Fun things to do in Boise in the Summer

Fun things to do in Boise in the SummerIt’s all about the journey, not necessarily the destination. No matter your destination you want to make the most out of the summer. Boise, Idaho is the ideal place to take that journey. Here are adventures to definitely try on this summer's’ journey.

Boise River

The ideal place to cool off and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery would be the floating of the Boise River. The river runs directly through Boise. There is even the opportunity to rope jump into the river about halfway down. It is fun to swim, float or just walk, bike, or run next to the river on the greenbelt.

The start of the floating begins in Barber Park. Barber Park is located approximately 6 miles from downtown Boise. It is located on Eckhert Road between Boise Avenue and Warm Springs. The park itself is open all year round but it is best used and known for the start of the Boise River rafting for the summer months. Rafters and tubers who are wanting to float the river and who don’t have any equipment you are able to rent them, as well as air up your equipment if you need, right there at the park.

The route taken is directly from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park. The float itself takes about 2-3 hours and is about 6 miles long.

Outdoor Concerts

Boise is a community who loves their music but even more than loving their music is loving it in the outdoors. A few examples of the amazing concerts to attend in Boise area are Alive after 5 (Every Wednesday during the summer months), Botanical Gardens, Boise Music Festival, and the Outlaw Field Summer Concert Series.

All you have to do is grab a blanket or your camping chairs and a bottle of sunscreen. Music fills the air the whole entire summer. The most well known outdoor concert is the Idaho Botanical Garden, it starts its season with a big rock concert and then it is followed by anything from emo to jazz.

Another venue for popular concerts is the Summerfield Concerts at Memorial Stadium and then there is Alive After Five. Alive After Five happens every Wednesday from 5pm-8pm starting in June and going through August. It is held in downtown Boise on Main Street. It is free to all and provides touring bands as well as local openers.

Lucky Peak

Lucky Peak Reservoir is a great pastime and is just outside Boise. It offers many things including but not limited to boating, fishing and swimming off the white sand of the beach. It even has the opportunity for you to rent a boat for that amazing boat party. You are able to bring things to BBQ or Picnic and is a great time for all ages.

City Parks

Boise has some of the most amazing city parks, they are known for their wide open areas and their beauty. There are parks with baseball, biking fishing ponds, frisbee golf, memorials, museums, nature preserves, splash pads, softball, soccer fields, tennis courts and of course we can not forget the zoo.

You will not find a city the size of Boise nationwide that has as much to offer in regards to city parks as Boise does. You will find an incredible array of them and they all have wide open space. You will find that there are many large, long established, riverside parks that symbolize the city’s prize jewels which complement dazzling outlying neighborhoods, recreational river resource and local parks that provide service to the needs of several neighborhoods and individuals who want a place to go enjoy.

Shakespeare Festival

The Treasure Valley and surrounding areas have answered with a positive joy to the Shakespeare Festival and its outdoor theatre that comes to Boise every year. As you enter the outdoor Amphitheater you will hop on a true theatrical ride like no other. Other than the drama, magic, and passion of the theater it is a theatre that was built upon the human voice and making it amplified.

The Shakespeare festival has happened for years. Each year is a new set of plays and shows the classics such as Romeo and Juliet and Sweeny Todd. Another experience you might get from the Festival is more than just the plays. You get to watch the play from under the stars.

Saturday Market

One of the great activities that occur on Saturdays during the summer is the Capital City Market. It offers some of the favorite fresh fruit, veggies, wines and other food vendors. It is open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm every Saturday. At the market, you will not only find the food but you will be able to meet the farmers who are willing to educate you on the way to choose the best and ripest food. You will also meet those skilled artists who stay up late creating those amazing pieces. Talented bakers who have the skills to build the most amazing loaves of bread with the flaky crust that you just adore from homemade pastry.

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