Fun Things to Do in Boise

Posted by Hughes Group Blog Team on Monday, May 27th, 2019 at 12:08pm.

Boise is probably one of the most exciting places in Idaho. There are other parts of the state that rival the city in terms of excitement and no part of Idaho is truly unexciting, but there is just so much going on in Boise that it is hard to compete. The city is just awash with fun stuff to do so that you will almost never get bored if you are actively looking for something to do. Of course, actively looking for something to do can be something of a problem. You probably are not going to just fall into some kind of fun activity while mindlessly wandering around the city. You might get lucky and stumble upon an event at just the right time and there are fun things to be found from just wandering, but if I may be so bold, I would like to discuss some of the options available to you within Boise and in the area surrounding it. I have a few places that I think you should really check out, whether you are just visiting Boise for a little while or you are moving to the area and are going to be there for the long haul. Hopefully, I can make your stay, however long it lasts, and enjoyable one.

The first thing I am going to recommend you to try is going to be a little divisive for some people, and that would be that you visit a museum. No one is against museums, but some people do not find them all that interesting. If you are one of those people that love to find new archives of historical information with exhibits that show how the world was and is, Idaho is probably going to be a paradise for you. There are hundreds of museums all over Idaho and many of them are concentrated in the Boise area. The one I frequently recommend to people is the Warhawk Air Museum. This facility has a large collection of different kinds of aircraft that have been used across a bunch of different wars and military eras. They have the plane that the famous Red Barron flew, the Fokker DR-1. They have a P-51 Mustang, one of the most famous and coolest American planes of World War 2, and the list just gets longer from there. If you like airplanes and helicopters (And if you do not, you are probably a cop) than the Warhawk Air Museum is going to really excite. And that is only one place. There are so many museums in Boise and around the city that you will never get to them in one week, even if you went to one after the other and went without sleep. Some are not going to interest you, but plenty will.

The next activity I am going to recommend is one that is going to take you a little bit outside the city, but it is still very close. Bogus Basin is around 16 miles away from the city of Boise and is one of the most popular skiing areas in the state. Skiing is a popular sport in Idaho and you cannot always do it around Boise. The area is generally pretty flat and is not great for some of the intense skiing you can get elsewhere in the state, but the Bogus Basin ski area is one of the great exceptions to this rule. If you are in Idaho during the winter and are looking for something to get your blood pumping, skiing is pretty much the number one way to get that job done. You can even do some cross country skiing around Bogus Basin, though the biggest attraction is definitely the downhill skiing you are probably familiar with. If you are in Boise and have never been skiing before, you could do a heck of a lot worse than going to Bogus Basin and not a heck of a lot better. You will have a lot of fun and even get in some exercise while doing so. Not many things out there can do that for you.

Now, a lot of what there is to do in Boise proper is centered around the Boise River and the green belt there. Now, some cities might have a few parks and leisure paths along a green belt that runs through them, and Boise does have that going on, but it also does so much more. The Boise River Green Belt is basically where a lot of the magic happens in Boise. That is where the city zoo can be found. However, the green belt goes even further than that. It is also home to one of the biggest and most popular concert venues in the city. They are constantly putting on shows for a big audience and bringing infamous names that most people are going to be interested in. There is always something going on along the green belt, even when no events are planned. On the slowest day, you can still enjoy a day at the park along the river and relax.

The last place I want to mention before I go is the World Center for Birds of Prey south of Boise. It is one of the most unique places you can visit in Idaho and possibly even the world. For some people, it is basically just a zoo where they can see exotic birds, but it is so much more than that. The World Center is entirely devoted to the upkeep and replenishment of different bird species that are endangered. They breed the birds and send them out into their natural habitat and you can discover some of that process. And, if that does not interest you, they have many injured birds and birds that cannot be returned to the wild that are just cool to check out in their enclosures.

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