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June 2014

Found 3 blog entries for June 2014.

The choices you make as a homeowner in trying to upgrade your property can be stressful. You must balance your own desires with considering how an upgrade will affect the value of your home. Ideally, you want to make your space livable while still have it be aesthetically pleasing. How does one achieve that goal? By being an informed consumer. One of the most popular ways to add value and comfort to homes is to add hardwood flooring. But what kind of wood is ideal for your style - domestic or exotic wood?


Domestic wood is lumber that originates from one's country or nearby. For the United States, North American woods are considered domestic species. Domestic species are generally cheaper than their exotic counterparts,

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Beams of light pointed upwards against an older friend’s face. The crackle of embers in the fire at your feet. The haunting history that spills into the air as you are told stories of specters, phantasms, and balls of light. There is something about an old ghost story that stirs the imagination, bringing back our old memories and fears. Though we may not believe them, there still might be a shadow of a doubt lying in our minds...usually beginning with the words, “what if.” What if those spooky stories are true? The world is filled with scary stories of haunted buildings, and Idaho is no different. Explore haunted Idaho and it’s many different stories of ghosts that have stayed to instill a sense of wonder in the living.

Arco’s Old Cafe


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OLD STATE PENITENTIARY - From Limestone to Learning Center

At the base of the Boise Foothills awaits a limestone complex older than the state of Idaho itself. Within the hallowed halls, the daring explorer has often reported hearing of mysterious voices and unexplained feelings, as if an invisible hand had reached for their shoulder. The site of intrigue, executions, and scandal, these empty buildings remind all those who dare tread near the unabridged horrors that occurred within its walls.

The Old Idaho Penitentiary was a territorial prison that was built less than ten years after the Idaho territory was founded, and was in operation for over one hundred years before being shut down. In that time, it saw more than 13,000 inmates pass through

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