Bronco Nation-- What’s it all About?

Bronco Nation-- What’s it all About?Football season is here and boy, do Idahoans love their football! Everywhere you turn you can find Bronco gear as far as the eye can see. Even WalMart is in on the fun - supplying diehard fans with the shirts, sweats, and even wig-hats for keeping warm during home games. Blue and orange are the main colors painted all over the Treasure Valley during the fall and throughout much of Idaho. The Boise State Bronco football team has been gaining speed in the last few years with several bowls putting them on the map. Have you ever wondered about what makes fans so loyal to this football team?

Boise State is a team that many other teams strive to be like. It’s a college team that plays at a very high level with high quality player who are being lead by the best. Teamwork and cohesion are two main points in Boise State’s favor. The reason that these stand out and further the Bronco football team is because it’s impossible to get anywhere without a great team of leaders. Just look at George Washington- his armies were rarely ever defeated due to to his skill and knowledge of not only the workings of battle, but also the best ways to lead armies and much study of those opposing him. He also took time to think outside the box and that often lead him to victory. Coach Petersen used to lead the BSU football team with much success, but after he left, he passed the torch to an equally qualified leader- Coach Bryan Harsin. Harsin has picked up the reins and lead those horses straight to the winner’s circle already this year. Another awesome addition to the Bronco leaders. Brett Rypien, a sophomore from Spokane, has been named as one of the football captains. This dedicated player has been living and breathing Bronco football since before his high school graduation. This kind of intense commitment shines brightly and makes Rypien an invaluable player as well as captain.

In recent news, the president of the college, Bob Kustra, made a press release regarding the Big 12. The Broncos were cut from joining the Big 12, but that does not mean the end for BSU. Kustra mentioned that they will do everything to continue to give the team many opportunities and this is helped by the team’s standing in the Mountain West Conference. As the season stretches before us, rest assured that the Broncos with plow ahead with the same drive and winning spirit that they always have. Fans will certainly not be disappointed this season!

One big part of the fun and excitement of the Boise State Broncos’ games can be heard roaring in the bleachers. Fans come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the magic that comes from a group of people so focused on the team they love and support. The football players may be the stars, but the fans help to put them on the map. Without someone to cheer them on, who knows if the team would be doing as well as it has been? The Broncos have had some great opportunities- including the Fiesta Bowl and the Poinsettia Bowl in the past two years. Many fans have taken time off of work and out of school to be right there in the seats waving foam fingers for victory. (By the way, it is important to note that both bowls named Boise State the winner.) This is a phenomenal group of fans who choose to watch games and literally go the distance to make sure the team and coaches feel the love.

BSU is unique is so many ways, from fans to players to leaders, but it wouldn’t be right to leave one of the most unique features- the Smurf Turf. That’s right, the stadium is home to one of the coolest football fields in the world. First of its kind, the blue turf placed Boise State on the map with it’s innovative color. “The Blue” was the first field on the globe that wasn’t the typical green football field. Since it was put in, the NFL has created a rule titled “the Boise Rule” making colored turf against regulation. Other colleges, however, can color their fields whatever they choose and some have done just that. When this idea was set into motion, the athletic director at the time had some convincing to do when it came to having the company dye the astroturf blue instead of green. Eventually, they came around, which posed another problem- Bleymeier had a big secret to keep from fans, players, and coaches. After the bright playing field was installed, football fans far and wide had heard of the awesome change. The Smurf Turf is a great symbol of what it means to be a Bronco- creative, strong, and something that will stand out for decades.

After all this talk of the Boise State Broncos, there’s hope that you will join the ranks! From amazing leadership pushing the players to be their best and show their skill on the field, to amazing fans who are dedicated to watching games wherever they may be, BSU football certainly has a lot to offer. This season is shaping up nicely even though it’s just begun. Season tickets are still available and start from as low as $165 and go up from there. Individual game tickets are also available and those prices vary depending on the game. So, if you want to see what all the hubbub is about, try catching a game or two and watch the Broncos win this season! One game is all it will take to make a fan out of you.

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