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May 2018

Found 8 blog entries for May 2018.

There is a lot of water in Idaho. There are rivers and lakes basically everywhere you look, and a lot of state pride surrounds these strong and massive bodies of water. But where do you start? What are the best and closest lakes for anyone living in the Treasure Valley? Boise is a great city, but sometimes you just have to get out and get on the water. What follows is a brief rundown of several of the most wonderful lakes near Boise as well as a few of the farther away ones that are work hopping in the car for an extended drive. There are plenty of places to go near Boise, and we will get into those (Hopefully literally), but Idaho is big and full of serene water.

The closest big lake to Boise is Lake Lowell, which borders right up alongside

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It is hard to see in the current Boise; however, years ago you wouldn’t have been able to find anybody living on the Boise Bench. It was completely desert. There was absolutely no water in the area of the Boise Bench until after the Ridenbaugh Canal initially began supplying it toward the end of the 1800s. With water, the Boise Bench is now able to be used for agriculture. It went from the land that was covered in dry desert sagebrush to a beautiful agrarian landscape of dairies, farms, homesteads, and orchards. The orchards were the reason behind the street orchard being named Orchard Street. Roughly 165,000 acres were claimed and now produced a number of crops like apples, asparagus, cherries, hay, peaches, and prunes. Some of these products

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The boom cities of the American West began to demonstrate quick growth by the 20th century, which lead to patterns of suburban development. Although Boise was the smallest and most secluded city in the rising West there was no exception. Boise had the ideal location in the southwestern region. Due to the ideal location, Boise became the go to commercial, financial and political hub of the encircled mining and agriculture economy. Between 1890 and 1910 the growth of the city began to demand homes and land for many settlers. This lead to the development of the city’s first suburban expansion. The expansion was done in West Boise in the early 20th century and brought the city a new form and a mature image for many.

The earliest part of the

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The initial development of the East end of Boise began close to the same time of the beginning of Boise City. Fort Boise and the Military Reserve Park are housed in the far north west corner of the East end neighborhood. Fort Boise was constructed in 1863 to help with the protection of miners and Eastern settlers from Indian attacks. Boise Valley was a popular stop on the road for many fur trappers before 1863 and emigrants traveled the Oregon Trail since 1842 that went through the Boise Valley. With the discovery of gold in 1862 in the Boise Basin a flow of individuals entered the valley. This was the first time, several remained and offered goods and services to the mines and military.

Tom Davis, William Ritchley, and eight other men meet on July

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Most of us know of the legend where the famous Bonneville expedition who journeyed for weeks over rough terrain and happened on the Boise River Valley. It is said that the French guide who was overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery of the Boise Valley yelled with excitement “Les Bois! Les Bois!” Meaning “the trees! The trees!”

However, this is said to be a legend for the fact that the Boise River Valley was named well before the Bonneville expeditions happened upon the Boise Valley. Where Boise now lies the French fur trappers of the 1820’s set traps and therefore Boise became the center for trading between the new people of the west and the native americans.

The people of the land called a popular landmark the La Riviere Boise which means

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There are strange things that happen to us because of the elevation we live at. Most of my life, I lived at sea level, but when I moved up in the world (As in literally up in elevation), all sorts of things changed. If you have lived a similar life at an elevation close to zero, and are planning to make a move to somewhere like Boise, Idaho, which is not the tallest place in the world but is still fairly high above the oceans, there are some changes that you should expect to take place. Some are minor. Some are relatively major as long as you are not aware of what is happening and why. So today, we are going to talk about some of those changes, and what you can do to adjust to a life at a high altitude. We are going to focus on Idaho, but these

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If you are like any human who is not allergic to animal fur, you probably excited to have the right kind of pet to liven up your house and bring you daily joy. If you have no interest in having a pet and yet are inexplicably unaffected by allergies related to them, I am not sure you are human at all. Regardless, people like pets, and there are a ton of different animals that interest and excite the mind. Cats and dogs are the classic pet, and you really cannot do any better if you are looking for a loving animal to spend a life with, but that is only scratching the tip of the iceberg (Please, pardon the mixed metaphors). There are all kinds of different species of bird, mammal or reptile that make for excellent pets. Unfortunately, there are certain

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If you’re new to the Treasure Valley, there are plenty of places to stop by for a bite to eat. However, Downtown Boise and the eastern side of Boise are filled with unique and mouth-watering dishes almost on every corner! Interested in something new and refreshing rather than fast-food joints? Here are a few options that you can choose from to start you off right!

Alavita - Located in the heart of downtown (address is 807 W. Idaho St.), this Italian restaurant serves fresh Italian cuisine for dinner Monday through Sunday and has a very welcoming and lively environment. It also features an open kitchen for diners to watch all the action. This restaurant mainly specializes in making fresh pasta daily and uses the best locally grown ingredients

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