Bust to Boom: The Nampa Farmers Market

Bust to Boom: The Nampa Farmers MarketThe Treasure Valley is a vibrant area of Idaho. It is a rich area for farmlands, vineyards, and even culture, the arts, and entertainment. Local food is important in the Treasure Valley, and farmers markets are popular places to check out what’s in season, to find the freshest foods, and to support local businesses and vendors. While Boise, Idaho has its fair share of farmers markets, Nampa, Idaho is not left out.

The Nampa Farmers Market is a thriving venue, providing a place for local farmers, producers, crafters, and even artisans to share their incredible variety of fresh foods and merchandise. Like any farmers market and open-air market, the Nampa Farmers Market is a great place to buy local products and food while being able to meet the people that are directly responsible for what you are buying. It allows you to support local businesses and farmers in a way that is not possible anywhere else.

A Dismal First Year

However, the Nampa Farmers Market was not an overnight success. In fact, it almost failed in its first year. It began in 1989, in a parking lot across the street from the police department. It was small. The first year of the market, then the Nampa Farm and Garden Market, there were only three vendors present, and just a few customers visited the market.

Simply put, the first year was not successful. It was a bust. While many others would have given up, the founders of the Nampa Farmers Market did not. They had a vision and a drive to make the market succeed. They did not give up, and through their hard work and dedication, the Nampa Farmers Market began to grow.

Growth and Movement

As time went on, the Nampa Farmers Market grew, drawing in more vendors and customers. In 1998, the market had to move, as it outgrew the parking lot by the police department. It moved downtown, in front of the Nampa Train Depot Museum. The Nampa Farmers Market didn’t stop growing, and before long it would have to move again.

In 2010, the Nampa Farmers Market made a final move to the Lloyd Square. This move was a dream for the growing number of vendors, and it made the experience for the customers that much better and more satisfying. This move was a good one for the market. The Lloyd Square on Front Street, between 13th and 14th, provided the market with modern amenities, not to mention more room. Now, the Nampa Farmers Market had a stage for music, which they use for live musical performances. In addition, the market also had access to indoor areas and modern bathrooms. A win for everyone.

Today, the market hosts an average of 60 or 70 vendors each week. These vendors are not just farmers or food producers. While fresh and local food is the main focus of the market, it has grown to include crafts and more from other local vendors and businesses. The Nampa Farmers Market has grown into a successful and popular market since its first year of only three vendors. Every Saturday, Lloyd Square turns into a thriving market.

Giving Back to the Community

From the last Saturday in April to the last Saturday in October, the Nampa Farmers Market can be found at Lloyd Square from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Regardless of the weather, the market opens so you can buy fresh food, enjoy good music, and enjoy the fun atmosphere of an open-air market. The best part is that everything is local, from the music to the food.

Local musicians will provide entertainment while you shop. You can’t go wrong with live music while you peruse the wares of local vendors and learn about the sustainability of locally grown and raised foods. You can also learn fun new recipes to try with the foods you just bought. The Nampa Farmers Market has a chef that does presentations.

The market goes beyond just providing an incredible venue. Because the Nampa Farmers Market draws new customers to Downtown Nampa, Idaho, it encourages new businesses, supports existing businesses, and brings money to the local economy. This helps revitalize Nampa’s historic downtown and keeps local businesses thriving. Enjoy great food, good music, and great deals all while supporting your local community.



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