of Cascade, Idaho. Located along Highway 55, it’s a town with plenty of kind people and small shops that are frequently passed by on the way to other locations and cabins closer to McCall, and this lovely place sure has a lot to offer - especially a quaint gallery that may be seen right as you pull up to the main drag of Cascade. Red Cabin Gallery may not be large, but it is a must check out art gallery with a lot to offer.

Gallery owner Kathryn Farnworth is a woman with many talents and hobbies. She is well known in the area for her assistance and teaching at the town’s art collective called the Cascade Cultural Arts Center. Through her connections to the Arts

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It’s no surprise that in our day there are more and more people that are working from home. From Portland to Pennsylvania there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that are working from home; and Boise Idaho is not exempt from this figure. Due to this raise in domestic duties to perform many home builders in the area are including home offices into many of their floorplans. But, even if you have a home office, it is a lot harder than it looks to stay productive and on task in your home office. So here are some suggestions for how you can make your new home office efficient, productive, and a place where you can have success.

Keep it business related

Even though you want to have a fun place to work, you need to make sure

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A garage is a desirable feature for any potential homeowner. Sometimes, the bigger the garage the better. However, you don’t always get exactly what you want in your home. The perfect house that fits the majority of your needs, wants, and your budget, might not come with the big two car garage that you’ve always wanted. Now, you have to make do with a single car garage. You just aren’t sure how to make the most of the smaller garage in order to have the most useable space possible.

While you can’t make your small garage larger, you can plan carefully in order to maximize the amount of storage and useable space available to you. It will take some careful planning and the right strategy, but the single car garage can work just as well as a

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When you don’t have a lot of space, how you use that space becomes increasingly important. Whether you purposefully bought a small house, or you just have smaller rooms than you’d like, it is possible to make those small rooms or spaces look bigger than they really are. All it takes is a little creativity, some clever planning, and the proper use of the space and colors.

You can use everything from lighting to furniture to create the illusion that a small space is bigger than it actually is, and it really is not that difficult. There are some clever tricks and ideas that can help you transform any space you need, and make a smaller room look bigger, or even to make a big space look even bigger.

Tricking Your Eye

Below you will find

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Working from home is certainly nothing new, but it’s been becoming more and more popular lately. It provides a work/life balance that can rarely be achieved anywhere else, but in order to work effectively out of your home, there’s one important thing that you’ll need: a home office.

While you might able to work at your breakfast nook or dining room table, more often than not you’ll need your own, separate space in order to work efficiently. Designing an office because you work at home is much different than designing an office for homework space or someplace for you to do taxes and pay bills. In order to create the perfect home office, it will take some planning.

How You’ll Use Your Office

Before you begin, it’s important for you

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When it comes to your kitchen, there are a lot of styles that you can use to create the perfect kitchen. No matter what style you decide on, you’ll want your kitchen to fit in with the rest of your house, while still standing out as a dream kitchen. Kitchens are often what sell a home, and even if you aren’t planning on selling your house, you can fall in love with it all over again by updating your kitchen, and bringing in a different style.

When it comes to kitchen styles, there are two different styles that can be incredibly similar, but they are different, even if in small ways. A modern kitchen isn’t necessarily contemporary, but a contemporary kitchen can be modern. In the simplest of ways, a contemporary kitchen is one that follows

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Solid hardwood or engineered wood: which is better?

When you started looking for flooring, you didn’t think it’d be so challenging. Who knew there were so many kinds of flooring? You know that you want hardwood floors, but there are so many choices there as well that it can start to get overwhelming. Do you get domestic or exotic? What color do you want? What kind of grain? Just when you think you’ve started to narrow it down, you run into something else. Do you want solid hardwood planks or engineered hardwood planks?

Don’t give up

With the right information, you’ll be able to make an informed choice and pick the flooring that’s perfect, both for you and your home. Solid wood and engineered both have their places, and you can’t really make a wrong choice with either. Both kinds are even

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