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The capital of the great state of Idaho is Boise, it is the most geographically remote city in mainland United States. However, that is not to mean that it is cut off from the rest of the world. It is known as the best place to live and has a fantastic dining scene.

Janjou Patisserie

If you are searching for the ideal pastry, you should visit Janjou Patisserie. The shop first started by selling cookies to local businesses. In 2013, the owners finally opened up a bakery and cafe. You can find only the items made with the best quality, organic and local ingredients. Cloverleaf Creamery provides the bakery with the mild and cream for the coffee bar and butter. The coffee beans are roasted weekly by a company in Ketchum, Idaho. Janjou Patisserie is

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Boise is a city known by its residents to be one that holds true to its roots, all the while reaching into the future. By embracing both its future and its past simultaneously, to the first time visitor Boise comes across as a mixture of quaint and dynamic all rolled up into one beautiful, friendly city. Current Mayor Dave Bieter has said, “Boise has independence and creative spirit not found in many cities.” You can feel that “independence and creative spirit” when you talk to longtime Idahoans, residents of Boise included, but for a first-time visitor, you might not get the opportunity to do so much of that.

Sometimes, you have to let the city do the talking, and Boise will surely impress. In this post, we’ll explore a few of those places in

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When unpacking a new home, it always seems like there's too much stuff and not enough places to put it. Saving space in cabinets and closets can be an essential skill to have, especially when living in a smaller house or apartment. There are a plethora of tips, tricks, and ideas to help you save that precious, much-needed space so that you can find room for all of your essentials.

Saving space is all about being organized. If you can find the right materials and products to get your things organized, space will be naturally conserved, and you have room for more things. The only limits are your own creativity, imagination, and ingenuity.

The most important tip to get you started would be to store vertically as much as you can. The more stacking

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In recent years, the cities in the Treasure Valley have increasingly tried to pride themselves as being a so-called “Green Cities”, which according one definition means, “a city designed with consideration given to (1) the impact on the environment, (2) the effort to minimize the required inputs of energy, water and food, and (3) the elimination of waste output of heat, air pollution (i.e., carbon dioxide), methane and water pollution.” With that consideration in mind, cities in the Treasure Valley have been participating in a number of environmentally friendly practices, including water conservation, recycling, land conservation, and more. With a state as beautiful specifically because of the abundance of pristine natural landscapes and open land,

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Boise is a great place to live and, like anywhere else, it has its own culture and a list of things you must do if you want to experience it to the fullest. A classic, quintessential Boise day would most likely occur during the weekend, on Saturday to be specific, and would include a visit to the farmer’s market, delicious local food, checking out the sights of downtown and, to wrap things up with some excitement, a football game at Boise State University.

Every Saturday, there is a farmer’s market downtown, along Idaho Street and 8th Street. The sections of these roads that include the market are closed off to vehicular traffic and over one hundred and thirty vendors pop up their white tents, ready to sell their local foods and crafts. During the

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Idaho is a fairly big place. It comes close to cutting the country in half on the United State’s western side. It is by no means the largest state in the country, though because Idaho is so tall, it inhabits a large variety of different kinds of terrain and land. Alternatively, if you ask pretty much anyone about Idaho, they will say that there is not much there. Despite its size, Idaho is one of the least populous states in the states. There are parts of the state where you can go for miles and miles without coming across anyone. However, while it is still pretty unpopulated in comparison to parts of the rest of the country, Idaho is not a barren wasteland. There some major urban centers with large populations, one of those being Boise, the capital

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The holidays seem to bring out the creative side in people. Many of these creative folks take advantage of this time of year to express these creative urges through decorating their homes, specifically their yards. As you drive around the Treasure Valley it’s not hard to spot these masterpieces. Some are elegant and minimalistic while others are whimsical and full of fun festivities. Each year it seems as if neighbors fall into competition with each other for the most creative and quirky displays. This, no doubt, is spurred on by department stores who readily supply these creative geniuses with the latest in holiday decorations.

Tradition dictates to many the longing to experience these displays of stunning successes. If you’re one who shares that

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The Pacific Northwest, or the Northwest for short, is arguably one of the most scenic regions of the United States of America. WIth mountainous vistas, verdant forestry, bountiful rivers and, in fine, just about any piece of wilderness you could imagine or want, the Northwestern United States just about has it all. Idaho, the Gem State of the Northwest, is no exception, but one thing that sets Idaho apart from a good chunk of the Northwest is that, for the most part, the entire state of Idaho experiences all four seasons. This might seem like a no-brainer to most, but for Idahoans, such a fact is, in fact, quite the boon.

With that fact comes a host of possibilities for year-round enjoyment, whether it be something as simple as watching the seasons

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Many dream of the ideal house, that kitchen they can cook in, the bedroom with that ideal book nook, etc. Many do not want to spend that fortune or are not able to on building that dream house. A solution to the dilemma might be to purchase a foreclosed house or a home that is similar to your dream home that is within your price range and remodel. At other times, someone finds a home and lives in it for a while. Then decides that it is to remodel. No matter the reason for your remodel, here are some steps that might help you get started.

A dream, the first step to build that dream room or dream house is to dream simply. Identify the needs that will help your dream come true and approximate the easiest solution possible. Most projects like this will

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The history of the downtown Boise area and the eastern Boise area are almost parallel to each other, so it is best to share the histories of both in the same article.

The city of Boise itself was named long before the establishment of Fort Boise by the federal government. The fort itself was abandoned in the 1850’s, but massacres along the Oregon Trail prompted a new one to be built. The new location of the fort was selected because it was near the intersection of the Oregon Trail and a major road connecting what is now Idaho City to the Silver City mining areas. The town of Lewiston used to be the capital of Idaho, but once the state of Montana was created, Boise became the new capital of Idaho after a controversial decision in 1866.


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