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June 2015

Found 9 blog entries for June 2015.

Buying a home can already be a massive undertaking. It takes a lot of time, a lot of research, and a lot of money. It’s a big decision to buy a house. It can be confusing. Especially when you start hearing terms like “bank-owned” and “REOs.” What do those even mean? And are they really as good of a deal as they sound like? Bank-owned homes and REOs, or real estate owned homes, are basically the same thing. A house becomes bank-owned after it has been foreclosed on. Essentially, in pre-foreclosure, the homeowner has defaulted on the mortgage by missing payments. At this point, they can still stay in the house, but they have to pay and get their mortgage payments caught up. If they don’t, the house is foreclosed on and turned over to the bank. At this

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Low Inventory? What you need to know

What is low inventory?

Over the past several years, real estate and the housing market have had their share of ups and downs. Now, there’s talk that the housing market is in recovery, which should be good news for everyone, buyers and sellers included. But now, as spring approaches, and the housing market prepares for the biggest season for real estate, is the housing market really in recovery?

A phrase has been thrown around a lot. This phrase is low inventory. But what does this mean? It’s simple, really. In the housing market, inventory consists of the houses that are up for sale. The more houses on the market, the greater the inventory. The fewer houses on the market, the lower the inventory. Thus, low inventory.

Low inventory is the

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I run in Boise, Idaho because I found the most extraordinary trail flanked on either side with beautiful, whispering willow trees. The sky stretched out forever ahead of me, and as my feet pounded the challenging dirt trail, the beauty around me recharged my heart. There was no end in sight, no obstruction to deter my newly discovered speed. I flew around a slight bend in the trail, nodded amiably to a couple of bikers passing me by and relished the sweet and refreshing scent of the nearby creek. The trees closed in around me, providing a dark and fleeting solace from the sun. Faster and faster, I emerged deeper in the Boise, Idaho hills and sprang up the ascending trail.

A Runners High

A life-saving breeze broke around me,cooling the sweat on

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As you follow the paths throughout the zoo and find tigers, giraffes, red pandas, leopards, and more, you realize how incredible Zoo Boise is. It’s in the center of downtown Boise, nestled safely and serenely in the Julia Davis Park. You are surrounded by over 80 different species of animals, and you can almost forget that you are surrounded by the largest city in Idaho.

Boise is a fantastic place to live. From great real estate to sprawling parks, swimming pools, and a plethora of outdoor lifestyle opportunities, Zoo Boise sits at the heart, a testament of a city’s desire and will to actively conserve and preserve endangered wildlife and nature.

An Oasis Amidst Concrete and Blacktop

Today, Zoo Boise stands as a testament to our state and the

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kitchen staged for livingIf you’ve ever sold a house, you’ve probably used a practice called staging to help sell the house faster. You put a lot of effort, and sometimes money, into making your home more attractive to potential home-buyers. Of course, you might have noticed that there’s a bit of irony here. You’re making your house better for someone else. They are going to come live in it, and you’re not. So why not do the same thing for yourself? Becoming Minimalist has a great article on how to stage your home for yourself, in the house that you currently live in.

Staging Your Home for You

You can take a page from the staging book, and apply the same principles to the home that you live in. This time, you’ll benefit from your staging efforts, and you’ll also make your

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boise house sellingSelling a home can be a big challenge. The market can completely control what you are capable of selling your house for, if you are able to sell it at all. It’s highly unlikely that your house will be the only one on the market, or the only one going on the market. You want your house to stand out, to be noticed, so that a potential buyer will make that offer and become a home buyer.

The entire point of listing your house on the market is to sell it. So, you don’t want to do anything that would hurt, or lessen, your chances of selling your house. There are some big mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when selling your house. If you keep these in mind, and avoid them, there will be no reason for your home not to sell.

  • Don’t ask for too much. When
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A golf resortIt all began with a simple vision. A person, out taking their dog for a walk along the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene, watched a tugboat pulling logs. That experience created a truly astounding golf course. A golf course that was once called “America’s Most Beautiful Resort Golf Course” by Golf Digest. It’s easy to see why. After all, the golf course at the Coeur d’Alene Resort isn’t just any golf course. It requires a ride in a sleek mahogany boat to reach, because this is the floating golf course.

What better way to enjoy the beauty of Lake Coeur d’Alene and the relaxation and serenity of golf than by playing a game directly on the lake? And with custom golf carts, beautiful boats, and personal caddies, the resort takes golfing to its absolute finest.

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Can you feel the wind blowing across your face? Imagine soaring thousands of feet above the earth, looking down and watching the expanse of the Idaho landscape sprawling for miles all around you. This is how you experience Idaho. You’ll float across the Lost River Valley and experience some of the best views you’ll find anywhere in Idaho. Partly because you’re paragliding, so you can see everything from an incredibly unique point of view. See Idaho how the birds do by paragliding from King Mountain.

The Best Idaho Has to Offer

When it comes to the best place for paragliding and hang gliding, you’ll find no better place than King Mountain. The mountain is just outside of Moore, Idaho and it’s at the south end of the Lost River Range. The Lost River

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Did you know that Ernest Hemingway spent his last few years in Ketchum Idaho? Or that Idaho produces almost 50% of the United State’s trout sales? Though many people think that Idaho is all potatoes, football, and forests, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few facts about Idaho that may surprise you.

Firstly, most people think of high alpine mountains or miles of farms when they think about Idaho landscape. These stereotypes are mostly true, Idaho has many miles of mountainous peaks and fertile fields, but that is only part of what makes Idaho great. Would you believe that there are also sand dunes in Idaho? They are not just ordinary sand dunes, but the largest sand dune in North America. At Bruneau Dunes State Park the highest

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