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February 2016

Found 7 blog entries for February 2016.



Many homeowners want to upgrade their homes; and why not, doesn’t it raise the value of the home? It can, however, you need to be choosy about what you upgrade in your home. There are, unfortunately, money pit upgrades that will suck your wallet dry and do nothing for the resale value of your home. In this article, however, we will focus on upgrades that can improve the value of your home. Remember, when doing anything home improvement related to consult with a professional first.

Regular Maintenance

Though not an upgrade, regular maintenance is a vital part of preserving a home’s value. There are a lot of problems in a home that could have easily been resolved early on. If you want to save yourself money, and help your home keep some of

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It’s the dream of many of us, to buy a fixer upper and take the time to renovate the house into something that is truly ours. We are so fascinated by it, that there are numerous television shows, websites, and blogs dedicated entirely to home renovations and buying and fixing fixer upper houses. But a renovation on a TV show is much different than a renovation in real life, especially when you are still living in your home during the remodel.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement or renovating a home. You can forget, or not even realize, just how big of a project you are taking on, even if you aren’t the one doing all of the work. Living in your home through a renovation is no walk in the park, and it can be a lot bigger of a challenge

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It’s no secret that Idaho is great for outdoor sports. Its plethora of mountains, lakes, streams, and scenic valleys make it a popular place for all sorts of activities. Some of the more popular activities include skiing, hunting, camping, and boating. However, one of the most popular, despite the part of Idaho you are in, would have to be fishing. With literally hundreds of places to do it, fishing is done very often by people from all walks of life.

However, when you go fishing in Idaho, you need to have a license. Fishing licenses can be obtained through the Department of Fish and Game. They have varying costs for adults and children--one and three year packages. For an adult one year license it costs $25.75, and for a three year license

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With the abundant reports of devastating earthquakes and other such calamities many people wonder, could anything like that happen to me? Am I safe? What should I do to prepare? Idaho is a relatively safe place when it comes to disasters, for instance, we are too far inland for a hurricane or tsunami, the terrain is such that it doesn’t allow for tornadoes to form easily, there is little seismic activity, and, in Boise at least, there isn’t a large chance of blizzards or harsh storms. However safe Idaho is though, it is important to always be prepared. Here we have listed a few things that you can do to increase your emergency preparedness without breaking the bank. Remember, this is not a guaranteed list of things that will prevent you from

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The valley along the Boise River is incredibly fertile, and according to the National Park Service, is “considered one of the best farming regions in the American West.” Today, that is very true. An incredible thirty percent of the potatoes in the United States come from Idaho, and Idaho produces over half of that nation’s Austrian winter peas. Idaho is famous for its potatoes, and it’s quite apparent that agriculture is huge part of the economy and lifestyle here in Idaho.

The Promise of Gold

However, the prospect of some of the best farming land in the West wasn’t what drew early settlers and pioneers to Idaho. They were after gold. The discovery of gold around the Boise River headwaters in 1862 drew a massive amount of people to

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Idaho, like most other states, is proud of its capital city of Boise. It is a capital city that has captured the attention, and allured the praise, of thousands of people since its inception in the late 1800’s. But, why has it been so alluring? What about Idaho’s Capital City of Boise that brings so many people to its streets year after year? Could it be the dynamic culture? Could it be the outdoor activities, or the opportunities to create? The answer? Yes, Boise’s dynamic culture, outdoor activities, and opportunities to create are all parts of why people are coming to Boise, but only parts. This is a simple description about the capital city; it will help you to understand what it is that attracts so many people year after year.

When it

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There’s a lot on your mind when you’re buying a home for the first time. Even if this isn’t your first house, there is still going to be a lot on your mind. It’s stressful enough looking for a house, getting the inspection done, and finally closing. After everything is over, you have the keys in hand, and you unlock the door to your new home for the first time, you don’t want to be worrying about what happens if the water heater breaks.

If you are a first time home buyer, or especially if you are buying an older house, you will want to look at purchasing a home warranty policy. This way, if you don’t have much, or any, experience taking care of maintain a home, or there are some repairs that you fear would simply be too big for you, you have

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