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Boise Park's are popular for several reasons; finding the reasons motivating you to discover some of the best outdoor amenities offered in Boise may help you understand why so many people enjoy calling Boise home! Today, we will continue reviewing amenities provided at each park, surrounding area destinations, and locations. Southeastern Idaho's awe-inspiring display of autumn leaves, lovely harvest fragrances, and pleasant fall temperatures are just a few reasons to enjoy calling Idaho home and enjoy all the perks of the surrounding parks!

Bowden Park - 3230 W. Edson St., Boise (South Boise)

Bowden Park is a modest 3-acre park drenched in mature tree life. Come fall, the park transforms into a beautiful ocean of rainbow-colored leaves. Take…

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Boise is an urban paradise complete with gorgeous views of the foothills, vibrant culture, a lively downtown scene, and endless potential. Beloved by many, Boise boasts the ideal balance between big-city amenities and access to some of the state's most incredible outdoor recreation destinations. While the city provides plenty of entertainment, the possibilities for day trip adventures are virtually endless. Plan your next escapade and consider spending the day exploring all that Idaho's natural landscapes and miles of uncultivated wilderness have to offer. Below are a few excellent trip ideas an hour or so from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Lucky Peak

Boise, Idaho

Made up of three distinct recreation units, Discovery, Sandy Point, and…

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Boise is one of the last extraordinary western urban areas remaining that provides an ultimate sense of in-town and out-of-town retreat-like atmosphere. Boise is set along the lower regions of the Rocky Mountains, alongside the Boise River and an ocean of trees. A few of Boise's most preferred characteristics include employment opportunities, seemingly limitless outdoor opportunities and amenities, an all-encompassing culture, and downtown attractions. An excellent vacation destination and great real estate prospect, discover all that Boise has to offer and find out why so many choose to call Idaho home!

Boise is also home to one of the only remaining metropolitans in the Nation, surrounded for over a hundred miles by communities with populations…

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Boise neighborhoods are like snowflakes, each one unique and full of passionate people who are proud to call Idaho home. Whether you gravitate towards convenience, peaceful evenings on the patio, rich culture & history, or delicious locally sourced eateries, these neighborhoods have those one-of-a-kind factors that residents and investors treasure for years to come. Discover which Boise neighborhood best suits your real estate goals and enjoy the perks of a city that's just minutes away from top-rated restaurants, wide-open spaces, excellent schools, community events, and more!


Experience city living at its finest in one of the biggest small-big cities around! As Boise continues to grow, you can find an excellent selection of New…

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Boise is one of the last extraordinary urban areas remaining in the Pacific Northwest that provides an ultimate sense of out-of-town retreat with the comfort of being close to home. Boise rests along the lower region of the Rocky Mountains, nestled alongside the Boise River, and is covered in miles of lush trees. Boise attracts visitors and home buyers alike for its employment possibilities, seemingly limitless outdoor opportunities, big-city amenities, all-encompassing culture, and unique downtown attractions.

Whether you decide to spend a day or a lifetime in this beautiful city, below are a few ways to enjoy all that Boise has to offer. Take the weekend off and head downtown for two days well spent, exploring a city rich with possibilities. Host…

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Find the ideal Boise area park to enjoy your time outdoors with various park types, styles, selection of multiple amenities, and opportunities; there is something for everyone to enjoy. Today we will cover part one of a three-part list of Boise parks, as Boise is home to over 80 +/- area parks. Take your list with you and check it twice; discovering all of Boise's parks is quite the adventure; you may find yourself exploring Boise parks thrice.

Aldape Park - 629 N. San Jose Way, Boise (East Boise)

This lovely park, delightfully decorated with mature tree life and open play areas, is located in East Boise with scenic views across the Boise Valley. Aldape Park is a mini-park and great for a midday picnic!

Ann Morrison Park - 1000 S. Americana…

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A hidden gem, Boise continues to attract visitors with a growing underground culture, great food, excellent selection of local breweries, active lifestyle, educational opportunities, and an ever-growing number of small businesses. Boise, Idaho, strikes an ideal balance between metropolitan city perks and rural living, with access to just about every type of recreational activity. As Boise draws more attention, the growing population has created a cultural boom that has revolutionized the area's diversity and transformed the cultural scene.

Annual Events

Boise is host to a variety of things to do year-round, from downtown excursions to outdoor adventures. Look forward to fan-favorite events, including the farmers market, Twighlight Criterium,…

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Boise continues to top the charts as a great place to live, attracting a diverse profile of people from in and around the area for its relatively low living costs, a great atmosphere, access to big city amenities, and plethora of outdoor activities minutes away from home. As the city continues to expand, Boise has become a melting pot for cultural influence and a vibrant arts scene. With an ever-growing number of galleries on the rise and flourishing public art displays, Boise is a magnet for talent. From vivid murals to bronzed sculptures, artists work with fresh colors and unique materials inspired by Idaho's rural mountain landscapes to capture the area's charm. Whether you're visiting or moving to Boise, take some time to check out the…

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It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming and the seasons are about to turn from spring to summer. This is a recipe for beautiful sunshine, which makes for a great day at the water. The choices in and near Boise are endless. Lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers are remarkably abundant in this southwestern Idaho desert and bring a refreshing splash to the weather. There is no limit to the favorites of native and newer Boiseans. The Boise river features access to many of these “hot” water spots and allows for fun all year round.

When French trappers were traveling across the western territories of the United States, “Les Bois, Les Bois” was reportedly shouted as the trees lining the later named-Boise River came into view.  The river…

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Few mid-sized cities can match Boise's melting pot of rich cultural and outdoor recreational opportunities. Located beside the Boise River and nestled alongside the foothills, Boise is a gateway to an overabundance of outdoor activities ranging from snowboarding, boating, fishing, hiking, biking, and more! Adventure awaits just outside Boise's backyard with passage to an expansive network of trails that wind through the rolling foothills. Apart of the greater Ridge to Rivers Trail System, these routes offer picturesque views of downtown and the surrounding Boise Mountains.

The Ridge to Rivers Partnership strives to protect and maintain over 190+/- miles of Boise's most desirable trails by working with landowners and the city of Boise to create…

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