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July 2014

Found 16 blog entries for July 2014.

Grapes on the Vine

It's definitely no secret – everyone associates Idaho with potatoes. The two have been enjoying wedded bliss since early pioneers began settling the Idaho territory. We can easily blame the lively Snake River for all that – through time its moved a lot of the silt that farmers cultivate today into fields that lie along the course of the river. Potatoes require plenty of water to grow, and the Snake River provides much of the water that heavily saturates the soil, creating the ideal conditions for a superior potato. It is in the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho where the greatest and most distinguished potatoes are cultivated.

In fact, without Idaho's leading agricultural developer, J.R. Simplot, the McDonald's french fry wouldn't be what it is today.

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Short sale homes occur when the home is sold for less than what the current owner owes against the property, and the seller doesn't have the funds to close the gap come time to sell. Short sales have been a popular type of distressed property sought out by bargain house hunters, but as the Boise Idaho market has been on the rebound, the inventory of short sale homes and foreclosures have been decreasing. This is a good thing, but it does mean people interested in purchasing a foreclosed homes in Boise should move fast to find a property! Though not likely to ever completely disappear, foreclosed homes can be a great purchase for those looking to buy a quality home for a lower price. 

What's More

There's nothing short about a short sale except

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Idaho is no stranger to green jobs. They can be found in nearly every major industry found throughout the state. In 2009, the Energy Information Administration ranked Idaho the #7 best state for Renewable Source Electricity Generation.

To keep up with today's growing demand for green practices, it's important for every state to do its part. Idaho's role in improving our energy practices and preserving our world for future generations is done through a diverse array of green businesses, primarily in agriculture.

Research by the Idaho Department of Labor shows that our state has one of the highest concentrations in the nation of jobs with a set-apart environmental focus as well as one of the highest potentials for growth in these jobs. In terms of

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Idaho is not just an agricultural hub and farming supercenter, it's an entrepreneurial paradise. One thing about Boise hasn't changed in the 149 years since it was incorporated as a city in 1863, and that is the forward-minded, forward-thinking people. Boise has been productive since the days when it was the third highest gold producer in the nation.

Fortune Small Business listed Boise among the "6 Tech Launching Pads".

Kiplinger's Personal Finance named Boise #4 on list of "10 Great Places to Live, Work, and Play."

MSNBC ranks Boise #2 "Top Ten Best Places to Live in the U.S."

Inc. Magazine put Boise 9th in "Mid-size Cities for Doing Business."

Brookings Institute rated Boise "Top in Key Economic Measures."

Wall Street Journal

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In today's world, alternative transportation is an extremely important issue, and it's no exception for those who call Boise, Idaho home. So, if you're considering moving into the area, you'll be glad to hear that nine Boise, Idaho businesses have received the bicycle-friendly designation from the League of American Bicyclists. What does this mean, exactly? It means that both the customers and employees of these businesses enjoy a bicycle friendly atmosphere that enables and even promotes the use of your bicycle. Cool, isn't it? What's more, you'll even find shower facilities, secure bike parking, bike route maps and all other things bike-commute friendly. Boise loves cyclists and cyclists love Boise.

Best Biking Beets

In addition to businesses,

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Payette River

Idaho's back country certainly opens up the imagination when it comes to planning weekend excursions that require warmer temperatures – with so much to choose from – just how do you narrow down the field and pick just a couple? But don't fret too much, with another summer coming next year, you can always follow through with all of those big plans. But there's still plenty of warm summer days left in the Treasure Valley yet – here's some less frequently mentioned adventure packed day trips you can squeeze in before daylight begins to shrink.

Hot Springs

Idaho Hot SpringsHot Springs are found all throughout Idaho, and there are several located near enough Boise to make a day trip of it. Whether you're looking for commercial or natural springs, Idaho has the scenic

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It may be hard to believe, but Boise, Idaho sits on a high desert plain. Nestled in the shadows of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, an unbelievably gorgeous backdrop to Idaho's capital city, these foothills are home to countless recreational opportunities. You won't get the chance to forget that Boise is the gateway to the glories of mother nature. A home in Boise means quick access to wintertime skiing & snowmobiling, countless climbs to the peaks & summits of nearby mountain ranges and every other outdoor activity you can think of. There's no doubt that Idaho is home to acre upon acre of unspoiled land and forests and the dream setting for any photographer, but the underrated city of Boise has more going on than most people realize.  It has something

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Downtown Boise

There are several factors that go into deciding where to buy your next home. One factor that consistently scores big with buyers when it comes to such a big decision is how near recreational amenities you are.

Boise, Idaho offers countless places that are conveniently accessible to recreational opportunities in every direction. Some of these, you've might not ever heard of.

A River that Snakes Through the State

The Snake River is the largest tributary jutting from the Columbia River and extends 1,078 miles. The Snake River passes within 30 miles of Boise. It proceeds to roughly divide the Oregon and Idaho state borders, leading into Hells Canyon, a steep and spectacular gorge. Hells Canyon and the Snake River in conjunction with each other

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Hyde Park Boise

If we're going to talk about Boise, Idaho, the Hyde Park Historic District is an obvious conversation starter. While Boise is obscenely booming when it comes to enviable neighborhood character traits, Hyde Park is without a doubt a landmark neighborhood and standout gem.

Not far from downtown, you'll find Hyde Park within Boise's coveted North-end. The North-end is home to tree lined avenues such as Harrison Boulevard as well as many of Boise's older homes, many of which are registered with the Boise Historic Preservation District. Harrison Boulevard itself is considered the destination for Boise's most supreme collection of architecturally diverse, beautiful and unique homes. Inducted to the National Register in 1980, the North-end Neighborhood

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Kitchen with Hardwood Floors

There are many different ways to construct the flooring in your home. Whether you are looking for flooring that will match the style of your home or looking for what will work best practically, there is bound to be something perfect to meet both of those needs.


Hardwood is a popular flooring for many homes across the United States and has become even more popular in the last ten years. This style is popular for the elegant atmosphere it creates in the home. Even though hardwood is more expensive than other home options, it can prove to be less expensive in the long run. Also, homes in the market generally sell more if they have hardwood instead of other flooring options. Recent modifications to hardwood have made this particular type of

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