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November 2015

Found 5 blog entries for November 2015.



There is a town that sits along the banks of the Kootenai River. Nearly one hundred years ago, steamboats chugged up and down the river, with this town serving as an important steamboat port. Before that, it served as a crossing point for the river. It was first crossed by Indian bark canoes. In 1865, Edwin Bonner created a man-powered ferry to bring miners across the river as they headed to the latest gold rush in British Colombia. Since then, the railroad has taken over for the steamboats, and now roads cross the river instead of boats.

But the town of Bonners Ferry is still present. The town has survived annual spring floods. Originally, there were wooden structures that had been built on stilts in order to avoid the floodwater. These

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For the last four years, the Treefort Music Fest has been bringing the newest and emerging indie bands, writers, and artists to Southern Idaho. While the first year of Treefort was impressive with around 130 bands playing over the course of three days, it’s nothing compared to what the Boise festival has grown into now. This year’s Treefort Music Fest just wound down from an incredible five days, with over 400 bands.

Treefort has also grown beyond just the music. Of course, music is, was, and always will be the center of the festival. Now, though, Treefort has grown to encompass independent films, local (and not local) writers and authors, and so much more. Treefort has slowly become the Western United States’ version of South by

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You’ve never called yourself a runner. In fact, you’ve never really run before. Sure, you’ve heard about 5k races and marathons, but you’ve never participated. You have that friend that participates in the races, so you know how hard you have to train and prepare. While it does sound kind of fun, it also sounds like a lot more work, and a lot more pain, than you’d ever want to subject yourself to.

But here you are. You’re surrounded by hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. And you’re all wearing white. The race is about to start, but you don’t see a serious face between anyone. They’re all smiling, and so are you. The race starts, and you’re off. No one takes off in a sprint. Everyone’s just enjoying themselves. Before you know it,

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Visiting the zoo is always a fun experience. You get to enjoy the antics of the animals, and see animals up close that you normally wouldn’t be able to. The grizzly exhibit at the Pocatello Zoo features a brand new enclosure with a glass wall. The grizzly bears often get close, as the habitat goes directly to the glass. You’ll be able to be closer to a bear than you’d ever be able to.

Of course, simply visiting the animals isn’t all that you can do at the Pocatello Zoo. They host a variety of events throughout the season, and even celebrate the bears’ birthdays with cake and a party. However, the Pocatello Zoo is also a great opportunity to learn even more about the animals and their habitats.

The Pocatello Zoo has plenty of educational programs

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If you love skiing, and want the best that Idaho has to offer, there’s really only one place to live. Nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains of the Rocky Mountain Range, is a small town, with not quite 3,000 permanent residents. But this small town offers some of the best skiing, not just in the United States, but also in the entire world. It’s even made it into the 25 best ski towns of the world on National Geographic. That’s right, the small Idaho town of Ketchum is right up there with locations like Zermatt, Switzerland and Jackson, Wyoming.

Idaho is full of surprises and hidden gems. You could probably spend your entire life in this state and never know about Ketchum. Of course, you’ll probably hear people talk about Sun Valley and the Sun

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