Check out the Hot Springs of Southern Idaho

Check out the Hot Springs of Southern Idaho

Moondipper Natural Hot Springs (Dash #1 - Crouch)

Get ready for a trek geared towards all ages to the tune of 4.7 +/- miles round trip (with river crossings) surrounded by magnificent scenery, including groves of pine trees and tall grass-covered rolling hills dotted with wildflowers, various area creeks, and remarkable wildlife. The trail boasts an adjacent horse trail that does not require the river crossing, though it boasts steep ascents and descents. Part of the journey might include trekking further along the route to reveal more hot spring options that await! Release the mental pressure of traveling through city traffic, noise pollution, and the constant buzz of city living and escape to Moon Dipper. Natural Hot springs offer a relaxing atmosphere with deep soaking pools encompassed by the sounds of nature filling the air and creating the ideal environment for a relaxing soak. Dispersed camping with the Boise national forest is allowed following the rules and guidelines. For additional information on the rules and regulations for the Boise national forest, check out the Boise national forest - district office, call in, or visit the website for more information.

Area birdlife and wildlife sightings include pheasant, snake, owl, eagle, moose, elk, deer, pika, mountain squirrel, fox, beaver, badger, osprey, bear, coyote, cougar, and of course, the wolf. The wildlife is simply stunning and best observed from a safe distance. Be informed; stay happy, healthy, and secure! For safety, bringing along a pack with bear spray, a whistle or horn to warn others, and other methods of preferred protective gear might be a good idea while trekking the backwoods.

Additional area destinations to consider adding to the summer activities list might include Boiler Springs, which sits alongside the trail to the hot springs for ease of access, Rocky Canyon Hot Springs, Payette River, East Mountain, Julie Creek Trail, Station Creek Trail and a bit further out discover Skunk Creek / Wet Foot Trailhead, East Mountain Spring Trailhead, Liggett Creek Trailhead, Telephone Ridge Trailhead, Yellow Jacket Trailhead, One Spoon Trail Head, Cup Corral Trailhead and the South Fork Salmon River.

The surrounding area activity opportunities draw the attention of boaters, hikers, fishing enthusiasts, mountain bicyclists, skiers, and snowshoers. Imagine waking to the cool morning fog billowing across the tops of the pine trees with the morning sun peeking through the mist and starting the day off with a rejuvenating soak in the springs before heading out for the day; all this and more are possible within the area.

If planning an overnight stay, a few campgrounds to check out start with Boiling Springs Campground, Trail Creek Campground, Rattlesnake Campground, Hardscrabble Campground, Tie Creek, and Riverpond Campground. Be sure to check for any burn restrictions before firing up an evening campfire.

The Moondipper Natural Hot Springs location may be accessible during spring, though it remains largely weather-dependent. For optimal results, check out the Moondipper springs for maximum comfort and success during the warmer months.

Pine Burl Natural Hot Springs (Dash #2)

Going back hundreds of years, the topography has primarily gone unchanged and proves to make a spectacular destination for a casual stroll surrounded by nature. Folks visit the area from across the globe with enthusiasm for experiencing the refreshing spring waters, lakes, trails, rivers, and mountains. There is much to do from mountain biking, hiking, trekking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, birding, photography, nature trips, camping, boating, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and canoeing, floating the river, berry expeditions, and weekends packed with new adventures. Boost confidence and comfort while investing in self-care and renewing sprightliness at Pine Burl Natural Hot Springs with pools atop some of the state's most beautiful terrain.

Checking out the hot springs might also include taking a moment to write a book, take photographs of the surrounding landscapes, or perhaps draw and paint. Maybe grab a blanket, a picnic basket, and all the favorite goodies for a midday snack, or fire up the travel bbq and have a cookout. Trekking the area trails might lead visitors to one of the neat mountain peaks. A few of the higher mountain peaks in the area include East Mountain, Rattlesnake Point, Station Creek Summit, Packer John, Scott Mountain, Rice Peak, Rocky Peak, Tyndall Ridge, Little Baldy, Buck Mountain, and Lightning Ridge. Backpacking is a popular outdoor activity for many visitors trekking the area trails; furthermore, if planning a trip to the area for a backpacking adventure, be prepared, be safe, pack in, and pack out.

