Behind the Scenes at Boise State's Playground

Behind the Scenes at Boise State's PlaygroundBoise state football has been a national presence – as far back when the Broncos were admitted into the NCAA and began competition in the then brand new Bronco Stadium in 1970. Ever since, Boise state football has been establishing itself with championship wins and undefeated seasons. The 2006 season ended with a victory in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, and the 2009 team trumped in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl with a season finish 14-0. The 2010 team enjoyed being the second team ever to go 14-0 in the history of major college football – and the Associated Press hung the Broncos up as the 3rd best team in the U.S.

It's no secret that Boiseans love their Boise State Football – home games light up the city with blue and orange – and it's no doubt that Boise state has some of the best and craziest fans there is in major college football. So when the famous blue stadium and the surrounding facilities get upgraded – it's exciting for everyone involved, including those crazy fans. There's a new facility just about completed at the north end of Bronco Stadium, and it's the first upgrade to what is hopefully a series of major improvements to come. The 2013 season is about to begin, and we couldn't be more excited to see what surprises Boise state football is going to bring to the capital this year.

The New Football Facility

Behind the Scenes at Boise State's PlaygroundThe new Boise state football facility is a 70,000 square foot, $22 million dollar building that is nothing shy of impressive. The building is state of the art, and head football coach Chris Peterson agrees, saying it's as good as anything that's out there. The Broncos broke ground for the new building last spring, and hard hat crews have been working furiously to get it done before the start of the 2013 football season.

It rivals the best in college football.

The building is by far the best the Broncos have had, with a past of dealing with inferior athletic facilities, the new complex is a cut above the rest. As the new site of Bronco Football, it includes:

New locker room twice the size as that of the current one.

Coaches offices.

New athletic training facility complete with all the latest technology for players to treat and recover from injuries.

Football only weight room that will allow the entire team to work out together – with blue turf of course.

Second floor recruiting lounge for future prospects that overlooks the blue turf.

Player lounge.

Academic/Computer lab

Position Meeting Rooms

The new facility was made possible and pushed for by a combination of key people who decided that the new complex was an absolute must if we wanted to see the Boise State Broncos continue to be the powerhouse that they are. The football complex is named after the Previous athletic director Gene Bleymaier, who helped make the complex a reality. And right on schedule, Boise State football has moved into the new facility, and the team began fall camp on August 5th.

The Future for Bronco Stadium

Behind the Scenes at Boise State's PlaygroundIn 2012, Bronco stadium was revamped with the placement of additional seating along with several new and strategically placed video monitors throughout. Also, the track was removed. What's in the works going forward?

We mentioned that the new football facility is one step of many. In the coming years, many are hopeful that Bronco stadium will be the site of several improvements. The first is already in the works, and should be completed this fall. According to the Bronco's official site, the stadium is to receive a new video board that will measure 37.2 feet tall and 58.8 feet wide, or 2,187.4 square feet. With a 15mm HD LED display panel, it's equipped with world class image processing that outputs up to 281 trillion colors, and an advanced pixel layout that eliminates color shifts at off angles.

Director of athletics, Mark Coyle, said that, “an upgraded video board has been a priority for us, and our intention is to have it installed and functioning by the third game of the season or sooner. We are very excited to improve the overall game experience for our fans.”

Not only will Bronco stadium be receiving a new video board, but a new and improved sound system will also be implemented. A fantastic complement to the new video board, the sound system will be installed by Production Services International of Boise in conjunction with the video board.

The athletics department is also working on and reviewing options toward expanding the seating capacity at Bronco Stadium. Prior to last season, new bleachers were added in both end zones, bringing total capacity to roughly 37,000. Moving forward, Boise State football's improvement plan hopes to expand the stadium to 53,000 seats.

Also, for 2013, the big Boise State logo at the center of the blue turf received a new look. The logo brought in $7,000 at a Boise State Foundation event earlier this year. The old logo has been replaced with the athletic department's new primary logo, which does not include the words “Boise State.” Also, the teeth are orange instead of white. The new midfield logo was replaced in June. It also added blue turf on each sideline.

With the brand new football facility completed, players and coaches can enjoy the upcoming season with an upgrade like never before – and we're confident Boise will continue to see success both on and off the blue turf.

Boise State football's home opener is on September 7th against University of Tennessee-Martin.

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