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April 2015

Found 6 blog entries for April 2015.

River Rapids

The waves crash into you, sending a brilliant cascade of water over the front of your kayak. You paddle hard, digging deep into the water as your kayak cuts through the whitewater. Your adrenaline thunders in your head; you are having the time of your life. Next to you, other whitewater enthusiasts ride the waves. This is it. This is why you moved to Idaho. You wanted that awesome outdoor lifestyle. But the best part? You haven't even left Boise.

Boise River Park

That’s right, you're battling amazing whitewater and waves and you haven't left the city. In fact, you’re on Boise River at the recently finished phase I of the Boise River Park. It’s a great place to experience the thrill of whitewater from the convenience of your backyard, and it’s also

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For over a century, the Idaho State Capitol Building has risen into the skyline of Boise. Over 200 feet in the air, the golden eagle watches over the city and the Capitol Building, standing as a symbol of our state’s government, and the democracy of the United States. To this day, it serves as the seat of the state of Idaho’s government, and it has since 1912. But the Capitol Building is more than just the home of Idaho’s government; it’s a piece of history. It’s been restored and preserved as a monument of Idaho. Even while it was being updated and modernized to serve the needs of the government today, its history and character have been preserved.

The Second Capitol

The current Idaho State Capitol Building wasn't the first one, however. And

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Old Idaho State Penitentiary

When you think of something fun to do, your mind probably doesn’t immediately jump to a prison. But it should. One of the joys of living in Idaho, and Boise, is just how close everything is. Boise is the biggest city in Idaho, but that doesn’t mean the great outdoors are beyond your reach. In fact, there are great places within the city itself, and close by. Of course, not all of the great activities you can do are considered outdoors, but they present another side of the Idaho lifestyle. And visiting an old prison is one of those things.

The Old Idaho Penitentiary

This historic prison was operational for over one hundred years. The “Old Pen” opened its doors in 1872, and closed them in 1973. During that time, more than 13,000 inmates filtered

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Yellowstone Bear World

One of the draws of living in Idaho is just how accessible the outdoors are. Many times, a short drive and you’re living the Idaho lifestyle. Even with cities, and other populated areas, there are plenty of parks, rivers, zoos, and other outdoor features. Idaho is a beautiful state, with plenty of ways to experience the great outdoors or viewing wildlife. However, because Idaho is so close to Yellowstone National Park, visitors and residents have some unique opportunities to experience wildlife up close and personal (and safely).

While some form of wildlife is present everywhere, I’m guessing you don’t necessarily want to enjoy the company of some chatty squirrels or local pigeons. If you’re after something a little more wild, a quick drive over to

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Mesa FallsYou’re sitting in the hot tub. The river flows quietly near you. The birds are flying, the fish are jumping, and if you’re lucky, you might just catch a moose taking a drink from the river. You’ve had a long day of travelling and sightseeing, and now you are just relaxing. Nature is just at the end of the deck, calling you to go back out and explore. Who knows, maybe after the hot tub, you might enjoy a dip in the river. But first, you go back into the cabin. The gloriously restored lodge where the rest of your friends are gathered in the large dining area, talking about the day and what the plans are for tomorrow. You decide to turn in, and head to your large room, one of five, where you fall asleep and dream of what you’ll do tomorrow.

The Mesa Falls

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Can you imagine being some of the first people to come across steaming pools in the middle of the Idaho wilderness? It would have been something, watching the clear water bubbling up from the ground, throwing steam into the air. The hot pools at Lava Hot Springs were once considered to have healing properties, because of the hot, natural mineral water. Now, the hot pools are a booming attraction for tourists and Idaho locals alike. The hot pools are open year round, allowing everyone the chance to come soak in the natural mineral water and enjoy the relaxation the hot water allows.

The fact that the hot pools at Lava Hot Springs are fed directly by underground hot springs probably adds to their appeal. The water is clean and pure from any man made

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