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April 2018

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Boise is not a city of ancient and it is not a city of new. It is not a city of small or big. Boise is a city of several old and beautiful relics, buildings, and landmarks. The beginning of the city was a fort which then officially became a city in 1863. In today’s world as well as in the early years the city expansion and industry has been fruitful. Although not every building of the old days is being used, the buildings are a great story of what the great and old metropolis of Boise is.

Fort Boise

In 1834, the Hudson’s Bay Company built Fort Boise. Fort Boise was used as a fur trading post and is at the mouth of the Boise River. After 1841, the fort gave travelers of the Oregon Trail supplies until 1854 when the fort was abandoned. In

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It’s all about the journey, not necessarily the destination. No matter your destination you want to make the most out of the summer. Boise, Idaho is the ideal place to take that journey. Here are adventures to definitely try on this summer's’ journey.

Boise River

The ideal place to cool off and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery would be the floating of the Boise River. The river runs directly through Boise. There is even the opportunity to rope jump into the river about halfway down. It is fun to swim, float or just walk, bike, or run next to the river on the greenbelt.

The start of the floating begins in Barber Park. Barber Park is located approximately 6 miles from downtown Boise. It is located on Eckhert Road between Boise

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If you ever think of what kind of agriculture Idaho is involved in, you probably think of the potato. There are many who might see this as a silly thing, but potatoes are an important part of the American diet, and Idahoans have very good reason be proud of the delicious and nutritious potatoes their state puts out. But there is another crop that Idaho is proud of, and this one is a little more unique than the potato. Idaho takes its alcoholic beverage production and consumption very seriously. There are more than 50 serious wineries in the state, and a massive industry devoted to the brewing and sale of various kinds of beer, craft or otherwise. Naturally, most of this new industry is located in the southwestern portion of the state in the Treasure

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The workforce is always changing. From the dawn of time, you have needed to have a job to get by in life. Jobs looked a lot different a long time ago than they do now, but a need for employment, in whatever form it might come, has always been a constant part of life. For a long time, work in the United States has meant going to the office or your place of business and working until it was time to go home. Obviously, as many of you well know, this is still the norm, but that is changing. Before the advent of the internet, it was basically impossible to work somewhere that was not where all the employees or members of a project usually congregated. Now, depending on the work that needs to be done, you can pretty much work off sight wherever you

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In a city as old and as storied as Boise, there are bound to be many places of interest that could easily be of interest to residents or tourist alike. Although much of the Treasure Valley is in real estate-driven upheaval, there remains a lot of the Old Boise to be explored, and appreciated, if one is only willing to search in the right places. Relics from the State’s earliest history as a mining state all nearby us constantly, reminding us of the grit and determination of Idaho’s first American settlers.  

One of Boise’s most popular landmarks hailing from earlier days is the Boise Train Depot. Described as “the most beautiful structure of its kind in the West…”, the Depot is one of the most beloved destinations of tourists and Boise natives

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