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November 2016

Found 7 blog entries for November 2016.

Winter is a magical time, especially here in the Treasure Valley. There is so much to do and so much to enjoy that it is hard not to have fun— which is one of the reasons that the Treasure Valley is so amazing. The outdoor winter activities, for example are so numerous that they are just about as abundant as the activities of other months of the year. This makes it attractive to people of all kinds.

Here in the Treasure Valley there are so many things that can be enjoyed that it is impossible to not form your own winter traditions. Here are a few to get you started, but don’t stop with this list, dive in and add to it!

Hot Cocoa

For many, hot cocoa is a vital part of my winter traditions. In fact, it is more like a necessity. There is

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Photographers in the Treasure Valley during the winter months are like Bronco fans on game day-- full of uncontainable excitement. But why? You see, in the Treasure Valley there are many amazing places to take pictures already. For instance, there are picturesque mountains, forests, lakes, streams, and rivers nearby; there is also an aesthetic downtown area with architecture that will knock your socks off, but during the winter time these photo ops go from beautiful to breathtaking. The way the overcast Boise sky shades the frosting-like layer of snow that coats the entire valley is magical, turning even the simplest of scenes into a winter wonderland.

Some of the popular places to photograph here in the Treasure Valley would have to be

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Camping is a favored pastime here in Idaho, especially during the summer. Idaho’s many campsites make it the ideal place for campers of all kinds whether they want a relaxing weekend away, or want to tough it out in the wild.

If you are new to Idaho and are searching for a great place to go camping, check out these to popular destinations.

Bruneau Sand Dunes

If you thought that Idaho was all just mountains, forests, and potato farms, then you have never seen Bruneau Sand Dunes. This massive attraction is located off of Interstate 84 between Mountain Home and Glenns Ferry and is quite a spectacle to be seen. It doesn’t look like there will be much out in the southern Idaho desert until you come across the giant 400+ foot mound of sand we

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Boise is a dynamic and culturally rich city. There are all sorts of different shops, schools, clubs, community event, and sports that make it fun for just about everyone who comes to visit. Some of the things that makes Boise as dynamic as it is are its distinctly diverse sectors. Boise can be broken up into 8 different parts, each blending together at times, but strikingly different as well.

The part of Boise that this article focuses on is the Boise Bench. The Boise Bench is in the literal center of the city. Equidistant from all the boundaries of the city, the Bench is a large conglomeration of shopping complexes, offices, and comfortable neighborhoods.


The Boise Bench is called the bench because it is roughly 60 feet

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You’ve done it, you’ve finally bought your first home. Now, all you need to do is pack up out of your apartment or rental unit and hit the road … right? Well, not if you want to get your security deposit back. The security deposit that you gave to your landlord when you first moved in is there to pay for any cleaning that has to be done to prepare a rental unit for its next tenant. However, if you prepare correctly, then you will be able to increase your likelihood of getting most of your deposit back. Now, for some of you, that security may be a nice chunk of change and you are going to want to get back when you are all moved out. But what are you supposed to do? How do you get your security deposit back?

The answer: Start Early

Well, that is

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When selling a house, the key is to attract attention. These days, with online listings as a major market for house hunters, an essential part of every seller’s marketing strategy is to include photographs in the listing. Experience has shown that online listings which do not include any pictures are often dismissed without a second glance. Potential buyers want the chance to see the interior of a house to familiarize themselves somewhat with the space before they make a visit in person. Some real estate agents will take the photos themselves, and some choose to hire a professional photographer, but in many cases, the homeowner takes his or her own pictures and submits them to the agency to be used with the listing. As with other fields of

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One of the greatest things about being part of a community is the culture. And some of the most important parts of that culture the traditional events that are held every year. The Treasure Valley, which is comprised of Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna, Caldwell, and a dozen more small cities, is very familiar with traditions and events, hosting several hundred each year. In the Treasure Valley, there are many great events and some of them are unique to our area. The following are some of the iconic events that you can look forward to on your next trip to Boise.

Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

Held at the start of September every year, the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is one of those events that simply takes your breath away.

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