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Throughout the mid-1860's, Idaho City was the fastest-growing city in the Northwest until Fort Boise’s population started growing rapidly. So rapidly that it was officially made a city 155 years ago in 1863. Since then, the City of Trees has become a thriving center for art and culture. There are buildings and landmarks that have stood the test of time, serving as a reminder of progress and growth.

From a booming gold rush town to the capital of the Gem State, Boise has come a long way from its early beginnings. With so much rich history to discover and learn from, let’s dive in and take a look at the important historical landmarks that tell Old Boise’s story and give the city its character and charm.

Fort Boise

In 1834, Fort Boise was

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It can be tough sometimes living in a house without enough space to move around freely. Many people in the world make do with living in smaller spaces to cut down on everyday costs, but it’s also becoming a trend to discover a quirky, tiny place to call home. Just because you live in a small house doesn’t mean you can’t have some personal space! Thankfully there are tons of clever space-saving hacks out there that will help you make the most out of the home you’ve claimed.

Some of the tips we will go into include furniture configuration, furnishings, color palette, and using natural light to open a room up. Making a compact living area more spacious can sometimes seem tricky, but with a little planning and some DIY magic, you can make it work!

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You may not be very fond of your tiny backyard, but the truth is they can be just as fun and entertaining as having a large outdoor space. One great thing about having a small backyard is that it requires less maintenance. So, you see, bigger isn’t always better! Having a place to enjoy the outdoors at home increases the enjoyment of living there. When the weather is great, it’s almost as if there’s a new wing of the house that’s been opened to entertain in. The trick is to utilize every corner, each unused nook and cranny, and choose furniture and decor that are minimal and multifunctional.

If you live in a big city, you are likely very familiar with the small backyard space you are allotted virtually anywhere you decide to live. Landscapers and

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Do you have any pets that you consider family? If you are thinking of relocating to the Treasure Valley, specifically the Boise area (which is a great place to live!), and you are a true animal lover, it is important to know which animals you can and can’t have inside of of your home prior to bringing them with you. Since Boise is an animal friendly city, many animals are permitted within the city limits; however, each category of animal species has their own personal limitations that you need to be aware of. Continue reading to find out more!

Birds- When it comes to these feathered creatures, domesticated birds are always welcome, such as parakeets and parrots, such as parrots, parakeets, and canaries. If you are raising any chickens, you can have

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We know there are plenty of people out there who love Boise and can discuss all the day long about how great it is, but for those of you who are looking for more information about this wonderful City of Trees, here are 15 things you need to know before moving to Boise!

Boise Basics

What kind of climate does Boise have?

A lot of people are under the impression that any place in Idaho is going to be mostly cold. Well, we are happy to report that is just not true. In fact, Boise has a pretty warm climate compared to the rest of Idaho. In fact, during the summer, Boise gets up to the mid to upper 90s and in the winter usually hangs around 40 degrees fahrenheit. We don’t get a lot of precipitation here; most of the moisture that we do get

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Idaho is a fisherman’s paradise. The Gem State prides itself on its gorgeous scenery and mountainous landscapes, ideal for any outdoor-lover. Wherever you go there is something new to behold! Idaho’s winding rivers, serene lakes, and large reservoirs carve their way through the rugged landscape and serve as the ideal fishing waters. Dedicated anglers from all over the country flock to these fishing hot spots each year.

You’ll find all kinds of fish species swimming their way through Idaho, including smallmouth bass, channel catfish, sturgeon, Chinook salmon, rainbow trout, and more. So grab your pole and tackle box! Here are the best fishing spots near Boise, Idaho.

South Fork of Snake River

About an hour from Boise is South Fork, where

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The western side of the United States has been known mainly for its majestic mountains, tall trees, and other beautiful scenery. The state of Idaho, in particular, may have some of the best ones! However, that is for you to decide. Down below are some of the greatest scenic overlooks in Idaho for you to visit. 

Confluence Overlook- This overlook is located in the town of Lewiston and is close to the edge of the historical Nez Perce land. From here, you can check out the Clearwater and Snake Rivers merging with each other, as well as Lewiston on the horizon. If you visit here on a clear, wintry day, you will also be able to check out Hells Canyon and the Bitterroot Mountains. This makes Confluence Overlook one of the most picture-perfect sights on

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There are a number of exciting and beautiful campsites spread throughout the state of Idaho. However, if you are simply visiting the Treasure Valley and don’t want to drive very far for some good, old-fashioned camping, here are a few campsites that are within a two-hour drive of the Boise area.

French Creek Campground- This shady campsite is a little under two hours away from Boise and is located on Lake Cascade. To get to the campground, you will need to drive on the eastern side of Lake Cascade (which has no shade whatsoever). Once you get to the tip of the lake, you will drive onto West Mountain Road, which will eventually lead to the wonderful shade provided by the Boise National Forest. The campsite itself holds a total of 21 different sites,

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If you’ve never been to downtown Boise, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Pioneers pushing west in the mid 1800’s passed through on the Oregon Trail. They were grateful for the fresh water of the Boise River and the shade along its banks, but they were eager to move on. Today more people want to put down roots in this oasis where wagons ruts have given way to streets and bike paths.

When gold was discovered in the nearby Boise Basin during the American Civil War, miners and entrepreneurs flocked to the area. In March of 1863 President Lincoln signed legislation creating the Idaho Territory. A few months later Fort Boise was established to keep the peace in the region and a townsite was laid out a few days later.

John and Mary Ann O’Farrell built a

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The North End of Boise was the first suburban development in Boise. It was first built in 1878 and it only stretched across a couple of blocks. In 1891 more people began to move to the area and they created a twenty-five-year boom in home construction. The people that were moving to this area were of conservative means and the homes were not extravagant but they hold a certain charm and they are now popular acres to go and check out the old houses that were built at the starting of the city of Boise. The benefit of this area that a lot of people are drawn to is that it is a suburban area that has a great school district and has all the benefits of living close to other people but unlike most modern suburbs the homes are all differently styled and

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