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August 2014

Found 9 blog entries for August 2014.

Boise is beautiful. Historic downtown is full of quaint architecture, and tall green trees sway in the summer breeze. Homes and neighborhoods radiate out from the center of the city and extend to the base of golden foothills. The wide sky shines pink, orange, and blue in the sunset. But the beauty of Boise is evidenced in more than what meets the eye. This vibrant community will enrich your life with fine arts, festivals, athletics, outdoor recreation, and ample opportunity to try out new things. In your search for your next home, take a look at what real estate in Boise Idaho has to offer you.

Fine Arts

When Boise was still fairly new, city officials took the initiative to make the community a central arts location in Idaho. This city is

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Bogus Basin

Snow looks so fun in December but even more so in August.  Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is one of Boise, Idaho's top mountain destinations, and lies just sixteen miles from downtown. It's the quickest way to escape to the mountains to get in some wintertime excursion, and is the favorite of many locals when it comes to skiing and snowboarding – but did you know it's just as alive and exciting in the summertime months as it is during snow season? Located on land within the majestic Boise National Forest, the area doesn't die after mid April. While the weather continues to warm the Boise Valley, it's the perfect time to flit up Bogus Basin Road for some adventure packed hiking, mountain biking, or disc golf.

Mountain BikerBoiseans love their bikes – so

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As you tour Idaho’s beautiful landscapes you will probably catch sight of a variety of wildlife. Idaho’s rugged country borders many of the farms for sale in Idaho, and it even plays a role in the city life. It is not entirely uncommon to catch sight of a timid deer as it meanders through the city parks looking for a tuft or two of grass. But deer are not the only creatures you will encounter as you tour Idaho for your next investment or adventure. This is especially true if you are looking specifically at farms for sale in Idaho. Here are a few examples of the wildlife you will see from your window as you explore Idaho.

Idaho’s most common hooved four footed residents are easily cows, but do not let the abundance of mooing, half-ton ungulates fool

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Horses in the Morning Mist

The focus of Idaho’s real estate scene is primarily on the larger metropolitan areas such as Boise, Nampa, Eagle, Sun Valley, and Twin Falls. But it would be a real shame to overlook Idaho’s rural cities and towns. Land for sale Idaho offers you does not necessarily have to be in the urban areas. There are many homes in the rural areas available for your investment. In fact, as you drive through Idaho you will pass a number of rural communities fringed by wide open ranges, bordered by vast crop fields, and occupied by people who rarely mince their words. These beautiful little towns are witness to hard work year round, fantastic holiday celebrations, and county fairs featuring prize livestock, art, and performances. Possibly the most celebrated event

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The Boise metro area is more than just Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. There are several little gems that surround the Boise Valley, and each of them boast their own unique personality and history. The benefits to living outside the bustling Boise metro are many, and Kuna is one of the fastest growing cities with a long list of desirables, making it a sought after destination for those looking to buy Idaho real estate.

Today, Kuna Idaho has just over 16,000 people. During the past twelve years, Kuna has experienced rapid growth and its boundaries have extended to just four miles outside of Boise. Kuna is known for its strong sense of community pride and resident involvement. Kuna is the ideal growing city to consider if you're looking for a place

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It's the big question among those who are evaluating their options for purchasing or buying a home in Boise, Idaho. The time is now to create a plan for success, and we are here to make the decision making, as well as the process a little bit easier.

Decisions to Make

Deciding to buy or rent in Boise, Idaho is full of little and big considerations to mull over. It's perhaps the biggest question in real estate, and many people find themselves grappling with the decision more often than not. 

There are several reasons why in most housing markets across the country it is more affordable to buy than to rent. Home prices have fallen, and mortgage rates remain at historically low levels. In some cases, rent is on the rise, and Boise is no exception

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Pronghorn Antelope

Nearly everyone has memories of going to the Zoo and seeing many exotic animals. Everyone has their favorite animal, the tiger or the giraffe, and with the many different animals at Zoo Boise, there is an opportunity for everyone to find an animal they love. The adventure found in the Zoo can stay with you for your whole life, and the best part of an adventure is when you can share it with people you love. This summer, share an adventure with someone and visit Zoo Boise. Zoo Boise has many different exhibits for everyone to enjoy.


There is something about butterflies that captures the eye’s attention. The fluttering of glistening colorful wings swirling in sunlight creates an air of curiosity and imagination. Unfortunately,

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Backyard Garden

Whether it's growing corn, alfalfa, or our infamous potatoes, Idaho's fertile soil is one of the best in the country. And due to the popularity of natural foods, many Idaho homeowners are turning their plots of land into gardens for all sorts of plants. Gardening is not only a way to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, but a way to enjoy Idaho’s temperate climate and relax against the stresses of urban living. However, even the most seasoned of gardeners may be surprised to learn that there are better methods to growing and maintaining their flower or vegetable patches, making their plants healthier and much more productive. It’s time to get back to our roots - here is a list of tips that can make your gardening even more effective.

Grow Herbs

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Drama Masks

The lights, the action, the music -- every element of a musical theater creates a world of excitement and imagination. The talent required to meet such expectations could theoretically be created anywhere, but a quality musical theater needs commitment and passion -- which is just what Starlight Mountain Theater was built on.

Over a decade ago, R. Ed Davis envisioned bringing a musical theater group to his community, which would foster a love for the dramatic arts in the area. As a former aspiring actor and theater professor at the University of Mississipi, Davis was dedicated to his desire to bring theater back home with him. With the help of his family, he succeeded! Over the years, each member has developed an expertise in theater and have

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