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Why Should I Move to Idaho?

Posted by Hughes Group Blog Team on Sunday, August 28th, 2016 at 1:12pm.



Along your search for a new place to lay down your roots, you may or may not have thought about moving to Idaho. However, whether or not you should move to a place is a decision that needs to be thoroughly researched. Now, we don’t claim to be able to tell you all the pros about moving to Idaho, but here are at least a few things that may help to make that decision.

If you search for Idaho online, you’ll probably get things like potatoes, football, and mountain lakes; but if you dig a little deeper, you may find more than you were looking for. Idaho has, over the last few years, found itself on many national top ten lists for numerous reasons. For example, CNBC rated Idaho the tenth best place to live in America, but why? Why has Idaho attracted so much traffic and interest in the last few years?

Safety First

Safety is a priority for everyone. If you consult Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a study done by psychologist Abraham Maslow, safety is one of the most fundamental of human needs. Idaho, though not 100% crime free, is one of the safest metropolitan areas in the nation. It has even been rated by as the fifth safest state in the union. Not to mention that crime rates in Idaho are lower than the national average.

Idaho is the Best of Both Worlds

There are many people that love to be close to the great outdoors, and still many that can’t even imagine being away from the city. Luckily, in Idaho, you can do both. Idaho has a unique balance between city and country life with many things to do both downtown and down river. The City of Boise itself is a perfect example of this: in Boise there are hundreds of restaurants, shows, museums, businesses, and more; however, not far removed from Boise are hundreds of lakes, rivers, streams, and other great outdoor destinations.

It Doesn’t Cost as Much to Live in Idaho

Idaho is more affordable than probably think. In fact, CNBC rated Idaho as the third most inexpensive American cities. Two of the factors that play a large role in making Idaho more affordable are, first, its population density, and second, its abundant agricultural businesses.

Population Density

It’s no secret that there aren’t that many people in Idaho, which to some may not seem like a plus, but it actually makes Idaho more affordable. With fewer people, the price of land in Idaho is one of the cheapest in the nation. So, if you are looking to have more land than you already do, chances are you can get more here for the same amount of money.

Agricultural Industry

Idaho’s soil and climate make it a perfect place for growing all sorts of food and raising all sorts of livestock. Because there is so much that is produced here in Idaho, the cost of these foods is a little lower; and the quality is much better as well.

Idahoans Work Hard and Play Hard

As far as outdoor adventures go, Idaho has it all; one of the most popular being skiing and snowboarding. With three amazing ski resorts within only a few miles of the Treasure Valley, it’s hard to find a good place to enjoy the powder. Not to mention Idaho’s amazing resort cities of McCall, Coeur d’Alene, and Sun Valley; so, even if you don’t want to head down the slopes, you can still enjoy the amazing environment of these great cities.

Backpacking, and just camping in general, are also some of Idaho’s signature pastimes. Outdoor enthusiasts can easily enjoy amazing mountain ranges like the Owyhees, the Tetons, or the Sawtooths. What’s even better though is the fact that these mountain paradises, and much more, will nearly be in your backyard. The Owyhees, the Tetons, and the Sawtooths are all within a day’s drive of Boise. So, no matter when you want to go, you can get there with relative ease.

                                                                                 The Sawtooth Mountain Range, Taken from Stanley, Idaho.


However, if outdoor activities aren’t your thing, Idaho may still have something for you. In Boise alone, there are hundreds of things to do, whether it be to enjoy some time in the library, or catch a show downtown. Major concert tours, comedians, and plays make their way to Boise nearly every year. Not to mention the opportunities to enjoy some Bronco Football, or watch the Steelheads carve up the ice. So, no matter what you are in to, Idaho will have something for you to enjoy.

The Weather is Incredible

Weather here in Idaho is beautiful. We experience all four seasons, with mild summers and winters. In the Treasure Valley, winters temperatures are not too cold and the summer temperatures are in the upper 90s. The Treasure Valley is also usually pretty dry, not much precipitation from year to year.

Idaho is Secluded

Living in Idaho can mean a lot of things, but for those who like their space, the solitude that you can experience there, means more than anything else. Idaho is very much a western state with open space for sightseeing, adventuring, and more. Idaho also, doesn’t have that many big cities. Boise is the biggest, and only has about 200,000 people. However, if you want to experience a big city atmosphere, Salt Lake City and Portland are both nearby.

Idaho is a great state with many things to offer, and these are only a few of them. However, if you need more convincing, come and see it for yourself, you won’t regret it.

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