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Caldwell Idaho Real Estate

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Freshly Cleaned Bathroom

There's more reasons behind keeping your house clean than meets the eye. A lot of people tend to put off cleaning until the mess is too big to ignore and they're sick of tripping over laundry -- or the neighbors are stopping by and they're worried about image. While these are great reasons to get the task done, there are far better incentives than those -- most importantly, our health. It's super easy to not think about our health when it comes to keeping the house clean, because we can't see the build up of actual germs. These germs are home grown invisible dangers, particularly in the kitchen where cross contamination can result. According to the CDC, there's an estimated 76 million cases of food borne illnesses each year which send about 325,000

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Last year was a great year for Boise, Idaho residents who got a mortgage, and the coming months are shaping up to continue that trend.

In 2012, the nation finally reached a long-awaited bottom and the recovery of the housing market dug its feet in even deeper. Idaho is one of the top contending states for the best recovered and we're headed into the new year both anxious and excited to see what Idaho real estate can do.

According to the National Association of Realtors, it appears that 2012 is likely to go down in the books as a record year for housing affordability. Freddie Mac reports that home buyer affordability is staying high thanks to ultra low rates, and the great news is though 2012 is behind us, Boise Idaho and the surrounding area is

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If you've been holding out for the right time to buy Idaho real estate, the signs have been showing improvements and a housing market on the rebound. Now is a great chance to make your move into home ownership while both loan rates and home prices are low.

Your first question going into Idaho real estate is likely going to be how much you can afford. While a visit with your loan officer can put this question to rest, there are easy ways you can figure it out before you ever step foot into a bank with online mortgage calculators. Once you've figured out the financial part of owning a home, you'll discover that Boise and the surrounding area has a diversified inventory with several different options. The Boise Idaho metro area is packed with unique

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Your search for the perfect home in Canyon County begins with our comprehensive online database of new and resale homes for sale. Our unique, user friendly platform has transformed the way Idaho real estate is done, and you'll soon discover just how fun and easy it can be.

Idaho is teeming with possibility, and on the radar for a multitude of livability features, particularly in western Idaho and the Boise valley. But if you're looking for one of the most convenient, yet wallet-friendly places to live without sacrificing opportunities for your career, you may do well to consider Canyon County.

Canyon County covers a large portion of western Idaho, bordering Boise and Meridian Idaho, the population hub of the state. The real estate opportunities

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