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March 2018

Found 6 blog entries for March 2018.


The Travel Channel made a list of the 10 top shopping cities in the world. And guess what? Boise did not make the list. Well, when you think about it that's not much of a surprise, after all, most of the cities that made the list have significantly more residents than does Boise. New York cty boasts a population of 8,537,673 potential shoppers. And Tokyo, which just screams “shop here”, has 9,273,000 citizens, and that is just the number of people who lives and shops there all of the time. That does not count the millions of visitors that come to spend money in the shops of this shopping mecca. Boise, as of the 2016 census had only 223,154 potential shoppers who lived within the city limits. And while we do get our fair share of tourists, we

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Relocating for work and other reasons can seem daunting to anyone who is unfamiliar with the location to which they are moving. Though it may seem to be a place where only potatoes grow, Idaho is so much more than just a place that incubates root vegetables. Teeming with variety, this state holds a place in the hearts of many and is welcoming to even the most far-out notions. It’s possible to find intriguing activities in any place, but this state is brimming with creative ways to enjoy free time and many opportunities to try new things. Geographical phenomenon litter the land and groups who are willing to try new things are constantly holding events to allow others to experience new activities as well.

In Boise, there is a lovely community

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The United States of America is a wonderful place to live. A big portion of the uniqueness of the US is the idea that all different cultures have mashed and blended to create a melting pot of food, fun, and tradition. With so many options and so much culture, it’s not surprising that many restaurants have been opened with a focus on one culture or type of food. Luckily for Mexican food lovers, the Boise eating scene has many local eateries that serve impeccable food styled in the Mexican flavor palate.

Tin Roof Tacos plays up the deliciousness that can come from a taco truck, yet keeps fairly close to the border as the owners of this establishment moved to Idaho with the dream of serving up a Texas staple- tacos! Though they serve traditional

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The history of the City of Boise is a story of humble beginnings, with fluctuating success, population, and industries, all stabilizing to create the Boise we know and love today only within the last several decades. However, despite these ups and downs in its history, Boise has always been a beautiful city, with beautiful environments mixing nature with man made architecture in brilliant ways. Much of that architecture has varying influences, from Spanish to Romanesque, and so much more, and nowhere is that beautiful blending of architecture and nature as much on display as it is in Boise’s Historic North End.

The story of Boise’s North End neighborhood began shortly after the story of Boise began. Prospectors, starting in the end of the

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North Boise is a very vibrant and active place, and there are no shortages of great places to dine if you are spending any time in the North Boise area.

If you are searching for Italian food that looks as delicious as it tastes, look no further than ALAVITA, at 807 W. Idaho St. This restaurant, whose name means “to life”, with its moderately priced menu, is a great place to sit down and relax with family and friends and enjoy the food and ambiance provided by this great restaurant. Alavita prides itself on using local ingredients and fresh breads and pastas which are created fresh everyday. Service here is friendly and efficient and the food is very good. Bar service does not get quite the same level of recommendation as does the restaurant,

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One of the best ways to connect with others is with one thing we all need: Food. Food, especially good food, can change a person’s life, define cultures, and shape communities. All of this can be true no matter where you go in the world, and this is no different in the Treasure Valley. For this segment, however, we’ll look at some great metropolitan eateries in Boise’s downtown.

First up on our list is the restaurant recently lauded in ESPN’s coverage of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: The Fork. Located in the heart of downtown Boise off of 8th Street, the Fork is a restaurant that strives for excellence, but not to abandon the hometown values that, in part, give it its unique charm. In fact, they strive to be true to their roots in more ways

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