Autumn Home buying and Selling in Boise, Idaho

Autumn Home buying and Selling in Boise, IdahoOf course, the Idaho real estate market never closes – whether it's fall, winter, summer, or spring – real estate agents are hard at work serving the needs of prospective buyers and sellers. While the best time to make the move into home ownership depends entirely upon the person, autumn does bring its own set of benefits, and some rather nice ones. Autumn is one of the loveliest, most temperate times of the year, even here in Boise, Idaho where we enjoy fairly mild weather patterns the entire year. Change is in the air this time of year, and it can feel like the natural time to change things up a bit – like moving house. So, what about the changing of seasons between September and October that make it such an exciting time to buy a house? What makes it the second busiest time of the year in the real estate market?

Pleasant Weather

The answer is really quite simple – for starters, the weather is much more favorable for the arduous task of moving with cooler temperatures in the fall. Moving in the sweltering heat or the blistering cold can be a huge turnoff for anyone, making the fall season a top time for the job. Spring is the busiest time of the year for one of the same reasons. Perusing the Boise Idaho real estate market during the cooler days throughout September and October, and into November can be one of the most enjoyable times to do so. Walk neighborhoods with the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and a splash of vibrant color in the trees above. You'll be thankful you beat the heat of high summer, and you'll be glad you won't have to worry about ice covered roads on moving day.

Homes on the Market

Autumn Home buying and Selling in Boise, IdahoThere are always buyers and sellers out there looking for the right opportunity, even during the so called off-season that lies between October and January. There's still a solid month left before the hottest period of the real estate market runs dry, but waiting until after Labor Day and into October to enter the Idaho real estate market has its own set of advantages – especially if you're looking to sell your home. With fewer homes being propped up for sale, there are fewer options for buyers, and it's the ideal time for your home to take center stage. As for ready buyers, whether you're newlyweds, have just gone through a divorce, or you're relocating after a career change, you have the opportunity to find a great deal on a home from sellers who've endured the summer season without selling. The bottom line is that it's always the right time to enter the market when you've done your financial homework and know what kind of home you want.

Discounts for Home Improvement

Another less obvious reason that the fall can be a great time to buy or sell house, is that many of those hardware superstores are beginning to discount their prices around this time. According to Census Bureau numbers, this time of year can be a rough time for contractors and garden stores. If you've found a home that could use a kitchen upgrade, or if you're looking to sell your house and it happens to need a few items replaced, this can be a great time to nab some outstanding deals for a cheaper price. Labor Day sales can be fantastic – so hit the stores before some of those hot sales fizzle out.

And as you enter the autumn real estate market, it can be worth your time to keep an eye out on the homes that have been sitting on the market since before Memorial Day. If the home is still on the market after the summer months, chances are the seller may be willing to negotiate a bit more in your favor – and no matter what the season is, you will always benefit from working with an experienced real estate agent who can guide you through the process. So, make the most of an autumn opportunity in Boise Idaho and see what the real estate market is offering before the madness of the holiday season begins.

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