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May 2014

Found 11 blog entries for May 2014.

Everyone has different tastes and styles. They have different styles of hair, clothes, car, and everything in their life. Most of the time, the style a person chooses matches their personality. Your home shouldn’t be any different. It should match your personality just like everything else in your life. There are many different styles of home in their architectural design. In order to find one that fits you, you first need to know what styles are out there and what specific features those styles have.


A common style of home is the log home. It is one of the oldest styles that is still popular today. Originally, when the log home started as a small cabin the the 1600's, it was for practical purposes. It was built with one room and was

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In a home, the kitchen is usually the center of the home. If not physically the center, socially, the kitchen is the center. It is where people gather to eat and be with one another. So, making your kitchen efficient and as perfect as possible is a must for any homeowner. Here are a few gadgets that will enhance your kitchens performance and make your life easier.

A spaghetti measure

Have you ever tried to guess how much spaghetti you are about to cook? It’s a pain! You need an electronic scale or some equivalent machine. Nonetheless, there is a way you can measure that dry spaghetti with ease and that is with the handy spaghetti measure. It effortlessly measures the thickness of your dry spaghetti and tells you if it is one, two or more

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Idaho is a great place, but it does not escape the challenges of the world. There are those that are hungry and sick here, just like everywhere else. However, here in Idaho, there are many many different charities and foundations that are out there, trying to help those in need of it. Here is a glimpse at two of the remarkable organizations in Idaho.

Idaho Food Bank

The Idaho Food Bank is probably the most well known Idaho charity. This heartwarming organization collects food and money donations for the poor and needy. The food and supplies given to the Idaho Food Bank have saved many, many lives. People that were starving have been given a fighting chance, and those that struggled were lifted up. It is a great organization.

The mission is

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Boise Idaho Egyptian Theatre

Here are two fun photos, one from the 1950's and one from today!
Can YOU spot all the differences?

1950's Boise Egyptian Theatre

With a history of 150 years Boise has grown through history through different hardships and successes.  Starting with simple beginnings, Boise became a fort in the 1830s and established a defense against trouble along the Oregon Trail. Decades later, in 1863, Boise officially became a city and became the territory capital in 1866 and became the state capital when Idaho became a state in 1890. Boise continued to grow and in the 1950s, its growth soon began to skyrocket. The population has grown nearly seven times in the last seventy years, and Boise residents have enjoyed many a cultural attraction, like Julia Davis

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Naturally, human beings want to protect what is valuable to them from being stolen. Watches, jewelry, documents, and so forth. In order to protect these things, people have traditionally gone the same route: lock it up. It’s a logical idea, if you don’t want anyone to get your treasures, put a giant lock on it. However, those have not proven to be one hundred percent reliable. Safes, vaults, lock boxes-- all of them have the possibility of being broken into. For this reason, many people prefer to hide their valuables instead of putting them in a safe. This idea of hiding things has lead to many different concepts and innovative ways to conceal things. Usually, when they are small, they are called secret compartments. Some secret compartments are built

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Backyard Garden

In the world of home ownership, one aspect that gets overlooked because of it’s perceived difficulty is landscaping. People are unsure of their ability to properly take care of and beautify a yard so they sometimes procrastinate making changes to their landscaping. As a result, a lot of yards look average, but they could be spectacular with just a few simple steps.

A tip that can save you quite of a bit of trouble in your yard is to plant according to your region. If you use local plants for your yard they will be able to grow better and they will look more natural together. They will be genetically geared to use the normal amount of water for the area and the nutrients that are already in the soil.

While you are picking what plants to use in

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Stone Counter-tops

In the course of our lives, we hear many things from many places. Some of the things we hear come from so many sources that we believe them to be one hundred percent factual. Among all of these things we hear are about our homes and since our homes are one of the most important assets most of us have, it pays to know which of those are true, and which are just plain wrong.

One common misconception in the housing world is about stone counter tops. While these are a great investment and are some of the best counter tops on the market, they still have their flaws. Some people seem to believe that their stone counter tops are completely indestructible-- cause, come on, it’s a rock. Stone is one of the strongest materials in the market right now for

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If your kitchen or bathroom counter tops are looking a little drab, you may be thinking of updating them to some classic granite or marble counter tops. However, do you want natural stone counter tops because they’re beautiful, or because you don’t know what else is available for you? Here is a list of a few granite-alternatives for your counter surfaces, with gorgeous results that will keep guests talking about your home for years to come.


Your kitchen will look like the work space of a professional chef with stainless steel counter tops, which are custom built to fit your kitchen space. Stainless steel adds a sleek, industrial look to a space, which can easily coordinate with other appliances and color schemes within your

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There are many places in Idaho that would be great to explore. The history of Idaho is full of exploration from Lewis and Clark to early pioneers. Though Idaho is now full of cities and towns, there are still many ways to continue the tradition of exploration. One of the most interesting things ways to explore is to learn about and travel through some of the many caves in Idaho. There’s really nothing like a day of Spelunking through Idaho.

Minnetonka Cave:

Located near Idaho Falls, Minnetonka Cave is a great place to find adventure and explore underground.  As a major tourist attraction, over 20,000 people visit the cave and take guided tours from mid- June to Labor Day.  In this time, It is open every day from 10-5:30 and runs a tour every

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Education is important. Most people can agree on that fact. What is not agreed upon, however, is where that education should take place. With hundreds of Colleges and Universities over the globe, it can be difficult to decide which has both the best education and also the best location. Idaho is definitely the best location and with a variety of different colleges, there is bound to be one that fits your wants and needs. Idaho currently has 20 different Colleges and Universities that are helping people pursue their higher education goals.

University of Idaho

Located in Moscow, Idaho, the University of Idaho is the state's oldest public university. Until 2012, U of I was the only law school in this state. This university offers 142 degree

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