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Down Town Boise

Idaho is a state of many qualities, both apparent and hidden. For example, Idaho is well known for its potatoes and outdoor recreation resorts, but you might not know that some cities harness geothermal energy. One of these less broadcasted qualities is Idaho’s strength in local business. It is extraordinarily easy to start a business in the state of Idaho, and because of that, local businesses thrive. Here are just a few examples of Idaho’s most interesting local businesses.

Restaurants and Food

The first food that comes to mind when the word "Idaho" is heard is most likely, “potato.” And for good reason. Idaho is the top potato producer in the nation. The most famous local business that has made use of this resource is the J.R. Simplot

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Downtown Boise

As you search for the location for your next home, take time to investigate the amenities Boise homes have to offer you. With a lively community, great location, superb weather, and beautiful parks, Boise holds its place as one of the best cities in the nation. Here are a few highlights of Boise City that have its residents eagerly engaged in a number of activities.


Boise has long been considered similar to Portland. This is because, in its relative geographic isolation, this city has developed a thriving arts community. Boise officials took the initiative, years ago, to make the city self sufficient when it comes to fine arts and they had magnificent success. Before long, Boise was the hometown to several professional organizations.

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Sawtooth Mountains

The following are arguably some of the best movies filmed in our beautiful state of Idaho. With Idaho's exciting geography, sprawling mountain ranges, and unique backdrops, more than a few of Hollywood's most memorable flicks have been shot here.

Bus Stop

Bus Stop is a 1956 film starring Marilyn Monroe and Don Murray. Bus Stop is one of Marilyn Monroe's more unusual movies – as it is neither a comedy or a musical, but more of a drama film. It was the first film she completed after studying acting in New York, and the first film ever for her co star, Don Murray. In a quick summary, the movie is about a rambunctious cowboy, Beauregard, who falls in love with a saloon singer, Chérie, and tries to whisk her away to live with him on his Montana

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White Barn

Idaho is well known for its agriculture industry. Wheat, potatoes, apples, plums, peaches, and hay account for a large portion of Idaho’s income. But you may be surprise to learn that the dairy industry also prospers in Idaho. In fact, according to the United Dairymen of Idaho, Idaho is the second largest producer of milk in the western United States and third largest in the nation. As an investor in property for sale in Idaho you will benefit from this industry, since dairy products sold in the stores are more fresh than they would be in another state. You can enjoy farm fresh milk and dairy products - and hey, who doesn't love a slice of high quality cheese? With this in mind, it only makes sense that dairy processing factories prosper in Idaho.

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Boise Skyline

Everybody knows that the United States is home to some of the tallest, and most magnificent skyscrapers, and over the years, there have been 11 American buildings to be crowned with the achievement of being the world's tallest. In fact, it was Chicago's Home Insurance Building built back in 1885, that is considered the world's very first skyscraper. But since 2011, just 4 of the world's tallest buildings are on U.S. soil, a drop from pre 1990 numbers when the U.S. had each of the top 10 tallest buildings.

Today, One World Trade Center in New York City tops out at 1,776 feet, and as of May of this year, is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the 3rd tallest building in the world. The Willis Tower in Chicago, which most people refer to

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There are so many decisions to make when it comes to buying a Boise, Idaho home, it's often an overwhelming experience. From houses, to condos, to townhouses, to new construction homes – the options are vast and extensive. Boise, Idaho is known for its eclectic variety of neighborhoods, both new and old, with an impressive resume of homes and properties that run the gamut of all styles. Boise's North End is arguably our city's crown jewel, where homes with wonderful character and history line the gorgeous tree-lined avenues. With a visit up to Warm Springs, you'll love walking past the unique Victorian style homes, many of which were built around the turn of the 20th century. Boiseans love our downtown area, where ample residential areas provide quick

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Last year was a great year for Boise, Idaho residents who got a mortgage, and the coming months are shaping up to continue that trend.

In 2012, the nation finally reached a long-awaited bottom and the recovery of the housing market dug its feet in even deeper. Idaho is one of the top contending states for the best recovered and we're headed into the new year both anxious and excited to see what Idaho real estate can do.

According to the National Association of Realtors, it appears that 2012 is likely to go down in the books as a record year for housing affordability. Freddie Mac reports that home buyer affordability is staying high thanks to ultra low rates, and the great news is though 2012 is behind us, Boise Idaho and the surrounding area is

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The capital of Idaho, Boise, is jam packed with points of interest for all walks of life, from Bogus Basin ski resort to the Boise Town Square Mall to our national forest. Boise is a national media attraction for its outstanding offerings for high quality of life, business, entertainment and all things high-quality, with a cost of living you'll love. The capital of Idaho boasts one of the nation's best market recoveries and a gamut of livable features.

Boise, Idaho sprawls out over an area larger than sixty square miles and manages to be both a college town with a relentless love for the ever-popular Boise state Broncos and a popular place to find calm living. Thanks to a unique combination of livable features such as mild year round weather and a…
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If you've been holding out for the right time to buy Idaho real estate, the signs have been showing improvements and a housing market on the rebound. Now is a great chance to make your move into home ownership while both loan rates and home prices are low.

Your first question going into Idaho real estate is likely going to be how much you can afford. While a visit with your loan officer can put this question to rest, there are easy ways you can figure it out before you ever step foot into a bank with online mortgage calculators. Once you've figured out the financial part of owning a home, you'll discover that Boise and the surrounding area has a diversified inventory with several different options. The Boise Idaho metro area is packed with unique

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Boise Idaho real estate is standing on firmer ground thanks to several very important tax provisions that survived the Fiscal Cliff. What exactly is this Fiscal Cliff? It refers to an automatic $500 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax increases that were to take effect on new year's day.

And on that day, both the Senate and the House passed H.R. 8 legislation to avoid it from happening. As of January second, the bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama. So, what does it mean for Idaho home buyers and Idaho homeowners? When Looking for a stable place to live, take a look at Idaho as a contendor as that place to live.

Real Estate Tax Extensions

The new bill presents many "positives" for those who own Boise Idaho real estate and

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