Boise area parks

Boise area parksTaking time to explore some of the opportunities for outdoor activities in Boise is a great way to get familiar with the area and the community. There are countless ways to spend a day here. A common and popular destination for outdoor activity opportunities will be one of the many local area parks. Find Julia Davis Municipal Park adjacent to Downtown Boise, the Boise River, and the Boise River Greenbelt. The spacious grassy areas offer opportunities to enjoy open play areas with a favorite book or perhaps sport, places ideal for gatherings, picnics, or preferred activity.

Taking a moment to enjoy the tranquil surroundings, one will likely discover folks out meandering, utilizing the greenbelt to access desired destinations, including local dining options and eateries. In contrast, others sometimes choose to maximize their day with an exercise routine or work out surrounded by nature, and others make the most of the area by visiting the nearby visitor and tourist hot spots. Furthermore, the park boasts a rose garden with a host of beautiful rose plants which bloom beautifully during the warmer months.

The rose garden is home to covered bench seating with area pathways ideal for area exploration and enjoyment. Find hundreds of rose plants with an array of various species and a broad range of stunning colors. Additionally, find the onsite bandshell sitting alongside the greenbelt, which acts as a centerpiece to the park and offers live entertainment and music performances throughout the year.

The park is home to droves of annual events such as art in the park and the jazz festival, to name a few, as well as various community gatherings, not to mention the starting point to many area race events and when it comes time for the fourth fireworks display when the area comes alive with patrons ready to partake in the celebration and incredible fireworks. The folks heading to the park for the show sometimes bring along all the fixings for a picnic, portable chairs, and extra water to maximize the enjoyment and an afternoon at the park! Be prepared as more significant events draw larger crowds, and parking gets filled up quickly. Coming early may help avoid commuting farther than anticipated and will likely be a bonus when it comes time to leave. No matter what, a local event generally creates additional traffic and will slow down the flow of travel. Furthermore, be prepared to wait patiently for accessible parking and wait in line of traffic when leaving an event. It's almost always worth slowing down and keeping the atmosphere favorable for all.
The accommodations at the park include tables and seating ideal for an afternoon picnic, pathways ideal for area exploration, playgrounds, water features, ponds, generous parking, gazebos, sand courts, pathways, spacious greenery, full sun and shaded area options, waterside views of the Boise River, restrooms, covered tables, abundant tree life, and community art. Discover opportunities to enjoy a favorite sport such as ball, soccer, football, and many more. Volleyball, hacky sack, cycling, skateboarding, one-wheel boarding, longboard skateboarding, no board skateboarding, horseshoes, frisbee, lawn darts, flying kites, kiteboarding, painting, juggling, batons, catch, yoga, ladder toss, badminton, scavenger hunts, and other activities.

During the summer months, many people enjoy taking to the water to float the river. Urban parks such as this one boast benches for sitting down to take a break from all the fun and boast picnic tables and barbecue grills. The large garden boasts vast natural areas with abundant wildlife and birdlife and features waterside views across the Boise River, lined by beautiful trees.

The park design integrates the outdoor labyrinth of tree life with strategically designated spaces to accommodate a host of activities, including relaxation, outdoor enjoyment, educational tours, socializing, events, gatherings, leisure time, field trips, fundraisers, celebrations, nature walks, and more. The varying landscaping and infrastructure present the idyllic combination for a mix of preferred activities for all to enjoy. With the Boise Art Museum situated on the same grounds adjacent to the rose garden, there's undoubtedly much to do in and around the park. Also located in the near vicinity sits the Boise Library, Boise Zoo, Anne Frank Memorial, Memorial, Idaho Historical Museum, and the Discovery Center of Idaho.

The vast array of activities that visitors bring to life at the park include but is not limited to soccer, volleyball, tight rope walking, cycling, jogging, skateboarding, family reunions, water rafting, team/individual sports, flying kites, racing RC cars, photography, socializing, storytelling, book reading, outdoor performances, picnicking, field trips, nature walks, hosting a booth at events, awards ceremonies, and a seasonally beautiful tree walk tour - map available online.

The park is packed with true-life boasting over 1,000 trees and 80 species of trees dedicated in 1907 with some of the oldest trees in the city. Sizing of the trees ranges from Small (25 feet) or so, Medium (50 feet) or so, Large (60 to 80 feet), and the majority of the trees found in the park run large or, in many cases, Very Large (80 feet or more) due to the more established timeframes most trees have accumulated in the city park. The trees are continuously rotated as lifecycles require new additions to the tree tour. The majority of the leafy trees provide shade during the warmer months and a spectacularly colorful display nearing fall.

Trees will provide a neat variation of colorful displays throughout the various seasons. This is a splendid opportunity to get more familiar with nature and take in the area's tranquility. There are plenty of opportunities to make the tree tour a learning opportunity and play games to make the exploration more enjoyable. The online tour guide provides photos of each tree type making a tree hunt game fun. Discover trees brimming with color while others soar over the tops of the surrounding treetops with a mix of trees: Bur Oak, American Sycamore, London Planetree, Larch (Tamarack) Tupelo, Green Apple, Shingle Oak, Juniper, Silver Linden, Washington Hawthorn. A few other trees to search for include the beautiful European Beech and the Kentucky Coffee, Norway Maple' Crimson Sentry', Turkish Filbert, Sawtooth Oak, Tuliptree, and Konara Oak Kentucky Coffeetree, Lavalle Hawthorn, and the European Ash. Who knows, you may end up finding a tree type you might enjoy at home. The trees within the park are explicitly chosen as they are best suited for the environment and the distinct four seasons that the city commonly experiences. Not every year proves to have as many snowfalls as others, but it's best to only plant trees that will have the best chance at surviving winter conditions.

If you love trees, this is where to be as coming across the unique Japanese Tree Lilac, and the extraordinary Scotch Pine and Himalayan White Pine are all a part of the tour. Favorites are likely to include the Sequoia or Giant Redwood, and perhaps the Dawn Redwood, Mulberry, English Oak, or the Northern Red Oak. Find more common species including the Mountain Ash, English Elm, Sugar Maple, English Oak, Gingko, Pagoda, Katsuratree, Japanese Zelkova, Amur Corktree, Silver Maple, Horsechesnut, American Elm, Honeylocust, Pin Oak, Hackberry, Catalpa, Colorado Spruce, White Ash, Ruby Lace Honeylocust, Bald Cypess, Weeping Willow and the Swamp White Oak. Wow, talk about a lot of leaves around the fall months. The fall months make for an incredible time of year to take a tree tour as the color boasts beautiful golden yellows, crimson reds, chocolate browns, and crisp, vibrant greens. Bring along the camera if you enjoy taking pictures, as the tree tour makes for great opportunities to snap a few photographs.

Now finding the trees you enjoy most is up to you, so now is the time to consider getting over to the park for a tree tour and getting out there to have some fun! The park spans 40 plus acres and sits in the heart of area happenings. The nearby Boise State University, countless downtown businesses, offices, locals, and visitors keep the park hustling and bustling during the daylight hours. What an excellent opportunity to take a midday break for lunch in the park. There are almost always people enjoying their day at the park, rain or shine. Folks travel from all over to visit this unique park with an array of opportunities. Visitors may decide to make a day of checking out all that the neighboring museums have to offer, exploring the trails, taking a break to take in the peaceful surroundings, picnicking for an afternoon break, and perhaps another local stop like the zoo. Whatever you decide, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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