Discover countless things to do, places to go, and more when visiting Cascade, Idaho. Check out a few area destinations, including the blissful waters of Rocky Canyon Hot Springs, Deadwood Reservoir, and Whitehawk Mountain, and find the ultimate contentment when soaking in the natural mineral waters of Trail Creek Hot Springs. Warm Lake and Payette Lake are famous for water activities, including fishing and boating. Consider packing a picnic basket, sunscreen, mosquito deterrent, towels, and water toys for a day enjoying water fun in the sun.

Ready to hit the trails after a nice soak? Excellent, be sure to map out a route and plan of action before heading to the tracks. Area trails include Airline Trail Trailhead, Lightning Ridge West Trailhead, Long Fork Silver Creek Trailhead / Bitter Creek Trailhead, White Hawk Basin Trail, Bear Creek / Warm Lake Trail, Big Creek Summit Trail, and Blue Lake Trail, to name a few. There are many more trails for exploring, though there are too many to list. Enjoy the thrill of discovering new destinations and creating memories that last.

Wake up to the wilderness when choosing to stay at local campgrounds such as Boiler Springs Campground or Cabin, Peace Valley Campground, Hardscrabble Campground, Tie Creek Campground, Rattlesnake Campground, Trailcreek Campground, and Warm Lake Campground to get the list started. Riverside Campground, Howers Campground, Paddlesack Campground, South Fork Salmon River Campground, Summit Lake Campground, Buck Mountain Campground, and Cozy Cove Campground offer a variety of landscapes and terrain.

For optimal results, this destination is ideal for visiting during the warmer months for maximum success and enjoyment; this destination is pleasant during the fall months, though be sure to take proper precautions when visiting remote areas sensitive to weather conditions. A trek is necessary to access this location; for maximum enjoyment at this destination, plan for a multi-day trip.

Rocky Canyon Natural Hot Springs (Crouch)

Invigorate the senses with the Rocky Canyon Natural Hot Springs multi-pool outdoor soaking location that sits around an hour from the Boise area just outside the Crouch community along the Middle Fork Payette in Rocky Canyon. Surrounded by beautiful mountain terrain, soaring pine trees, and wildlife, the springs offer prime enjoyment and opportunities for an array of temperature options and leave visitors inspired with a rewarding soak. Discover generous parking space alongside the road and trek down the hillside to the riverside hot springs geared towards all ages. When the pools get a bit warm, head over to the river for a cool dip in the fresh waters of the Payette River; the mid-sized Rocky Canyon Natural Hot Spring pools are a favorite for many; be prepared for company. Rocky Canyon Natural Springs requires fording the river and maybe a challenge for some.

Due primarily in part to the popularity of the area and all the opportunities for activities, checking out one of the area campgrounds for an overnight stay may provide an open door for a trip that creates memories of a lifetime. Some general area campgrounds include Buck Mountain Campground, Ice Hole Campground, Golden Gate Campground, and Penn Basin Campground. It is essential to remember that traveling along dirt roads in the countryside takes longer than initially anticipated, especially if it is the first time exploring the area.

If taking off for a day on the trails is a preferred activity, perhaps check out a few tracks, including Burnt Log / McClure Trailhead, Cabin Creek / Thunderbolt Trailhead, Campbell Creek Trail, Caton Lake Trail, or Dollar Creek Ridge Trail. For the birds-eye view across the valley, consider Eagles Nest Trail, East Mountain Way Trail, and possibly Gold Fork North Trail.

If visiting any of these destinations is part of the plans, consider heading into the community of Cascade. The city of Cascade makes comfort a priority and is known for its hometown cooking options that make a great stop before heading into the mountains. There are also opportunities for picking up last-minute supplies, including water, rentals, fuel, tools, batteries, firewood, bug spray, a hat, sunglasses, first aid kits, a phone charger, and extra snacks.

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