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The capital of Idaho, Boise, is jam packed with points of interest for all walks of life, from Bogus Basin ski resort to the Boise Town Square Mall to our national forest. Boise is a national media attraction for its outstanding offerings for high quality of life, business, entertainment and all things high-quality, with a cost of living you'll love. The capital of Idaho boasts one of the nation's best market recoveries and a gamut of livable features.

Boise, Idaho sprawls out over an area larger than sixty square miles and manages to be both a college town with a relentless love for the ever-popular Boise state Broncos and a popular place to find calm living. Thanks to a unique combination of livable features such as mild year round weather and a…
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If you've been holding out for the right time to buy Idaho real estate, the signs have been showing improvements and a housing market on the rebound. Now is a great chance to make your move into home ownership while both loan rates and home prices are low.

Your first question going into Idaho real estate is likely going to be how much you can afford. While a visit with your loan officer can put this question to rest, there are easy ways you can figure it out before you ever step foot into a bank with online mortgage calculators. Once you've figured out the financial part of owning a home, you'll discover that Boise and the surrounding area has a diversified inventory with several different options. The Boise Idaho metro area is packed with unique…

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Boise Idaho real estate is standing on firmer ground thanks to several very important tax provisions that survived the Fiscal Cliff. What exactly is this Fiscal Cliff? It refers to an automatic $500 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax increases that were to take effect on new year's day.

And on that day, both the Senate and the House passed H.R. 8 legislation to avoid it from happening. As of January second, the bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama. So, what does it mean for Idaho home buyers and Idaho homeowners? When Looking for a stable place to live, take a look at Idaho as a contendor as that place to live.

Real Estate Tax Extensions

The new bill presents many "positives" for those who own Boise Idaho real estate and…

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U.S. Home prices have been steadily increasing across the board, and Idaho real estate is looking at some of the highest increases in the nation.

We've rolled into the new year, and Boise, Idaho is ranked among one of the nation's best markets to buy a house. For those who are waiting to buy their dream property in Idaho's capital city, 2012 successfully paved the way for 2013 to possibly be the ideal time to make the move. Boise has proven itself to be a top turnaround town by an improvement in home prices by 7.5 percent since the post-recession low point. This performance is the second best rate posted by any city included in a recent report issued by The Booking's Institution.

The Booking's Institution examines and analyzes both emerging and…

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It's almost a new year, and the perfect time to get organized and do all the things to your Idaho property that you've been dreaming of. Use 2013 as your catalyst to make all the changes you've been putting off.

Topping our list of the best home improvements you can make to your Idaho property this year is de-cluttering. You'll feel better about your home both inside and out, and it's inexpensive. Every year, we naturally acquire mounds of stuff, and without some regular purging, it can get unmanageable and create unnecessary stress. Vow this year to go room to room and throw away or donate anything that you don't use or love. Once you've done that, resolve to keep it simple, and get ready to breathe a bit easier.

Energy Saving Investments

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The new year is upon us, and it's the ideal time to buy a new home. According to Time, the best month to make an offer on a house is January. And as your new homes guide, we can close the gap between you and your perfect Idaho home. Making your move onto the Boise real estate scene in January guarantees you'll beat the peak sales season come spring.

Now that it's deep winter in the Treasure Valley, you may be more concerned about holing up inside to wait out the lower temperatures. But there are several reasons why it can be beneficial to brave the cold and go out house hunting.

Generally, there are fewer homes for sale in Idaho during the winter, and those that are selling tend to need to move away from the property. This can be used to your…

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Your search for the perfect home in Canyon County begins with our comprehensive online database of new and resale homes for sale. Our unique, user friendly platform has transformed the way Idaho real estate is done, and you'll soon discover just how fun and easy it can be.

Idaho is teeming with possibility, and on the radar for a multitude of livability features, particularly in western Idaho and the Boise valley. But if you're looking for one of the most convenient, yet wallet-friendly places to live without sacrificing opportunities for your career, you may do well to consider Canyon County.

Canyon County covers a large portion of western Idaho, bordering Boise and Meridian Idaho, the population hub of the state. The real estate opportunities…

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Of the many western U.S. Cities that boast high quality living and unique opportunities for anybody, Boise, Idaho deserves a second look. With an impressive resume of things to do, educational opportunities, career & business options and a distinction for outstanding living, Boise has it all; including numerous nationally recognized features. Whatever your situation is, Boise, Idaho is sure to cater to your needs.


Boise, Idaho has landed on national publications such as Forbes repeatedly for its excellent business and career opportunities & atmosphere. Boise also ranks high for cost of living and income growth. In conjunction withreceiving rave reviews for business- information jobs, professional business services jobs and financial…

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Who knew that Idaho was such an inventive state? With nearly 3 patents for every 1,000 residents, Idaho takes the cake when it comes to entrepreneurship and creativity. In 2011, Idaho ranked amongst the top ten states with the most patent activity. There is over 500,000 patents in Idaho this year (2012).

According to CNN Money, Idaho thrives with patent activity due to robust technology, semiconductor and bio-agriculture industries. Idaho is home to both tech giant Micron Technology (a 2012 Fortune 500 company) and the Idaho National Laboratory, a research and engineering facility owned by the Department of Energy. The INL is the department of energy's lead nuclear research and development facility in eastern Idaho. Currently, a NASA Rover is…

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For many of us who call the mid-sized metro, Boise, Idaho home, it can be difficult to imagine the broad and barren expanse of space that lies to the east. But once you look out over this sweeping, flat plain, it becomes clear why it has been used for nuclear reactor experimentation and development.

This is the site of the Idaho National laboratory. The Idaho National Laboratory is a huge complex located in the high desert just east of a couple of tiny towns named Arco and Atomic City, and employs more than 4,000 people. The laboratory was established back in 1949, and today they do research in nuclear energy, national security, energy and the environment.

What many people may not know about Idaho or the Idaho National Laboratory, is that in the…

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