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February 2018

Found 6 blog entries for February 2018.


There are many different kinds of exotic animals to hunt. Some people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to travel to distant lands where they can hunt a particular kind of prey, but that is not the only way to have a truly unique hunt. There are plenty of unique animals for hunting in the United States, and one of the best hunts you can go on can be done in Idaho. If you have caught the hunting bug, you might be looking for something really special to spice up your hunting habits. They are a little difficult to get ahold of, but with the right tags, wolf hunting in Idaho is absolutely possible and here are some things you will probably want to know before you get started.

Wolf hunting is going to take you to some pretty remote places.

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It's not hard to find fun parks in the Treasure Valley. The number of delightful and unique parks in this area of southern Idaho certainly helps the region to live up to the nickname of “Treasure Valley”. Our many parks are certainly “treasures”, as they offer activities and beautiful landscapes for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Right in the heart of Boise, and bordered by the beautiful Boise River, you will find the almost 90 acre Julia Davis Park. The Julia Davis Park is home to Zoo Boise, the Discovery Center of Idaho, the Boise Art Museum, the Idaho State historical Museum, and the Idaho Black history Museum. A beautiful and formal Rose Garden graces the north end of the park, offering visitors a bit of serenity in the midst of this

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WILLOWCREEK GRILL, located at 2273 S. Vista Ave., creates its diverse menu by fusing flavors from cuisines from all over the world. The casual and laid back atmosphere of this unique restaurant offers everything from nachos to crab cakes to Asian style chicken lettuce wraps, and burgers. Entrées such as cedar fired salmon and beer battered fish and chips are moderately priced, and Willow Creek also offers an à la carte menu and sushi combos. Dine at Willow Creek Grill on a regular basis and you can feel as if you have traveled the culinary world.

Speaking of traveling the culinary world, be sure to stop in at BAR GERNIKA, located at 202 South Capitol in Boise. Located on the “Basque Block”, this restaurant serves authentic Basque foods,

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For a long time, a staple relationship in most people’s lives is that of an animal. Mankind has fallen in love with the animal kingdom and most people just do not feel complete without a pet to take care of and be comforted by. This is not just limited to dogs and cats, though they are fantastic pets and lots of people consider them the ideal animal to bring home and into your family. If you can think of an animal, someone has if for a pet and makes it work. While mankind has been domesticating the dog, the wolf has been thriving as a wild animal, but people still keep them as pets and consider them incredible animal friends. If a dog, cat or other traditional domesticated animal is not going to satisfy your pet needs, that is fine, and even

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Slightly before California was obtained by the United States, gold flakes were found in the American River by a man named James Wilson Marshall. It took a few months for others to catch wind of the discoveries being made in that far, western territory, but once word got around, a flood of people hitched up their horses and oxen and travelled west to find fortune for themselves. This was the beginning of the California Gold Rush, though it was not the end of migration for the purpose of hitting it rich.

Throughout the western territories, later to be called states, people were finding reasons to build mines for many natural resources that were valued quite high. Idaho is one of the states that had many mining towns, though once the mines were

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For many hunters, drawing a moose tag is one of the most exciting moments of the year. Moose hunting in Idaho is a controlled hunt, and in order to apply to hunt this trophy species, you will need to have an Idaho hunting license and apply to Idaho Fish and Game between April 1-30 for a controlled hunt tag. If there are tags left over which have not been assigned, you can apply for the late draw, usually held in August.

Moose are found all over the state of Idaho, although their range changes and so one area may be experiencing declining numbers, while another may find the number of moose in their region increasing. 50 years ago Idaho's moose population was numbered below 1000 animals. Those estimates have increased to between 10,000 and

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