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Imagine vacationing at a lake near your home city where you live, playing on the shore in the sand building the sand castle of your dreams. Floating on the dock, taking the air mattress or flotation device on the water or sitting in the beach chair soaking up the rays of the sun enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Build memories with those close to you by enjoying a day trip, vacation, and so forth by visiting the following lakes that are near Boise, Idaho.

Redfish Lake

Redfish Lake is located 3 hours away from Boise in Sawtooth national Forest near Stanley, Idaho. Redfish sits at 6,548 feet high in elevation. You will find that Redfish Lake is the most gorgeous lakes within Idaho’s borders as the mountain peaks frame the lake. You will find

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North Boise is filled with great shops, amazing people, and (most importantly) an array of delicious and unique restaurants that are sure to get your taste buds tingling with excitement! In this article are some options to help you start your mouth-watering journey for some authentic meals.

The Dutch Goose- Located at 3515 W. State Street, is an American pub with one of the cheapest places to eat in this part of town. If you are wanting to avoid the crowds to watch a game at the bar, this place has the ideal set-up. With multiple TV’s, pool tables, and horseshoe pits outside, this pub is fairly different from some of the other places out there. Some of their food items include authentic finger steaks (cut fresh every day), chicken

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Morley Nelson was born in 1917 in North Dakota. During much of his childhood, Morley Nelson had a passion for birds of prey, and it continued to be an unwavering interest for the rest of his life. The first moment that he began his devotion to hawks and other birds of prey was when he saw a peregrine falcon diving to kill a duck instantly. From that moment on, he had a passion for all raptors, especially falcons. He wanted to understand and preserve the raptors and their habitats as much as he could.

Even though Morley was a huge advocate for raptors, he actually started out as a soil scientist by trade after he graduated from North Dakota State University in 1938. He had many other accomplishments such as working with the Soil Conservation

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Though Idaho is not a very old state and there are places that have been settled for a lot longer, there is still a lot of history that Idaho has and there are places that still stand today that represent that history. Boise is full of history as it is the state’s capital and there are places in Boise that are specific landmarks of old Boise. There are places that hold information about the past and preserve some of the history the city has through places and objects so that you can still learn about it and experience some of the things that the people that lived here before you experienced. There is a train depot, bridges, parks and more that hold a piece of Boise history all through the city. These places hold stories of the past and they are

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Are you wanting to shop in the north end of Boise, but can’t figure out where to start? Here are some options that will add some excitement to your shopping spree! Note: A few of these shops may lean more on the expensive side. However, it is definitely worth the visit, even if it’s only for window shopping!

Press and Still- The shop is located at 2709-11 W. State Street and is one heck of a perfume store! Founded by aromatherapist and natural perfumer, Elise Wishlow, this store is filled with all-natural perfumes and body care products. These are made by using only the highest quality of essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Each of the products are also blended in very small batches in their lab which is also located in Boise. The

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When driving around this area of town, it may seem like it passes quickly. However, there are many places where you can stop by for a quick bite to eat or take some time to enjoy a local restaurant. Either way, you are sure to have a wonderful time trying out new and unique flavors. Here are some restaurants in the area to help you get started!

Big Jud’s- This fast food restaurant serves huge burgers in a small space and can be found at 1289 Protest Avenue. If you are ready for a challenge, try the Big Jud Burger, a one pound (or two pounds) burger filled with juicy flavors. The challenge itself for the one pound burger is to eat the whole burger, fries, and drink in thirty minutes or less. During the challenge, you can’t leave the table, and even

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One of the most important decisions you can make in your life is where to make your home. Whatever form it takes, so much of the course of your existence revolves around where you live and the quality of that location. A home is an incredibly expensive thing compared to everything else you will buy and pay for in your life, and the influence on you does not stop there. There are a million factors to consider when buying a home and all of them will have some impact on your enjoyment while you live in it. Luckily, not all of those factors are game changing, though some of them are and you definitely want to be aware of them before you make a commitment. You really do not want to put all that money and time into something only to find out when you move

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There are some pretty incredible things to do all over Idaho. Hiking into the mountains to check out broad and tall peaks covered in pure white snow. Biking down those mountains at incredible and seemingly daring speeds. Grabbing a fishing pole and trekking out to find the best river for fat and tasty fish. All of these could be wonderful pastimes, as they are best done during the day, and while there are other activities such as camping which inherently require nighttime conditions, though there is one particular activity that is truly excellent, and Idaho might be one of the best places on the planet for it. Star gazing in Idaho is very important and there are tons people in the Treasure Valley who are always heading out into the country to set up

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A house is a pretty big thing with a lot of room to fill up however you want. Even in an apartment, depending on your lifestyle and the number of people living with you, it can actually be kind of hard to make use of every single corner or closet. For a lot of people, this is not a problem and not something they will ever notice, but if you have an entire room or similar space that is just not being used, it can be a bit of an eyesore or bother you with its presence. If this is something currently plaguing you, and you are not sure what you want to use that dead space for, I have a few creative or utilitarian ideas that might appeal to you. Of course, it is entirely up to you, and if none of these ideas manage to trigger something you want in your

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The natural wonders of Idaho are filled with amazing and unique activities that would take you a lifetime to experience. It might be the richest state in the country for getting out of doors and experiencing the wild. However, sometimes it is hard to figure out what you want to do next when you have a lot of time to spend outside. So many people come to the state for skiing, but that might run its course in your list of thrilling experiences quickly and leave you wanting more, or it might just not be the right season, and you can only do so much climbing and hiking. Therefore, why not consider something with a little more competition and simulation to it? Why not try out some Idaho combat, in the form of paintball? There are tons of places in the

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