Bogus Basin

Bogus BasinThere is nothing quite like flying down the mountain at top speeds as you feel the ice cold wind blow on your face. You lean left, then right, then left again. You look ahead top and just then your ski catches a bump in the snow and you feel yourself hurling in the air. With barely time to think, you then feel yourself hit the snow on the ground. Your hot body from exercise melts the snow and starts to feel cold. Having the wind knocked out of you, you try desperately to breathe. When you finally can breath so you open your eyes. You look up and see your best friend hovering over you. “Duuude, you should’ve seen you wipe out- that was epic.” You turn over and groan, then smile. You get up, shake off the snow and start down the mountain once again.

Adventures like these are the reason people are drawn to Bogus Basin every year. This non-profit organization focuses on engaging the community by providing “accessible, affordable, and fun year- round recreation and education.”  Established in 1942 by the Boise community, Bogus Basin is considered by some to be the most treasured and best-supported community asset in the Treasure Valley.

Bogus Basin provides fun to both the expert and the beginner skier and snowboarder. With a variety of hills, every skill level can find a good hill of snow to fly down the mountain. And whatever skill you are, you have an opportunity to improve. Bogus Basin provides a variety of classes that you can take to improve your skills. There are also special needs programs so nobody is left out.

Bogus BasinIf you love snow but don’t really like snowboarding or skiing, there still may be something that you can do. Snow tubing! The part that everyone loves about snow tubing is the race to the bottom- the thrill of sliding down the mountain on the soft snow. Something that we all hate, however, is the hike to the top. Sure, the exercise is good for you but huffing and puffing to the top of the hill gets tiring and it never looked good on anyone. So, what if you could slide down the hill again, and again, and again, and again- without huffing and puffing. Well, you can! When you tube at Bogus Basin, you never have to hike to the top of the hill. You slide to the bottom and then there is a tube lift that takes you back to the top.

Being in the snow is fun but after hours in the wet and cold, there is nothing like a nice cup of hot chocolate. And Bogus Basin understands this. At the top of the mountain they sell hot chocolate and hot apple cider as well.

Along with all the winter activities, Bogus Basin has summer activities as well. Though it doesn't seem like it, the summer still exists! And there are many things to enjoy the warm outdoors. From camping spots to biking trails to picnic areas to disc golf, Bogus has many ways to enjoy a summer day. There are many long biking and hiking trails free to the public. In fact, the trails are so long that, if you want to, you could even bike from the top of Bogus Basin all the way to the Boise foothills and eventually to the new Eagle Velodrome and Cycling Park.

Also in the summer, Bogus Basin collaborates with the Boise and Meridian Parks and Recreation departments to put on camps for kids and teenagers. These camps teach important lessons about the outdoors and how to appreciate nature. There are several camps that provide the adventure that many people crave but at the same time, provide safety as well.

From the hot summer to the freezing winter, Bogus Basin provides opportunities for the community to enjoy the adventures that can be found in nature. 


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