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Buying a home consists of numerous payments. From down payments to recurring costs over time, and not to mention any renovations or changes that may need to be made, it can add up to quite a large sum of cash. However, although it’s quite pricey to buy a home, if you do it right and know ways to save here and there, you will end up keeping more money in your pocket than if you just went in unknowing. For good tips on how to save money when purchasing a house, check out the following list of money-saving techniques:

*Think ahead. If you start saving and thinking ahead of time—well before you are actually searching for houses to buy—you will come out on top. Start saving for a down payment. Down payments are typically 10%, but the more you put down



The phrase “For Sale By Owner” is something most of us have heard but not a lot of us really understand. When it comes to houses on the market, what does it really mean to the buyer and seller for a house to be “For Sale By Owner” (also referred to as FSBO)? On the surface, the difference is simple: when a house is FSBO, there is no listing agent associated with the house and its selling process. That’s right—the seller is their own agent. This seems like it could be either really beneficial or really awful, right? Well, when done correctly, it can be an amazing path to take. However, it’s not the path for everyone.

If a person were to sell his or her house without a listing agent, he or she would need to be familiar with the housing market



Idaho City is a rich slice of history embedded in the heart of Idaho. There is so much to check out in this little town, and so much to experience. From tours to museums, to saloons and ice cream parlors, Idaho City has a great assortment of activities to offer you the opportunity to experience Idaho how it was back in the 1860s.


The history of Idaho City is a lively one—it definitely puts the “wild” in “Wild West.” In 1862, the city was an active frontier of quick draws and saloons, bursting with business and booming with life. Due to the Boise Basin containing over $250,000,000 worth of gold, which was found at that time, thousands flocked to the area to find some gold of their own. Idaho City became a huge city in the Northwest,



Table Rock- Table rock is a 3.8-mile loop trail that features beautiful native wildflowers and is located in the foothills in Boise, Idaho. This trail is open to the public from March until November, dogs are also allowed but they need to be on a leash. The trail may be for people who want to walk, stroll, run, mountain biking and horseback riding. Make sure to wear sunscreen and bring water, because there is little to no shade as well as no water sources. The hike takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to hike to the top, there are 5 trails you can hike up and back down. The hike starts behind the old state penitentiary, surrounded by sandstone cliffs and once you get to the top an amazing view of Treasure valley. This is a beautiful hike, with the



It’s no secret that Idaho has a wealth of beautiful scenery, stunning hikes, and pretty rivers. For anyone who is considering visiting or moving to the Boise area, or even for those who already live in the Treasure Valley and are interested in checking out new sites, we’ve compiled a list of a few awesome places that will help people get in touch with nature.

The Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center is a great place to visit for those who are interested in seeing how fish and other wildlife live and thrive in Idaho. StreamWalks can lead guests on a fun adventure through the Nature Center. Open from dawn to dusk, the StreamWalk will cut a path through many areas of the park. Educational as well as entertaining, visitors will learn about the plants



Having an open house is a great way to interest possible clients in the home or homes you hold an open house in. Open houses are a way to show the public the inside of the home, the amenities it comes with, and gives the interested parties a chance to imagine where they would put furniture if they were to move in themselves.

When choosing the open house date, choose weekends where you and prospective buyers usually have more time. Have your open house a few times, at the same times within the month. For example, have your open house Sunday from 3 pm - 6 pm, for the month of April. So that people who are thinking about visiting your home can come see it for the first time, or the second, or third time, to make a decision. Remember to review the



Taking a home from old school to modern is something that a lot of homeowners want to do this year and there are fewer times like the present to make that happen. 2017, like all the years before it, has promised to bring about many new improvements for homeowners, but which ones will make your house the most chic and functional? This year, let’s take advantage of all the awesome new innovations and gadgets on the market and make your home as modern as we can.

Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

Smart technology is not a new concept. There are numerous smart devices out there nowadays. However, the real crime is that, even with all this technology, we still haven’t seen it get fully integrated into a plentitude of homes. Yes, sure, there are a



When getting a pet or moving to a new place, it can be a little overwhelming to think of everything that needs to be done for things to be pet-proof. Have no fear—read on for some tips and tricks to keep your fuzzy ones safe and your home nice and clean.

Precautions to Take for the Little Ones

Small spaces can cause great panic in your home for your little animals, such as puppies and kittens, or small dogs and rodents. To keep these little fur balls out of trouble, make sure you apply the proper care to pet-proofing certain areas in your home. For instance, if possible, block off the area around your washer and dryer, with furniture or simply by keeping the door to a laundry room closed at all times. If this isn’t a possibility in your


Boise was featured as Number one in Time Magazine’s Cities that “Get It Right” in 2014 in the “Solutions for America” Article. In 2008 Boise landed the number two spot in Forbes for “Best Places for Business and Careers.” Boise is also the #6 place to live in the US according to US news and world report as of 2016. It's also ranked #3 for places to find jobs in the spring according to Business insider's 2016.

The Treasure Valley is a great place to retire. Boise was listed in the top 10 best places to live in 2009 and Meridian, Idaho as listed in the top 25 places in the US to retire, in Forbes Magazine. Boise airport serves more than 3 million people a year and is less than five miles from downtown Boise so it's great if you would like to visit



Boise is filled with musical events and art of all kinds. Throughout the year concerts are performed regularly and festivals and music series of various genres fill Idaho’s capitol city and its surrounding cities in the area. Whether you are new to the Treasure Valley or have been here for generations and are new to the music scene in the area, it is helpful to know of popular concerts and events that take place each year, such as the Gene Harris Jazz Festival. The following is a list of some of the most popular musical attractions in the Treasure Valley:

The Gene Harris Jazz Festival

This jazz festival is an event that is put on annually by the Boise State University Department of Music. The Gene Harris Jazz Festival is comprised of