Boise Bench

Boise BenchBoise is a dynamic and culturally rich city. There are all sorts of different shops, schools, clubs, community event, and sports that make it fun for just about everyone who comes to visit. Some of the things that makes Boise as dynamic as it is are its distinctly diverse sectors. Boise can be broken up into 8 different parts, each blending together at times, but strikingly different as well.

The part of Boise that this article focuses on is the Boise Bench. The Boise Bench is in the literal center of the city. Equidistant from all the boundaries of the city, the Bench is a large conglomeration of shopping complexes, offices, and comfortable neighborhoods.


The Boise Bench is called the bench because it is roughly 60 feet higher than the valley floor below. It is bound by several different landmarks, the first being the old Union Pacific railroad station at the corner of Federal Way and Vista. When you are driving south out of downtown, you will know when you’ve reached the Bench when you travel up the hill and pass the tall mission style train depot. This, however, is only the eastern border. The Bench stretches from the depot to the Boise Airport in the south, it then stays along Interstate 84 until it reaches the famous ‘Flying Y’. It is then bounded on the north by the other leg of the Y, Interstate 184, until it reaches the literal edge, and overlooks downtown.

Causes of the bench

The Bench was made many hundreds of years ago when the Boise River was a prehistoric mega-river. At that time the Bench was the river bank of that ancient and deep river. In the last eon or so, as the river has shrunk, the Boise bench has become a dry and solid foundation for building and, after Fort Boise expanded into a thriving city, became prime real estate for those looking for a place to homestead.

Types of neighborhoods

The neighborhoods on the Boise Bench can sometimes be a mixed bag. There are some that are as knew as last year, and some that date back to the early fifties and beyond. The good news is that if you have a very specific taste and you want to live on the Bench, then you just need to look around a bit more and you’ll find it.

There are some great new construction neighborhoods along the Bench if building is your goal. Due to the older nature of the Bench, most of the new construction neighborhoods are built in places that you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes, however, this allows them a bit of a hidden aspect so they are more protected from the outside world.

These neighborhoods are outfitted with many great amenities like pools, clubhouses, and parks. Not to mention they are on the Bench, giving them access to some of the greatest and most diverse amenities that the City of Boise has. All of these factors combined make the Boise Bench one of the best places for real estate.


There are many schools in the Bench area. For instance, Borah High School and Bishop Kelly, to name two. There are also a dozen or so elementary and middle schools available, as well as several other educational establishments for all ages that once included a language school.


As far as dining is concerned, you will not be disappointed when you live on the Bench. There are hundreds of great dining opportunities that range from the tradition fast food joints to dine in establishments. There are, however, also some great bars and pubs, unique cuisines, and even all you can eat buffets.

The Boise Bench is, like it was mentioned earlier, the physical center of Boise, and as such has many of the city’s best restaurants. Especially considering all of the other amenities that are abundant in the area.


Shopping in the Bench area of town is not only easy, it is convenient as well. The Bench is home to dozens of great places to shop, including the Boise Towne Square Mall.

This two-story mall is filled with designer stores, specialty shops, and great food for everyone to enjoy. It is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM and always has great stuff to do and buy. Black Friday around the Mall is a great time as it is open from Midnight until 9:00 PM the next day.

On the Bench there are also many great places to shop if you are looking for bulk items. There are at least two bulk food stores available on both the north and south ends of the bench. This allows for inexpensive shopping trips no matter which end you happen to live on.

Department stores As far as department stores are concerned, the Boise Bench is home to dozens of them. There is one of nearly every popular department store somewhere within the Bench area which provides for some great shopping. These department stores also range in price from high to low, and everything in between.


If you are looking for entertainment on the Boise Bench, then you won’t have to look far. On the Bench there are several great places to go for a fun afternoon. For instance, there are three movie theaters—one megaplex with Imax and everything, and the other two dollar theaters that offer great discount tickets.

One unique thing that the theaters around Boise and Meridian do, not just the ones on the Bench, is $5 Tuesdays. On Tuesdays across the valley all theaters have $5 tickets for even non-matinee showings. (For the dollar theater, it is reduced from its original price of 2 or 3 dollars to 1 dollar). This has been a recent development that has revived a spirit of movie going for Boise residents, and, if you live on the Bench, you have nearly unlimited access to these great prices.

There is much more to know about the Boise Bench and the amenities it can offer, so if you want to know more, contact one of our experienced agents and they will be glad to help you out.

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